Jul 6th, 2011

Today, Amazon announced a few goodies for users of their popular Cloud Drive and Cloud Player services. First, they have enhanced their Cloud Drive with unlimited storage space for music bought through their Amazon MP3 music store. That means you could download 20GB’s worth of music (from Amazon) and it wont ever count against the storage space on your Cloud Drive. Pretty neat.

Oh, and if you’re currently on a paid Cloud Drive plan (even if you upgraded through a promo) and already have a ton of MP3’s you — uhhhhh — didn’t purchase from the Amazon MP3 store, you will also have unlimited storage of that music for a limited time. Just how limited that time will be wasn’t mentioned.

Now for their Cloud Player. Amazon also announced that their Cloud Player for Web is finally available for the iPad and has been optimized for the Safari browser. Simply click that link in the previous sentence to check it out for yourself.

Any of our readers currently taking advantage of Amazon’s Cloud Drive? Would love to get some feedback on how you’ve been enjoying it.

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