Even More Pics of the Motorla DROID Bionic – This Time From the Back


The Motorola DROID Bionic has gone through some major design changes since we last seen it at CES earlier this year. If you need further proof of this we have yet another pic of the device cradled comfortably in its desktop dock with a Droid X style hump on its back. I mean, we knew the hump would be making a come-back ever since we first posted leaked pics of the Targa (now the Bionic), so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Either way, it’s nice to have some clearer, higher res pics that the Bionic (formerly known as the Targa), is nothing more than a sleeker, sexier, 4G LTE version of the now ancient looking Droid X/2. One thing I don’t get is — why didn’t Motorola just scrap the Droid X2 altogether (like the Bionic) and combine the X2 and the Bionic/Targa into one super device, thus birthing the “Droid X Bionic?” Would have made more sense to me but what do I know.

[Via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I’m not gonna lie, I hate the idea of a hump on the top portion of the phone like that.. Samsung’s bottom hump didn’t bother me so much considering it seemed hand held friendly.

    1. I would think a top hump would provide better grip since your fingers don’t reach the top, no?

      1. The Droid X’s top hump was slightly heavier so it will possibly do the same for this phone. But only time will tell if the hump actually protrudes as much as the Droid X and if it’s top heavy at all.

      2. hmmm we’ll have to see until we actually have one in hand but from looking at it from the pics above if it is indeed top heavy it will tip the balance when held in hand which I hate. You want weight nearer to the palm of your hand. Otherwise it will be tiring to hold with one hand and use.

        1. I think your reading too much in to the hump….its a phone and its not heavy to begin with so hump no hump wont matter to 90% of the people… Its light enough where it wouldnt really matter

        2. It will be tiring if you are feeble and think that holding something that will probably weigh less than 6 oz. Come on people if it is tiring go to the gym or something damn.

      3. The Galaxy S bottom hump was useful for one-hand operation when browsing; it allowed the user to keep his thumb near the keys at the bottom, where navigation buttons and the keyboard lie. And, because it takes an opposable thumb to really hold on to something, the hump provided a means of keeping the phone from slipping. No one really needs any help with holding the phone while talking, as the opposable thumb isn’t doing something else. Another perk to the Galaxy S design was keeping the camera from actually coming in contact with a table surface. This design means that the camera will absolutely hit a surface, leading to scratches.

      4. Dont agree with you often chris but in this situation I do agree…I like how it is looking

      5. Its like how the real fat extended batteries provide support for your fingers when holding the phone in landscape mode. It does for me anyway.

        You can control the phone better like when you’re playing a racing game.

    2. Although it looks fairly ugly, it’s actually a good design. This is smarter than Samsung’s because your thumb will always (for the most part) be on the screen while your index will go across the back of the phone thus making it less likely to drop. When I hold my Nexus S, I have put my little finger on the bottom. And unless my phone were to jump out of my hand, the hump is not quite as useful as Motorola’s.

  2. The top hump on the DX made it a little top heavy, I’m assuming it will do the same with this phone.

  3. Baby got back.

  4. As an DX owner I can tell you the hump never real poses any issues.

  5. The extra depth on the lens will probably make a massive difference on the camera’s quality.

  6. Sweet! Maybe the Aug 4th date might actually be real!! I hope so since I can’t stand my LG dare anymore. It need to go!!

  7. I’m almost wondering if the hump at the top is to make it easier for holding in the landscape position for watching games and video. Typically, right handed people with hold the phone with their left hand so they can use the right for the fine motor movements required for the game or video controls. That would put the hump on the left. I dunno, just a thought.

  8. For real… what’s with Motorola and their love of that stupid hunchback?? It looks like the phone has a tumor.

  9. Maybe its flat after you add an extended life battery

  10. The issue with the hump at the top is in the weight distribution of the phone. If you use the phone in portrait mode with one hand then your index finger supports the back while your thumb supports the front. When you lift your thumb to press the screen the phone wants to pivot over your index finger and tumble out of your hand, because a majority of the weight is at the top in the hump. I’ve already dropped my Droid X once this way, and I’ve come close to dropping it many more times. As someone else said, you want the weight in your palm, not unsupported at the top. That being said I’ll still buy the damn thing.

  11. As for the Droid X, more annoying than the hump is the headphone jack placement. When you have headphones in it’s very difficult to type in landscape. Looks like the Bionic has taken care of this and moved the jack back to the same location as the original Droid

  12. To quote Marty Feldman….What Hump?

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