Leaked Sam’s Club Doc Showing Bionic Pushed Back to September


Some Verizon customers are going to be pretty angry if this pans out. Looks like the guys over at Android Central came across this Sam’s Club internal memo showing the Motorola DROID Bionic may have very well been pushed back until September. Ouch.

Okay, so nothing was ever set in stone but I was under the impression the device may have seen that rumored August 4th launch date. Seems like Verizon customers will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the ‘ol “Targa.” Doing some cross referencing, it seems the rest of the dates for the devices on that list are accurate so if anything, it adds a little more credibility to this leaked doc. If anything, this just goes to show you nobody has the slightest clue when arguably the best phone to hit Verizon since ever, will finally be released.

[Via Android Central]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Are you kidding me?

  2. i’m really starting to think Moto/Verizon and Samsung/et al don’t actually want our money.

  3. this is thought to only be for costco as the bionic is a motorola exclusive…sams club usually doesnt get the phones for about a month or 2 after they are released to the main carriers first…check droid …the verizon august 4th launch date is still a strong possibility

    1. I have to agree with Mike. I’ve never seen a phone get to Costco or Sam’s even in the same month as its launch on a major carrier. I need an update, too, but I’m not going to “settle” for the Charge and then have to be stuck with it when the Bionic comes out. “Patience is a virtue”…:-)

  4. Buying the Charge tomorrow. Can’t stand waiting anymore.

  5. Yeah Motorola, push it into the iPhone 5 launch window, that’s going to do your product well…

  6. I saw this too. If the Bionic moves to Sept, I am going to seriously start looking at the iPhone 5. VZW has yanked our chains enough by not having a high end phone on their network ever. All VZW phones have been market copies and nothing that says WOW!!!!

    1. Lmao, cuz that iphone 5 is gonna be sweet right?

  7. For sure with the constant delays it is not making Motorola look good and I read another article that they are launching the Photon 4g at the same time and they decided to launch the Photon 4g first and push the Bionic back to September so they dont launch the devices at the same time. Really? Does it seriously matter that you launch one device on Sprint and one on Verizon? If this device is not released August 4th I am buying a Droid 3

  8. “Linked to cosmetic”?

  9. I dont trust sams club espcially with the bionic….Verizon will probably have it exclusively for the first month and then third party retailers will probably pick it up after the period ends no worries yet

  10. I’ve NEVER seen Sams Club or Costco get a major phone the same month as VZW stores. You think the writers that put this crap out would do a little research before posting nonsense.

  11. Motorola and VZW are pissing me off.. I’m bout to jump ship!

    1. I know for a fact that I’ll jump ship…when they take away my unlimited data plan.

  12. Ehh, Verizon is making me not care anyways. They aren’t grandfathering me into the primary line upgrade every 12 months that they got rid of a few months back. F-ing pricks!

  13. I work at Sam’s Club as the Wireless manager. We normally do not get the phone at launch date. Though we sometimes due(Droid 3 we got at launch). This is just saying when we will be getting stock. It has been pushed back to September means when we will start seeing stock, not the release date. The August 4th release is still a strong possibility. Also it’s Linked to Cosmos Touch not Cosmetic.

  14. This news is old, people are guessing its because Sams club gets major verizon releases later then other retailers.

  15. Just because Sam’s Club is getting it in September doesn’t mean that it won’t come to VZW stores earlier than that.

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