HTC Puccini To Begin Volume Production in June – Supporting AT&T’s LTE Network


Looks like we may not see the rumored June launch of HTC’s Puccini (sounds dirty) tablet after all. Sources close to Digitimes are reporting that although the final stages of testing for the Honeycomb tablet are underway, the device wont go into full mass production until June. This could mean we wont see a launch until sometime late summer.

The Puccini will be HTC’s first 10.1-inch, dual-core Snapdragon tablet and will ship with Android 3.0.1. A 3.1 update will hopefully follow soon after. Its still not known if HTC will add their (in)famous Sense UI on the device, but given the fact that it will have the same capacitive stylus we’ve seen on the Flyer, the Sense 3.0 Scribe software will most likely come along with it.

AT&T is said to be pushing the HTC Puccini as their flagship LTE tablet supporting their new network this summer. I’m curious to see how HTC will update their Sense UI for Honeycomb devices and if they will offer a WiFi only version.

[Via Electronista]

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  1. htc p***y <3

    1. I’m gonna kick you in your puccini o_O

      1. Not my p******i!

        1. You talk as if you are Keller.

  2. Will the bootloader be locked?

    1. shouldnt be htc said no more locked bootloaders

  3. Puccini sounds dirty? You are one uncultured person.

    1. Reply fail

      1. definitely not a reply fail. more of an intellect fail on the readers’ part… seriously… do NONE of you know who Puccini was?Madam Butterfly? La Boheme? you ALL know his music. you just clearly are completely unaware that you do. O Mio Babbino Caro is one of his most famous pieces and it’s been in a million tomato sauce and polly-o cheese commercials.

      2. I was replying to the ARTICLE you…..person! Also, TP is awesome.

        1. why thank you! ;-) you’re pretty swell yourself.

  4. Argh. Please no Sense.  The thing I love about the current Honeycomb tablets is that they are all running Honeycomb pretty much unmolested – Just a few icon changes here and there.  Look at how quickly they are getting updated – the Xoom already up’d to 3.1, Transformer and Iconia due to have it pushed out in June – that’s fantastic! Now here come Sense and Dell’s Stage UI – You can bet these will add months to the update process (if they update at all). Just leave Honeycomb alone.

  5. It’s going to add $100-$150 to the price for everyone just to be able to get LTE speeds in 5 cities?

  6. “Puccini Tablet”….sounds like a new erectile dysfunction pill

  7. This is better than the FLYER, AND XOOM.

    1. Its more like the flyer and xoom had a baby together….. hopefully it will be a good child that is self motivated, beautiful and becomes very successful….. or maybe it will just live in Xoom’s basement because its on ATT and its too lazy to get off the couch and make a wifi version… Time will tell ;)

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