Samsung Galaxy S 2 Coming to Canada This July Via Bell


We’ve already heard our fair share of rumors on which carriers will be offering the Galaxy S 2 when it finally hits stateside. Meanwhile I’ve just been drooling over videos of the device for what seems like months now when I came across this leaked ad from Techfibe showing the device for a July 14th launch on Bell. If Bell doesn’t sound too familiar to you it’s probably because you are from the US and they are one of the big three carriers in Canada.

So, what does this leak have to do with us here in the states? Well, word on the street is we could see Sprint carrying the GS2 as early as July and this might add a little more weight to that rumor. Seeing how Samsung will already be shipping the device to Canada, maybe they’re planning for a big North American release? I mean, all Samsung would have to do is allot a few 100 thousand to the U.S. which seems easy enough, right? I know, I’m a dreamer.

[Via TechFibe]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Innovation: Good
    Copy: Bad

    1. Yeah, it sucks that Apple really decided to copy Android notifications. sucks, really really sucks. why doesn’t Apple innovate?

  2. its about time we get a good phone before the states does but then again it will be useless because if your not in a city area you get 5 gig caps and it cost around 100 bucks 

  3. Don’t dream too hard. I bought one and now regret it. Sure, it’s a superphone on paper: fast, nice screen, light and thin, 1080p video. But even if it can be fast, it’s not smooth. Jumpy user experience, keyboard skipping keypresses, lock screen not reacting… Also the launcher has crashed a bunch of times with no apparent reason and it keeps on dropping out of my wlan.

    The battery life is … well, 1 day if you really don’t use it much. If you do, don’t be surprised if the battery is drained in four hours. Video recording seems to be heavy on the battery, especially if you do it where it works best: outdoors. To have any idea of what you are recording in bright light, you have to have the screen in max brightness. The AMOLED screen which looks very impressive indoors, can’t handle the daylight. Also, browsing mail outdoors can be pretty hard with dark grey font on black background (can’t be changed).

    It’s very thin but not 8.49mm. Well, at least iPhone 4 is definately thinner than my SGS2, and they say that thing is 9.3mm fat.

    It’s not a bad phone altogether, just not a very finished product. I hope Samsung is updating this thing fast as I’m not very happy with it as it is, and the hardware promises so much more…

    1. Engadget doesn’t agree with you, when they say it may be the best phone made yet  (and, yes, that would include the iPhone 4).  Sorry you don’t like it, but I AM dreaming for it.  And, being that the original Galaxy sold over 13 million phones, I’m guessing a few people might join me in purchasing its successor which …. may be the best phone ever made.

    2. Wow nice review. However you kinda went a little overboard and blew it. Awesome bs.

      If you’re going to pretend as if you own the device at least get the facts & specs right…lol poor soul

    3. You must have a dud or you’re trolling… mine is smooth as butter. Coming from a Desire HD and a xoom (my gf has an iphone 4) and i garantee you the sgs 2 is faster and yes thinner than the iphone 4 and these other devices. I use my phone a shit load but it still easily lasts over a day on one charge. Internet browsing is incredibly smooth probably the smoothes on any smartphone available (based on video reviews and trying out phones in stores. The screen works wonderfully in daylight abd my keyboard never skipped a key. After 1 month of owning this device i haven’t had 1 fc and say for sure that it’s the best device i’ve owned and tried.

    4. yes i agree with GiqueGuy. Not only Engadget but practically every tech blog or website that has gotten its hands on the SGSll marks it as one of if not the best android phone out there(for now if samsung doesnt hurry up and release this thing). Im calling dud phone as they are out there. Dud iphones, dud SGSll, Dud sensation 4gs. They all exist. Anyway, all reviews are absolutely positive with very little to complain maybe just the interface other than that i drool over this phone but am getting tired of waiting for it

    5. Dude you got a dud my S2 is stunning call your carrier and get it swapped.

    6. I beleive you, i had a galaxy s i9000, everyone else in the world said it was awesome while it sucked ass. i wanted an S2 but after the experience with the first one i couldnt trust it. Chances are you might have a lemon, but trying to get that sorted out with samsung is next to impossible. does the GPS at least work on your s2? i could never get a lock, and my sd card would erase it self whenever it felt. i got an atrix and i actually dont like it as much, but its reliable. anyways good luck

  4. I’ve been waiting, very patiently, for the GS II to hit somewhere in the U.S. It’s been out for a couple months overseas and my patience is running thin.  The Sensation is looking good as a decent second place. 

    Samsung (and all carriers), hurry up, most people ready to jump will only wait so long.  The clocks ticking!

    1. Be patient. We all have been!

  5. This means it would work on t-mobile…. right…?? 1700?

    1. Nope, bell and AT&T are compatible, not T-Mobile

      1. Last time I checked the gs2 was quad band gsm & umts

        1. u need the 1700 band for UMTS not just gsm.

          it’s not supported by this phone.

      2. nah, It’s bell and t-mo

        1. at&t uses the 850mhz band for 3g. so does bell. t-mobile uses 1700 or AWS. this is the same as Wind mobile in canada or mobilicity.

  6. Just too bad it’s on Bell, the worse carrier in Canada. I promised myself I’d never deal with them anymore. Their customer service is beyond horrible. Anything is better than Bell. My suggestion, buy it, unlock it and use it somewhere else.

    1. Bell is better than Rogers any day, any where. Rogers keep dropping calls, and customer service… well, what customer service???

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