Jun 20th, 2011

We’ve already heard our fair share of rumors on which carriers will be offering the Galaxy S 2 when it finally hits stateside. Meanwhile I’ve just been drooling over videos of the device for what seems like months now when I came across this leaked ad from Techfibe showing the device for a July 14th launch on Bell. If Bell doesn’t sound too familiar to you it’s probably because you are from the US and they are one of the big three carriers in Canada.

So, what does this leak have to do with us here in the states? Well, word on the street is we could see Sprint carrying the GS2 as early as July and this might add a little more weight to that rumor. Seeing how Samsung will already be shipping the device to Canada, maybe they’re planning for a big North American release? I mean, all Samsung would have to do is allot a few 100 thousand to the U.S. which seems easy enough, right? I know, I’m a dreamer.

[Via TechFibe]

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