Unlock Samsung Galaxy S 2 For Use On AT&T Or T-Mobile


Sometimes there are those phones overseas that are just so appealing, you may want to get them shipped over stateside. Thanks to overseas phone’s being based off the GSM technology (SIM cards) it makes them compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile here in the US. Normally, you would have to make sure the phone in question is “unlocked” so that it will work with your carrier or go through the hassle of calling the original carrier or taking the device to a shop to be unlocked by a professional. Well, apparently the original Samsung Galaxy S line of phones made this process extremely easy by storing the unlock code inside the phone. This code could then be extracted thanks to a handy app found on XDA allowing you to use these imported phones on either AT&T or T-Mobile.

Well, it looks like Samsung hasn’t changed much and their overseas Galaxy S 2 handsets still provide that special unlock code hidden inside their phones, only to be extracted by a new free SIM unlocking app that can be found on the Android Market. Keep in mind your phone will have to be rooted before you can use the app but the benefits of having an unlocked Galaxy S 2 here in the states before anyone else could make it all worth it. Also, T-Mobile uses slightly different bands than the UK so although you can make calls and text, you may be stuck with only Edge data.

Now that you know how easy it is to unlock the Galaxy S 2, anyone tempted on getting one of these bad boys imported stateside for all your friends to drool over?

[Via XDA]

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  1. I would’ve already purchased this if it was compatible with tmobile’s 3g bands. Sadly it isn’t so it’s the horrible thing of being patient and waiting for tmobile to release their galaxy s2 variant.

  2. Can you even get 3G on the US bands?  I know the phone doesn’t have AWS 2100 so putting the phone on T-Mo means you’d be stuck on EDGE; kind of a waste of such a powerful phone no?

    1. gsmarena has it listed as HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100. So it should be able to…T-Mobile uses the 1700 band too so your mileage may vary. And feel free to correct any of this if it’s wrong. I don’t want to rub people the wrong way.

      1. Nope…sorry…you are wrong.   T-Mobile uses the AWS band which requires 1700 and 2100.  One is used for upload and the other is used for download.  It won’t work at all if it doesn’t have both.

  3. Eff At&t

    1. “Eff at&t” doesn’t hold the full message that needs to be conveyed when speaking of at&t. I prefer the unedited comment. It’s more “appropriate.”

    2. Keller, I couldn’t have said it better myself.  

      1. Luuulz. My imposter again!

        1. You guys are queers

    3. So true

      1. Comment removed. = F*** At&t. Instead of editing comments how about –

        I love the iPhone.

        1. You’re fun. =)


  4. no, not tempted. it’s samsung.

    1. you do realize that the blame lies with the US Carriers in the Froyo update debacle

  5. I already purchased an SGS II from Clove and didn’t need to unlock it. It worked right when I popped in my AT&T SIM card.

    1. What speeds are you able to get?

    2. Wow, really? How much did you pay? Did you just have it sent here to the US? How do you like it? I’m jealous…

      1. There’s many sites that you can purchase it from, the problem though is the US dollar isn’t worth as much as it used to be so the price of a galaxy s2 in us dollars to buy it from like europe is around 800.

  6.  id go nuts if i was stuck using 2g on a monster phone  

  7. does it support 4g? 

      1. Yeah it does have 4G.

        1. Hspa

  8. can somebody give me 800 dollars to buy one of these, please

  9. Who actually cares. It will make it to the states in some form probably with the tegra 2 processor in it. Either way HTC RULES SAMSUNG…

    1. Well good luck with your encrypted bootloader

      1. Theyre reviewing n if they wanna keep ppl yea unlockin bootloader will be smart….and. HTC RULES SAMSUNG MOTO LG

  10. my friend got her sgs2 from clove for $760 USD. It works with AT&T H+. I was surprised cause she has the unlimited grandfather plan and I thought ATT would limit the speed to 3g… apparently not

    1. Her phone may connect to AT&T’s network using H+, but AT&T still has the capability to throttle the actual data speeds. Try testing the actual speeds.

  11. Brought one in expansys usa for ~730usd and using it as i type on at&t h+. Dunno why this new exist as it just work without any unlocking

    1. Hello I’m interested in gettting this phone too so it works in att h+ no problem….PS what is the model # so I can buy the same thing…. my email is [email protected] any info will be much appreciated

  12. i would so do this but edge come on 

  13. What if I by the Samsung Galaxy S2 factory unlocked?  At that point, will I still only be able to use 2G edge with T-mobile as my carrier?  Or, will I be able to use the 3g or above networks?

  14. So will it work with T-mobile at 3g or faster?

  15. How do I get a copy of Samsung Galaxy Hercules so I can finally get a top phone that works with the t-mobile 4g networks? 

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