iPhone Enthusiast & Long-time Gamer Reviews the Xperia PLAY


The Android vs. iPhone battle sparks intense debates between the two camps, and while I’m a full-fledged Android enthusiast, I’ve never shied away from saying Apple has a fantastic product. It’s always nice to get a fresh, honest, and objective perspective which is why I took particular notice of an article posted today at iSource.com. Thomas Wong, an iPhone enthusiast and one of the site’s contributing editors, spent two weeks with one of Android’s more quirky devices and just published his full review of the Xperia PLAY.

He calls the Playstation controls “pretty awesome overall” but thinks the Playstation experience is tarnished by a lack of decent titles. Some things he loved, like the convenience of an LED indicator light, and he was impressed by both the camera quality and battery life. Other things he didn’t like, for example how the touchscreen was less responsive than his iPhone 3GS.

An iPhone lover. A gamer. A first time Android User. This was definitely a fun-to-read review of the Xperia PLAY.

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  1. “how the touchscreen was less responsive than”

    He says that the touchscreen was less accurate, not less responsive.

  2. I have owned this phone for 3 days and will be returning it.  It is ok as a gaming platform abd the graphics are nice.  The screen sux, the touchscreen is very inaccurate and I have been unable to find a way to calibrate it.  Call quality is good GPS quality not so much.  Phone hangs more often than the Epic 4G i was rocking from Sprint.  ALso had the Droid x2, better screen more responsive.  Games meh.

    1. Had mine for just over a week and agree with most of your complaints except GPS, mine seems great.  The phone hangs all the time and the screen misses touches often.  Personally I think the smartphone part sucks but the gaming on it via emulators is so damn good I’m keeping mine.  
      Just hope the next version is much much better as a smartphone, but then, that is a lot to expect from SE

      1. They need to quit releasing phones with a “one feature at a time” attitude. The play could have easily been the super phone people were waiting for….

  3. I dont think this phone is all that bad. Im loving emulators on this phone and havent really ran into dealbreaker problems with it. Im actually surprised that sony ericsson done as good as they have with this phone. I am by no means saying that the phone doesnt have issues but I think the issues it does have can be fixed in software upgrades. Lets just hope there is good support.

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