1 Million Samsung Galaxy S2 Units Sold In South Korea Alone


It looks like Samsung is at it again with outrageous sales figures for their Galaxy phones. Last year it was the original Samsung Galaxy S that broke the sound barrier by flying from shelves at record speeds and now it appears the Galaxy S2 is following suit. Just last week Samsung announced the S2 had sold 1M units and now they’ve achieved a full million in their home country alone.

I love Samsung’s global launch strategy as well as their move to launch simultaneously on multiple carriers in a given country. They’re definitely doing something very, very right and when the Galaxy S2 hits the states, I know there are a lot of people who plan on helping that 1 million figure increase exponentially. Well done, Sammy!

[Via SamsungHub]

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  1. I wish an important galxy s2 would work on tmobile at full data speeds!!! This is just getting frustrating, when will this come state side.

    1. *imported you mean lol

  2. As an SGS2 owner, I can totally understand the sales figures as this is an awesome phone. After 1 month+ of ownership and pretty heavy use, I finally feel this is the first Android handset that has hardware to keep up with the software. It is blindingly quick even with the out of the box ROM. Loading a custom ROM used to be needed to gain the full potential of the phone’s speed but it’s just not needed with the SGS2. I’m really glad too as it’s such a headache to find a decent ROM etc. Anyway, this phone is amazing and I’m sure the sales figures could be a lot higher if Samsung weren’t hampered by slow supply.

    1. samsung gave cyanogenmod free galaxy s 2 so i hope they will work on it so u can flash cyanogen rom on ur sgs2… gosh i’m jealous… stupid USA bring the sgs 2 already to us!!

  3. Freaking bring this to the US of A already. Good day. To the rest of the world its old news already. Come on VZW.

  4. I wonder how many sold in North Korea, oh wait hahahah.

    On a real note, Manufacturers need to start treating North America, or at least the US and Canada as one region to release in. They share the longest unprotected border, the majority of Canadians live far south enough to be half a state away from the US border.
    Yet with a lot of the manufacturers, Canada waits a long time to get the same tech that is 100 miles away. Some times even half a generation (which isn’t that long these days)  
    Other than the prairies, Alberta, Sask, Manitoba,  right across the border there is a decent sized American city where Canadians can go get what they want right away, sans contract of course.  It undoubtedly makes Canadian releases look pretty bad. And with contract-less carriers coming on strong, it will be even more reason to go south for our hardware.

    1. Living in Canada I understand your concern. In the mobile business, Canada is like a 3rd world country. Very expensive plans (3 year plans is basically a minimum) and crappy phones. Each part of the country there is a monopoly as well. In the west, Telus/bell. In Sask..sasktel..in Manitoba MTS…in Thunder Bay… Tbaytel…in southern Ontario…..Rogers/Bell….Don’t know maritimes. In the US you can basically choose from liek 5+ carriers anywhere in the country. Where I am from in Thunder Bay the only cell company  in all of Northwestern Ontario with HSPA+ is Tbaytel. Koodoo and telus are here but they use tbaytels old 2g towers and they are more expensive so it’s not worth it.

    2. Yeah but your sh#tty greedy carriers won’t let Samsung do that.
      Plus they all want to differentiate meaning actual different design models
      Samsung should just say.. take it or leave

  5. Any confirm on what it’s (or variation) coming to Tmobile? Aka Hercules possibly?

    1. i’m currently with t-mobile and i hope t-mobile will get the same exact device b/c i think 4.5″ screen on hercules is too much… i hope they bring it down to 4.3″ it may sound 0.2″ is only small difference but i think that’s a huge difference in size of the screen IMO but i hope we get SGS 2 for t-mobile soon

  6. I dont care about Korea…give the US a phone

    1. Sorry.. Apple still fighting Samsung on US because of iPhone been similar with Samsung Galaxy S.

  7. I want this phone, in the uk, but I don’t want to get it until the NFC version comes out, any one know when it comes out?

    1. I was waiting until i give up and get the phone now instead. It won’t come now until carries have made NFC contracts with the banks for this special service as well with samsung. You won’t need a phone with NFC chip, now there is companies who produce microsd cards and sim cards with NFC chip built in to help the tech to expand on those phones that doesn’t have the NFC chip. The only carrier at the moment in UK that has plans for NFC for this year is Orange. My Vodafone network let me down i spoke with the product team they told me at the moment there is no plans but it could change in the future.

  8. that is almost a billion bucks in revenue from only  one country wtf!

  9. Sales figures say a lot, but my family members personally love the samsung galaxy S2.  We compare my iphone and their S2s all the time.  Great for Samsung.  I shared this with out audience as well, over at project Advanced Technology and Design Korea’s Facebook (www.facebook.com/advancedtechKOR) and twitter (@advancedtechkr:twitter ).  Thanks for the blog visits (www.advancedtechnologykorea.com) and keep coming by!  Have a good one.

  10. Great handset……i have it and i ma a big fan

  11. They would sell millions more if they would just release the phone in the US

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