Motorola’s “Military Grade” Titanium Coming to Sprint July 24th


Just as the name suggests, the Motorola Titanium is a nearly indestructible Blackberry-ish “sturdy qwerty” aimed at the blue collar work force. When the phone was first announced along side the XPRT, Motorola left out any sort of release date or pricing. Well, thankfully the guys over at SprintFeed managed to get their hands on this leaked promo flyer displaying both a July 24th launch date and a $150 price tag (with a 2 year agreement).

For those of you that miss your “Push-to-Talk” chirping, the phone will be come with Nextel’s Direct Connect feature. And you don’t have to worry about being gentle with this device. Motorola says to phone is “military-grade tough” and is certified to Military Specification 810G for dust, shock, vibration, low pressure, solar radiation, high temperatures and low temperatures.

Still puzzling is the fact that it’s only coming with Android 2.1 Eclair on board but I guess you can’t have everything, right?

[Via SprintFeed]


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  1. Bahahaha, 2.1. Only on the “now network”….

    1. The “Now Network” has consistently proven itself to update their best selling Android devices before anyone else. Not sure what your’e talking about… =p

      1. Really? That is why they are releasing a 2.1 device. BTW, “ther best selling” device would be the EVO4G, no? So, Verizon had 2.3 on their best selling device (DroidX) before the EVO did, so, when it pertains to your notion of “consistently before anyone else”, not sure what your talking about… =p

        1. Really? surely you can do better than that! Sprint really has done a good job with updates. By FAR better then your butt buddy VZW. You troll far too much, Bro.

          1. Really? The phone in the article is SHIPPING WITH ECLAIR. The “best I could come up with” is the truth. The EVO is Sprints best selling device, and it wasn’t updated until AFTER the DroidX, Verizons best selling device. Kinda goes against your assertion that Sprint is the best at updating….

          2. lol You got the typical tunnel vision of a fanboy.

          3. I realize your anus is probably well lubed, but your butt buddy Verizon is still releasing 2.1 phones as well. really no need for you to be bragging about your carrier who charges upwards of $80 for data ALONE. lol tool.

          4. And please, list A phone on Verizon that is 2.1. Just ONE. BTW, I pay $30/month, for unlimited data. On a far larger network, with much faster speeds…

          5. Why would I care about YOUR deal?? I only care about what myself and the rest of the general public can get. Guess that just proves your tunnel vision. Do you really want me to show you a phone on VZW with 2.1? really? It’s called the Motorola Citus. and I just looked for a few seconds on the site and found it. Now take that Verizon cock out your throat and get a life dude. You sound like a Apple Homo.

          6. Wow, you need some help. [Moderated] is all you can get out your mouth. You found ONE eclair device. That happens to be free, and nearing its EOL, and is not SET TO LAUNCH (at $150) WITH 2.1. BTW, you speak of $80 data, yet proclaim that is what MOST PEOPLE can get. Well, MOST PEOPLE don’t touch 2 gigs, so…. How is this, with Verizon, MOST people can actually get service. The same CANNOT be said for Sprint.

          7. LOL. I hope they’re paying you as highly as you speak of them.

          8. Back at ya kid…

          9. Funny you say that, while proclaiming that Sprint is the king of updating their phones, in an article about a phone that is SHIPPING WITH ECLAIR…..A version of Android, that has been out more than a year, and has been surpassed for a year…..

  2. Android, 2.1, NOT even 2.0. it sis Crap!

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