HTC Flyer Circulating, Early Impressions Pour In


The HTC Flyer was supposed to shart shipping on May 22nd, but many users on the HTC Flyer Forum reported picking theirs up in-store several days early. For the patient plenty who decided it’d be better left on their porch, their Android Tablet arrival day is rapidly approaching, but with feedback already pouring in we’re eager to hear what our members think.

Here are some excerpts from the forums:

So far, fun to play with… Like my Thunderbolt, just bigger! The stylus is pretty cool to play with also. You can highlight, draw, write etc. Two things I am not impressed with is the camera and the screen resolution. The camera, even when focused just isn’t that clear but I am still playing around with it. Also, the home screen seems a bit pixelated. I am very used to the crisp, clear screen on my TB so unfortunately I’ve been comparing the two. I’m also using the TB as a mobile hotspot so the WiFi I’ve been using is extremely fast. — LadyX

I’m so used to my 8MP camera on my Inspire that I noticed right away how the camera on the back isn’t completely focused like it should be and that it doesn’t have a clear picture. but the front facing one is very nice and did take a clean picture.

oh and the back cover is very hard to get off. I’ve been trying for 10 minutes — aekhhi

Overall, I’m amazed at the device and will keep it. As said, it’s much better than my Galaxy Tab which is going up on Ebay. I prefer the 7″ size to the 10″ even though it makes web browsing a bit less comfortable. I wish there had been more accessories available at launch like a stand and cases. — DroidDaddy

The pen makes the flyer. I used it last night in school to take notes and it was really nice. — falconeight

It’s Not a laptop replacement, but I’ve been using a Motion slate for the past several years and it never replaced my laptop. The Slate is great for extremely portable email, entertainment, websurfing, field notes Etc. I’ve got a great netbook for more intense usage. I don’t think you can beat the 7″ form factor for portability when a 4″ phone is just too small. The 10″ is no more portable than my netbook, so even that is covered. Right now I think this is the best 7″ tablet going. Will have to see what happens with the 8.9″ units start to show up to see if they take the cake for portability and performance.
Worth $600? It is to me. For a consumer user maybe not. — Renegade360

Do you have the HTC Flyer in hand? What are your thoughts?

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  1.  eh

  2. $600!!! whaaa

  3.  “The pen makes the flyer. I used it last night in school to take notes and it was really nice.”

    –  This is what I wanted to see.  Hello new notebook for work.

    1. I believe htc should market to niche audienes, students, businesses of all kinds, obvious corporate, can android/sense? Be secure? Medical, the stylus could be used to sign “papers” and emailed if patient has some email, dont most ppl atleast have email on even basic cell phones?…i see alot of uses and the stylus function on capacitive screen that looks pointy and more pencil/pen like…its no for me but im recommending my brother get it for college

  4. I’m sorry, but did you just say that the HTC Flyer “sharted”?

    “The HTC Flyer was supposed to shart shipping on May 22nd, but…”

    1. Roofles.

      Awesome typo :)

      The flyer looks lovely, but it fails for me.  Lack of camera flash, no defined upgrade path via honeycomb, single core [even if it’s 1.5ghz] and god-awful price point.

      Was hoping for much better from HTC.

  5.  Has anyone tried a tablet using multiple user profiles?

    IE have my signed in, then do something to swap it to my OH so it’s her auth token that gets used.

    Or is it still based around a single user idea like a phone?

  6. Very good stuff, if it had a more competitive price point I would have been interested

  7. I would love to get the flyer but after hearing about the Lenovo tablet with pen capabilities I will have to wait a couple of Months…

    1. What so special about a pen capability?  You can just purchase a $5 to $10 styles from ebay and install a free app for handwriting. It will have similar function as the flyer.

      1. Not even close. Writing with a “meatstick” capacative pen is like writing with a crayon. The resolution of the Flyer pen is like writing on paper.

  8.  The flyer is a sleeper right now and will be a huge success.  It functions on levels that only Ipad can claim right now.

    1.  I seriously doubt it.  Too expensive for a 7 inch tablet.  Have to pay $80 for a stylus pen, that can be easily get lost.  Only a single core?  And no Honeycomb?  This tablet is so out of date!!!

  9. I really think this will be better for students in a real tablet sense of the word, that word, tablet. I have and enjoy my ipad,OG, but when i used it in school for taking notes, drawing diagrams/examples, it sucked. I even bought the blueteeth keyboard, which was better but, defeated the idea…the flyer+tylus will be great or students and sense is thee best skinned version of android, you know im right!

    Maybe colleges should sell this then stuents could use financial aid to buy it.

  10. Forget Honeycomb!  HTC’s Sense 3.0 on the Flyer is fantastic.  Like others, my Tab is going up for sale.  The Flyer + pen + Evernote combo is like having a mini-Courier.

  11. Was seriously considering the flyer but I think I’ll hold out for an 8.9 model. Hopefully HTC will produce an 8.9 model in their next output.

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