Jul 28th, 2011

Google has been on top of their stuff lately, I’ll give them that. This time they’ve update Gmail in the Android Market to version 2.3.5 and with that, a couple of awesome new features to help keep your sanity. The first being label specific notifications, which can come in handy if you’re like me and have about 40 emails hitting your device every minute and don’t want to have to keep checking your phone for every incoming message. The other is sync priority mail only which could help conserve battery and leave the unimportant emails waiting for you to check on your comp when you get home. Also added was remember “show pictures” for senders (THANK YOU!) and various other improvements.

For some reason the update is showing on the Android Market web but if you check your device, the update should be waiting for you. Enjoy!

[Market Link]

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