Verizon Replacing Buggy Fascinates With Other, Newer Devices


“It’s like raaaaaain on your wedding day..” Looks like some Samsung Fascinate owners are experiencing troubles fit for an Alanis Morissette song. Ironically, after receiving a minor software update that was supposed to fix incoming call quality, some Fascinate users are reporting they’ve stopped receiving calls altogether. That’s enough to steam anyone but don’t worry, Verizon is well aware of the issue. Big Red is offering free “upgrades” so-to-speak to anyone affected with this incoming call bug in the form of a replacement Droid Charge, Droid Incredible 2 or Droid X2. Not too shabby, right?

Before you get too excited these devices are “Certified Like-New Replacments” and you will have to bring the phone in to a Verizon store to verify your phone is affected. But hey, now you wont have an excuse for missing your nagging girlfriend’s calls anymore. Shoot.

[Via Engadget]

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  1. The replacement we got was suppose to be CPO (Inc2) but it was new in the box. You also have to go into a store to place an order for the Charge and they still ship it to you (and it’s on backorder).

    1. Good to know! Thanks, Michael =)

  2. Bing malware app is doing some damage :)

  3. I actually got a brand new Droid Charge… They asked me to explain what was happening, but I didn’t have to prove it (Though I was having the issues, NOT FAKING them! And, I was not able to connect to wifi or 3g at all. Wifi got stuck at obtaining IP adress, and 3g didn’t work even after I reactivated my phone and my roaming capabilities). They had me go to the store to order my Droid Charge, and today (7/27/1011) I got a brand new charge with the 32gb sd card and battery. None of it even had the words “like new replacement on it.” And yes, I have gotten a replacement phone, so I know what it looks like. Pictures should be attached.

    P.S. Love the Droid Charge! I can’t activate yet because of where I live, but I’m going to activate it and get my 4G sim card tomorrow.

    1. Check the box, under VZW SKU, does it have CLNR?

      1. I was so afraid there for a second!! But no… It actually doesn’t have a CNLR or anything like that under the VZW SKU.

        1. My Inc2 didn’t have a CLNR sticker either. I was pretty stoked about that. Especially since these phones are just updated tideovers that allow me to keep my upgrades for the SGII (provided it is LTE).

          1. Same here, I traded in my Droid 1s to Bestbuy to get some extra money for my to-be Galaxy S II!

  4. My Charge came in a brand new box, but the serial number outside the box had a CLNR sticker over it. But inside the box, everything was wrapped in plastics.

  5. I have both the car and home docks for the fascinate along with a case. Is there any chance they refund/replace those too?

    1. I had a set for both of our Fascinates and I asked about that when I first called tech support, they said there was nothing they could do. When I was picking up case I mentioned it to the manager and said I was pretty aggravated by it about it and he gave me a $50 vzw gift card. Which I can’t complain about considering I didn’t pick up either the desk docks or the car docks until vzw had them for 12 bucks for the set so I came out $25 ahead on it.

      1. Thanks. Good to know.

  6. It sucks you guys are having issues with your fascinate I did not have any issues when I had mine but got rid of it a little while ago. Atleast they are letting you get another phone.

  7. Received My Incredible 2 a week ago and couldn’t be happier (unless the Incredible 2 had 4G). I won’t touch any phone based off of the fascinate platform (Charge). Why must samsung use that shitty slow File system, WHY??

  8. Hey so say if I get a fascinate can I too upgrade? I currently have a d2

  9. Those bastards! I’ve been dealing with buggy Incredible 1’s for the past year and 3 months, and after trying about 7 separate Certified like new replacements of those, I finally got them to agree to send me a Droid X. Wish I could have tried the Incredible 2 instead, as I like “Sense” much better than Motorola UI. Or at least I could have had the X2 instead of the much older X they gave me.

  10. Too late. Guy I work with dumped his Fascinate and got an iPhone. And that is the difference, most people can’t wait and are not tech geeks who like to fiddle and mod. So when it doesn’t work right, they just get the one that works right for them for what they want to do. I guarantee you after having a BB Storm (like I did) and the Fascinate, nothing will convince him now to ever look beyond the iPhone.

  11. Went in to VZW store this morning and after the tech confirmed the ED05 update did not fix my phone, he only offered Inc2 & X2. Not sure what happened to the charge but he said it wasn’t offered as a replacement. Hmmm… Decisions.

  12. I went to a VZW store today and completely denied me a replacement for a different phone. I showed them that my phone legitimately didn’t connect to the 3G network and how my phone would not receive some phone calls and ironically the phone crashed while the employee was messing around with it. They wanted to replace it with another Fascinate but I declined that. The VZW store was in a rough part of town so maybe the store associates are trained to be more aggresive with customers? Who knows?! I will be going to another VZW store tomorrow. Any tips on how I should approach the manner?

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