HTC Hasn’t Forgotten About the Evo 4G – Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Scheduled


HTC is coming in hot (not sure what that means) with the long awaited Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the HTC Evo 4G. Ironically, even before Gingerbread updates have rolled out for non-Sense devices like the G2, HTC and Sprint are proving they’re doing this Android thing right with their speedy launch of the next iteration of sweet Android desserts.

Starting June 3rd, you can download and manually apply the update or if for some reason you forget, Sprint will be releasing an OTA (over the air) update that will begin rolling out on June 6th. The update comes with bug fixes abound and should allow users to natively video chat using the new Gtalk application only compatible with Gingerbread. Still unclear is whether or not this update will feature the newer version of Sense 2.1 found in the Thunderbolt and Inspire HTC handsets but I guess we only have to wait another week to find out!

[Via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Well I imagine the TBolt Gingerbread update isn’t far behind. They are virtually the same phone.

    1. I thought the same thing about the Evo receiving Sense 2.1 (never happened) =(

  2. Im not usually one to complain about updates but WTF is going on with HTC and TMO and the G2 update.  The phone is STOCK! Looks like the Evo is getting GB before the G2. Stock android now means nothing unless its a Nexus device.

    1. Tmobile doesn’t do SHIT to push phones so HTC is doing what makes business sense.

    2. Cayanogenmod, here I come

    3. Never buy a phone because it’s stock.  You’ll only end up sad.  You have two options:

      1.  Get an easily hackable phone with a healthy dev community (we’ve been running GB for 6 months now).

      2.  Get a “Google Experience” phone that gets it’s updates direct from Google.

      Any option where you are relying on the carrier or phone manufacturer is simply going to get you pissed because they have ZERO interest in keeping you up-to-date: they make more money by tempting you to upgrade and renew contracts.

  3. It sucks that the EVO Shift is getting Sense 2.1. Yet the EVO isn’t.

    But if anyone is interested in running Sense 2.1 with everything working. You should get one of the EVO Shift gingerbread ports. It’s the perfect Rom…no issues.

    1. Where did you see that the EVO Shift was getting Sense 2.1?

      1. The rom was leaked and happened to be sense 2.1. I’m running it right now on my EVO.

        1. Ohhh snap! Awesome. I’ll have to get that on my woman’s Shift.

  4. Can i please get some GB love for my incredible??

    And internally speaking the incredible/evo/tbolt are very different devices if you look at chipset and the drivers that make them work

    1. cyanogenmod 7.0.3

      1. Maybe he means official GB and not a ROM?

  5. Hopefully mytouch 4g coming soon

  6. I already have my gingerbread thanks to Cyanogen plus I prefer stock over Sense so I’ll stick with CM.

    1. I tried CyanMod but went back to Sense due to the lack of small features like a scolling calendar widget, WiFi icon in status bar and a list of small things that just make Sense more practical. The Camera layout was odd and getting a signal was difficult. I also look forward to ROM’s that will use the official goods from HTC.

  7. Guys, I’m not sure but I think Tbolt has a different processor from the EVO. Isn’t the Tbolt 2nd gen Snap while the EVO is the OG Snap?

    1. yes, the Thunderbolt has a second gen snapdragon and 768 MB ram while Evo uses first gen and 512

    2. What are you trying to say, Dima? Evo can’t handle the new Sense? o_O

      1. Not at all, just hardware differences = driver differences = more difficult port. Evo can handle Sense 2.1 easy, it really isn’t very demanding.

      2. Sure it can! Since Sense 3.0 was available to devs, they’ve done a lot to port it to the EVO and a few other HTC phones, like the multi-functional, eye-candy lockscreen, panorama-enabled camera, etc.
        Here is a video of the EVO running Sense 3.0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4H8ZQ_cQsIs
           I REALLY like the UI and overall look of Sense 3.0. Every Android phone I’ve owned, I’ve used an alternate launcher/home shortly after playing with the stock launcher for awhile (partially for more homescreens and functionality, but a lot of it has to do with eye-candy – one of the first alternate launchers I’ve used was GDE home, I love the cube transition with regular wallpapers). Sense 3.0, however, brings a lot more to the table than any of the previous iterations of Sense. The lockscreen is not only more functional than simply unlocking your phone, it is, in my opinion, the coolest looking home I’ve seen to date. It reminds me somewhat of a launcher called TAT home (it’s on YouTube, even though it isn’t coming to Android…@#$&, I think they left it up to annoy people like me who thought it was coming to Android, and would’ve gladly shelled out good money for it).
        Sense 3.0 isn’t perfect on the EVO or the few other phones it’s been ported too, but it’s been getting tweaked and improving.I’ve noticed that almost every Android phone ever made was allegedly not capable of live wallpapers, flash, froyo, gingerbread,…the list goes on…only to have independent devs, in many cases college kids in dorm rooms have it not only running, but running well in a few weeks, if not days, and I’m always thankful for them.

  8. And all people on here complain everyday about sense and how it slows updates. this is proof yall can shove that arguement where the sun dont shine. sense FTW 

    1. It does slow updates, and until 3.0, it wasn’t doing anything that you couldn’t do better with an alternate launcher and Beautiful Widgets.

    2. Uh … custom ROMs have been running GB sense January … that’s 6 months ago (source was released December 17th).

      Fully baked releases of Cyanogen and Googles own Nexus One/Nexus S were in Feb. 

      Just because Sense released faster than motoblur doesn’t mean it’s fast.  It’s MONTHS behind and we don’t even know if it’s getting the latest 2.3.4 yet.

      1. Umm, Motoblur has already seen GB. Officially.

  9. Ahhhhh can’t wait till I get my EVO this summer :)

  10. Finally I can’t wait to see some nice roms come out with this update

  11. I waiting, longer, gingerbread coming or not what , the problem?

  12. Will be sticking with Cyan I just hope they get this GTalk video working properly. I won’t be able to get 3D till Dec. Sux, my dad will be getting on on 24th. Oh well. Looks like dad is going to be my crash test dummy. :-)

  13. I hope it will get sense 2.1. I really like sense. Stock android is not my cup of tea. its ugly as hell. 

  14. I’m sure the Epic Gingerbread update is right around the corner… anyone? … anyone?

  15. Had my original Galaxy S (which came out 6 months before Evo4G) on official Gingerbread months ago. A bit late aren’t we HTC?

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