Samsung Announces New Conquer 4G For Sprint – Still No Pricing or Availability


We broke this story not too long ago when a tipster sent us some pictures of his SPH-D600 on Sprint. We didn’t have an actual name to go on but it looks like that has changed with Samsung’s newest unveiling of the Conquer 4G for Sprint.

While I wouldn’t call the device a low-end phone, it does manage to hang somewhere in between mid-level and high-end. Lets start with some of the specs. The phone features a smaller 3.5-inch HVGA display, 3.2MP rear facing camera with a 1.3MP front facing camera, Android 2.3 Gingerbread with Sprint ID, and a 1GHz processor. Oh, and as the name suggests, its compatible with Sprint’s 4G network (where available).

Not to shabby for a budget friendly device. I feel like these specs here she be considered the minimum when shooting for a low to mid-level device. The speedy processor should be able to handle the low res display and Android 2.3 quite nicely. The only thing we’re waiting on now is pricing and launch date. Stay tuned for more.

[Via Samsung]

Chris Chavez
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  1. every samsung phone I have held has felt cheap to me

    1. While samsung does use a lot of plastic, they by no means feel cheap. Heck, my epic doesn’t.

      1. Slide your keyboard open really quick. Fell how quick that slides? Go feel an EVO Shift’s slide out keyboard now, you’ll feel the difference. Doesn’t feel scheap, Plus the EVO SHift is more powerful than the Epic ;)

        1. are you on crack the epic’s hummingbird and power VR graphics chip will run circle around the crappy htc shift. I’m sorry but htc makes crappy hardware they break really easilly.

          1. I think your on crack. But of the phone are about the same. Just because the shift is 800 mhz didn’t make it slow. What HTC phone break really easily. Stop being a dumb fanboy.

          2. I’m with Austin, the Hummingbird is the better processor. In addition to this the Epic has the bigger keyboard and bigger and better quality screen. Don’t get me wrong, HTC makes some great phones (My previous phones in this order are Evo, Hero, Tilt. All HTC) but the epic is easily the better phone of the two.

          3. The Evo Shift can be overclocked to 1.2ghtz simple. And the Evo shift is actually faster than the Evo. That Samsung hummingbird is last gen, the Evo has a next gen Snapdragon which would indeed surpass that old hummingbird, especially when OC’d.

  2. Looks like a quality phone to the average user. I’m actually quite surprised to see a front facing camera on this mid range phone.

    1. Yeah, and not even a crappy .3MP. We’re talking 1.3MP. Nice.

  3. This phone smells like Virgin Mobile. Yeap, this phone should be in Virgin Mobile.

    1. or boost mobile

  4. I love how Sprints budget devices are sporting 1ghz processors, front facing cams, and 4G now. Sprint, You’re looking pretty sharp lately. Keep it up! :)

  5. it’s looks really interesting, but the 3mp camera, eh…

    1. Careful there, my retired Palm Pre only had a 3MP camera, and it took awesome photos and videos. Better than most 5 to 8MP cameras today. Are you one of those who think MP means all that much??

  6. You guys are funny. That phone is my Samsung Transform with 4G. I have a front facing camera but 256mg of RAM and 800mhz processor killed it. P.S. This phone looks ugly compared to mine..

    1. its looks lit it but its not… look at the specs, your transform suck compared to this… and this is only mid-range. stop bitching bout everything

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