Leaked Sprint Roadmap Reveals LG Optimus Black and Samsung M930 Coming In October


Well, what have we here? It’s a leaked Sprint roadmap from the guys at BriefMobile. While there’s not too much here to drool over there are a couple of Android handsets definitely worth noting. For instance, like the LG Optimus Black (LS855). I got to play firsthand with this device at CES earlier this year and while I didn’t think it would take this long for the device to hit the U.S., I still think it’s nice LG hasn’t forgotten about us. The super slim and incredibly sexy Optimus Black is best known for using LG’s 4-inch Novatech display, also known as the “AMOLED killer.” Deep blacks and over-saturated colors all while minimizing battery drain and providing a super bright display. It’s something you have to see in person.

Even though we saw the Samsung M930 with Boost Mobile branding a few days ago when it passed through the FCC, that’s not going to stop the device from coming to Sprint as well. This entry level device is packing a 1GHz processor and full QWERTY keyboard. From the roadmap, it looks like this will be replacing the aging Samsung Transform.


According to the roadmap, both devices will be making their debut on October 2nd. It’s nice to see more and more “low-end” devices coming with 1GHz processors. A trend Android could definitely see more of.

[Via BriefMobile]

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  1. I can’t wait to see the nova vs the samoled+ in person.

    1. Right, cuz I’m not seeing any LCD beat AMOLED when it comes to contrast.

  2. it’s good seeing more Android phones come to Sprint but for some of us who have been paying the extra 10 bucks a month for 4g for over a year now and looking like it will not be coming anytime soon, new phones just don’t have as much appeal.

    1. Sprint now charges the $10 for all Smartphone plans, when you re-up your contract. It’s not a 4G charge, anymore.

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