Moto Domino Gains a “+” Shows Off Motorola’s Sexy New Design for the Camera


Even if we wont be seeing the Motorola Domino+ hitting us here in the states anytime soon, there’s still no denying this phone’s charm. Posing coyly for the camera, I swear this phone is winking at me. It definitely deviates from the Moto “DROID” design we’re typically used to but maybe that has something to do with the region it’s launching in.

The phone is a bit on the modest side when it comes to specs packing a 3.5-inch display, 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 5MP camera with LED flash and Android 2.3.4 buried inside of Motoblur. The phone will be modest in price too coming in at around $340 off-contract in China.

I don’t know why but I could see a Droid X2 falling in love with this phone ala Disney’s Wall-e.

[Via MICGadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Did anyone else think this was related to Google+?

    1. It’s the cool thing now! Kinda like how Apple started that “i” crap.. Lol!

      1. they stole the iCrap

    2. i did. first thought was that it was gonna be like the HTC Status but for google+ -_-‘

    3. I was thinking about it also. I like the desing! They should bring it to AMERICA!!

      1. What they should do is make their upcoming powerhouse phones look like this instead of the blocky designs they’ve been outing with the Droid line.

        Imagine the Bionic in a similar package (albeit with the large HD display etc).

  2. This is a really Nice looking phone. First Moto design i’ve liked since the original Razr.

    1. I agree, sharp edges looked futuristic and fancy for a while but now they’re just tiring.

  3. looks like a rip of the white nexus s :O

    1. … not at all

      1. actually it kinda does, only real difference is the slight bezel at the bottom, the visible touch keys, a lil bit rounder body. fix those 3 things and thats the body of the nexus s the camera and flash are in the exact same place as the nexus s and looks just like it.

  4. I think it actually looks pretty nice compared to the tank look of their current lineup. Ram is par for the course for that type of phone, I am surprised by the lack of a 1Ghz processor. I would of expected a 1 GHz Cortex-A8 processor with the inclusion of 2.3.4. IMO, 1Ghz is the miniumum that you should have to run Gingerbread efficiently. It also reminds me of a white Fascinate sans the extra .5 inches and AMOLED screen.

    1. Should still be able to do the job just fine. It’s the Qualcomm MSM7227 same as the LG Optimus Net. =)

      1. They use the 7227 in the G2 right? If so then that processor is wonderful

        1. No I think the G2 uses MSM7230, Optimus Net uses MSM7227. Only 3 digit increment but its a big difference CPU wise. The G2 has a Cortex A8 while the Optimus Net uses an older ARM11 cpu, both have the same GPU though.

          If the G2 were a pc it would have an i5 2.0GHZ CPU with an NVIDIA GTX 560 while the Optimus Net pc uses an intel Pentium4 2.0GHZ with an Nvidia GTX 560. ARM11 is very old design it was made in 2003! But because its simple to make, its very cheap.

    2. I think 800mhz Cortex A8’s run 2.3 just fine, you gotta remember its a phone not a laptop. Most of the time the phone CPU is only doing ONE active task. This is why there’s not huge difference between Dual Core and Single Core phones running Gingerbread. You will notice the dual core and higher ghz stuff when loading complex webpages (ie running flash and loading html scripts) or complex games. The old ARM11 cpu when running gingerbread is actually decent if you don’t do alot.

      1. Not android and thats why most people that don’t like android, don’t like android, because although it is better at multitasking than the iPhone it still isn’t completely perfect at multitasking of which would be the reason you would have apps force close and so on. Android is constantly trying to multtask so i don’t think 800mhz is gonna be enough though if it was overclocked it could be acceptable.

        1. You’re right about multitasking but wrong about the CPU speed. The 800 MHz on the G2 is perfectly fine. So is the 600 MHz on the Milestone/Droid. If you take an ARM11 cpu such as the Qualcomm MSM7200A used on my phone, the LG GW620, even when overclocked to 710 MHz, it’s still majorly slower than the milestone/droid. Clockspeed isn’t everything.

          EDIT: just tested. to make the milestone/droid get the same feel of slowness as the LG GW620 running at 710 MHz, I had to underclock it to 400 MHz.

  5. Why don’t sexy looking phones like this come to the u.s. All the damn phones look the same out here except the sensation.

  6. Thats a sexy phone, too bad the inside is all motorola =(

  7. Could it be, that this phone will have qwerty – keyboard?? It looks exactly like that in picture 2 ! Does anyone know???

    1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. I know the sides kinda make it look like it does…

    2. Why would you put a QWERTY keyboard on a phone for China?

      1. Kinda like why you put chinese people cars lol we just will never know but actually english is a largely used language among many foeign countries.doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be a english qwerty though. as you see there is chinese letters so obviously it should be hard to make a chinese qwerty board.

  8. Seems like Motorola is doing its thing out of the states. Thats a nice looking phone.
    Seems innovative, not like the standard american phone which ends up just being square or rectangular and black.

  9. Someone finally took a grinding wheel to Moto’s 90 degree angles…

  10. … ok, i really like the industrial look of moto, but this thing is sexy … just give us more and fresh colours … like the special ones of bmw, porsche

  11. I said it before, but I’ll say it again, they should make all their upcoming android phones look similar to this…I’m getting a bit tired of the whole square theme of the Droid lineup.

  12. Nice looking phone but to sacrifice all of that screen real estate for the sake of beauty is not great. Function > Form IMO

  13. This is sex. Reminds me of the Nexus One sans Trackball. Imagine if the next Nexus looks like this, with no trackball, blacked-out front, no capacitive keys, and a 4.3″ display… now THAT would be a NEXUS PRIME!

  14. I bet my wife would like it.

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