Evo 3D Finds a Comfy Spot on Your Desk With The Official Dock From HTC


The Evo 3D will be released in less than 2 weeks and if you’re anything like me, it couldn’t come soon enough. Well, if you were looking for accessories to accompany your purchase on launch day, the guys over at Good and Evo managed to find the uber sleek official HTC micro-usb desktop dock over on Best Buy’s coming soon section. The dock will be priced at $50 and is MHL adapter compatible. This is sure to make a sexy companion to your Evo 3D right next to your bedside.

[Via Best Buy]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. looks Really nice!

  2. $50? That’s very Apple-esque 

    1. LOL! Docks are always overpriced. Especially official ones. That’s why I turn a 1 dollar bill into a dock! (Google it) :D

  3. I’ll pass on this phone and wait for either the SGS2 or the nexus 3… Those 2 phone will kill this one in terms of performance and a much better future proof device

    1. lol ur a joke

    2. Newsflash: nothing is future proof, there’s always something bigger and better just around the corner.

      1. i cannot wait for this phone! i know most of you are waiting for the SGS2 but i hate samsung and that phone but anyways as you said (ScottColbert) nothing is future so the SGS2 will be outdated in a few months and so will this phone and the Nexus 3 will be even when that is announced…..see Nexus S didnt come out that long ago and its already out dated! I bet that the Nexus will have a 1.2ghz dual core just like this for example the Nexus S lol…..ill be in line for this phone! just saying….. 

    3. not enough of an upgrade from original EVO.  skipping an iteration between upgrades is a good policy.  i’ll wait for EVO 3 or the next Sprint “Superphone”.  i predict a lot of 4.5″+ display devices.  that’s what i want.

    4. The GS2 is going to be a good phone, you can bet on that. Whether or not it is better or on the same level as the EVO 3D will just have to wait until both phones are available for purchase from a US carrier.

      I like what both brings to the table (competition) and I’m not going to shit on one or the other. I like HTC’s build quality so obviously I’d go with the E3D but Samsung has some amazing displays.

      1. I totally agree with you, I know its just my opinion but auto-stereoscopic imagery should be left for large screens such as TV’s. I find having it on a phone seems redundant, how can one possibly enjoy 3D imagery with such a small screen. I love HTC phones, I retired my Nexus 1 for the Nexus 4G(yup left t-mobile for Sprint) and they are both excellent devices. This 3D fad should be done by the end of this year, that I can guarantee.

    5. LOL gotta love the hate from the Samsung drips. SGS2 is an also ran before it even hits US shores….EVERYONE but the aforementioned excuse makers acknowledges this. Now the Nexus 3…THAT has me intrigued…rumored to be built by htc as well. It is the ONLY thing giving me pause on the EVO 3D. #TeamEVO #TeamNexus #TeamIndecisive

    6. Can’t agree more with u at least ur showing the respect need for such device by saying only 2 of the best smartphones that aren’t available for America yet will beat it. Ur pretty much saying that EVO runs north American smartphones

    7. So true. Here is too many blind ftc fanboys

  4. Does it have HDMI and USB ports?

    1. It says right in the article that it has MHL. That is a combination of HDMI and USB.

      It sounds nice. But, not $50 nice.

  5. i want that case with the kickstand i love havin a kickstand just sayin

    1. I wouldn’t have minded one as long as it didn’t block the speaker. It was sort of a hallmark of the original Sprint HTC EVO 4G.

      Oh well. Cheers.

  6. i love how the thunderbolt official dock is still non existent 

    1. My first thought as well.  I’ve expressed my extreme disappointment with HTC after they announced the imminent release of the Thunderbolt dock when the phone was release, complete with pictures and “coming soon” on the Verizon accessories page.  Only for it to disappear and for HTC to disavow any knowledge of it or plans to release it, ever.  Buying two docks, as I had for my original Droid, was a critical part of my buy decision for the Thunderbolt and HTC lost a lot of points with me with their lack of follow-through on the Thunderbolt. 

  7. Evo 3d will rule android just as the Evo 4g did.

    1. The Evo didn’t “rule Android”. If it had “ruled Android” it would have been sold on all carriers in the US and quite a few overseas carriers. Like the Samsung Galaxy S was. What also would’ve had to happen is that the Evo outsell EVERY other Android phone on the market. A very tall feat that I figure to be quite improbable since not everyone can (or wants to) shell out $200 for a phone. Shut up already. 

      1. Variations of the EVO’s hardware sold on many carriers. Sure, they didn’t have the same moniker or 4G Wi-Max, but it was essentially the same phone.

        I wouldn’t say it ruled Android either though. Android is too diverse to have any one handset ruling it.

        1. You’re right. I didn’t even think of the other variations that didn’t have the same name and exact same features. My bad. 

          Saying 1 device rules Android is sort of like saying 1 Windows computer rules them all. It’s completely preposterous. Different users like different things. Some may want a hardware keyboard, some may actually want a 3D display. Some want function over form or vice versa. Choice is what “rules” Android (and Windows computers). It’s a beautiful thing.

    2. Evo 4G only ruled for those who were stuck on Sprint with no other choices LOL! Damn thing looks like a brick, ignorance is bliss.

      1. Ehh, not necessarily J-Po. The EVO when it was first released was the best smartphone on the market and all the awards it won justifies that title. Even for a year after it’s release, it is still a good phone to purchase.

  8. now i know why the put the microUSB port on the side.

    1. HTC has been doing that for a while now. I guess it’s just a design change.

      It could also be easier to put it there for the hardware internals sake. Who knows.

  9. I guess this is to make up for the lack of a kickstand? $50 for that?

    Jeez. I’ll just stick with my phone couch and regular USB cable charger.

  10. I am not buying until I can load Cyanogen on it with all the 3D working, I am not in a rush

  11. All this arguing over bullshit….and people aren’t noticing A dock will be available. You know how long the Original EVO took to get that?

  12. Shitty, gimmick phone

  13. “and if you’re anything like me”
    I am in that I love phones, but Sprint doesn’t have service here, well, beyond roaming on Verizon and U.S. Cellular that is ;)

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