May 23rd, 2011

Apparently, some Droid Pro and Droid 2 Global owners have been having issues with corporate sync and have hit up the Motorola Support forums in search of help. It was in these forums that a Motorola employee chimed in to address current issues with Exchange Activesync, commenting that the problem will be fixed with the upcoming Gingerbread update for both these devices. He also went on to say that the Droid X will be included as well.

Seeing how the Droid X software testing program was made available for some, they might be the first to receive the 2.3 update sometime by the end of the second quarter. This will be followed up by the Droid 2/Global and Pro devices. According to Droid-Life, they have word that Motorola has all but completed their Gingerbread builds for all these handsets and is simply waiting on word from Verizon to approve and push them out.

A carrier holding back a firmware update? Haven’t heard that one before (sarcasm). Have any of you guys been experiencing issues with your corporate sync on your Moto handsets? You wont have to wait too much longer for these bugs to be fixed and will even get a taste of Gingerbread in the process.

[Via Droid-Life]