May 25th, 2011

If you can believe the recent tweet sent out by Samsung Mobile US (and why wouldn’t you?), it looks like Samsung is finally set to release the alarmingly thin Galaxy Tab 10.1 onto the US market. While no definite launch date was given they did have this to say on Twitter:

Also mentioned in a tweet right after this one, was that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will also be shipping with the newest version of Android 3.1 Honeycomb installed and even updated their products page to reflect the update. New features in Android 3.1 include faster graphics performance thanks to better hardware acceleration, resizable homescreen widgets, recent apps menu now shows up to 16 apps, and USB hosting capabilities as some of the more notable improvements.

Its been heavily rumored to be launching on June 8th and I guess we’ll be finding out soon enough! Anyone out there been holding out on a tablet purchase for the Tab 10.1?

[Via Twitter]

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