Save $50 Off Any Tablet At Staples [Coupon]


Found this little nugget of a coupon to save $50 off any tablet at Staples! Pretty good chunk of change, if you ask me. The in-store coupon is only good until the 16th (Saturday) so if you were planning on buying say… a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, you might jump on that. Oh, I should also mention the coupon is good for latops and desktop computers as well.

I hate to say it but — that was easy. Enjoy!

[Coupon Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Should mention that the coupon is only good in-store.

  2. will this for the nook color?

    1. If it’s a tablet, and they have it in stock, I don’t see why not! :)

  3. Sweet heads-up ! Thanks!

  4. 1. Go to Staples
    2. Buy tablet of paper.
    3. Discount is worth more than price of item, resulting in store credit.
    4. $$$!

  5. FYI I just called Best Buy and they told me that they wouldn’t price match on this. What a garbage store! Not a single Staples has the Transformer in stock in my area either!

    Heading to Best Buy to get me some credit on the Transformer I just bought. w00t!

  6. This is BS I can’t believe they put out a coupon and don’t even have a good supply of tablets..No GTABS…ANYWHERE shame on staples

  7. I just went to buy a Transformer yesterday at my local staples and it didn’t work. This coupon wasn’t in the system at all and since I didn’t actually get the coupon from staples, I couldn’t get the discount. I ended up having to order the Transformer for full price but it’s totally worth it. Getting my Transformer on Wednesday :)

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