T-Mobile Getting HTC EVO 3D, Hints FCC Filing


The good old FCC. The one great thing about the government is you can always trust them to tell the truth (tongue, meet cheek). In the case of gadgets that pass through the FCC, there is little room for debate as to whether the information is authentic, and the latest item of interest is a version of the HTC EVO 3D that could possibly be headed to T-Mobile.

With our HTC EVO 3D Forum already incredibly popular, I’m thinking a ton of T-MO customers would be eager to join in on the fun. With the aforementioned PG86300 working on the 1700MHz AWS band – which is T-Mobile compatible – you’ve got to think they’ll get their shot at the EVO 3D in good time.

[Via Engadget]

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  1. Hopefully AT&T starts getting all the new top of the line HTCs after the buyout.

    1. man i hope not! on the merger i mean.

  2. i hope not. I like having EVO as the “sprint exclusive”

    1. ^ dick move

      1. haha i agree

        1. It’ll mostly be a Sensation tbh

    2. Evo is a trademarked name. It would be the same model with a different name. It’s just like Droid.

    3. EVO is only a brand name. Verizon has Droid 1 and 2, everyone else has the Milestone 1 and 2, i.e. I’m not surprised T-Mo is getting it, I would be shocked, however, if it carried the EVO name as that’s Sprint’s.

  3. It is more likely that the EVO 3D’s with these bands will be sold to the Canadian market. So T-Mobile customers in the US will be able to import them and use them, but I highly doubt T-Mobile and AT&T will be getting this.

  4. how about the sensation to sprint then…i would be into that

  5. Keep your pants on lol, this most likely going to CANADA

  6. Thanks but no thanks. The Sensation shits on the Evo 3D.

    1. How’s that lag working out for ya?

      1. Nonexistent. Nice try though. (Totally could’ve used this opportunity for a battery-life joke)

  7. I think this is irresponsible reporting. This is for Canada as it has been stated alot of times before.

  8. The EVO 3D won’t be on tmobile that’s forsure. It’s definately getting around thou.

  9. What are the critical differences between the EVO 3D & the Sensation?

    I’m on Tmob and was about to get a Sensation.. just wondering if i should wait a bit

    1. Evo has slightly more memory and shoots video/pictures, plays movies in 3D. Other than that it’s the same phone.

      1. Also, doesn’t the EVO 3D have a 5mp camera and the Sensation has an 8mp camera, right?

        Please correct me if I’m wrong.

        1. Yessir, you’re right.

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