Leaked LG XML File Gives Us More Details On Possible Nexus 3?


The guys over at Wired View made an interesting find today when they stumbled upon an LG XML file today. Aside from the normal gibberish associated with these files, we see a codename for a new LG device. According to this XML file, it looks like LG is gearing up to release another smartphone codenamed p930. I know what you’re thinking, “How do we know its a smartphone and not just another tablet?” Well, the main clue is the “P” in front of the numbers is how LG identifies their phones while a “V,” followed by numbers, has so far indicated a tablet (Optimus Pad/G-Slate).

While there’s no indication on screen size, upon closer inspection you can see that the mysterious device will feature a 1280×720 resolution display and support for Edge/GPRS and HSDPA/HSUPA (still unsure on specific radio bands).

Now, this is all pure speculation but this leak definitely has my wheels turning. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have just stumbled upon Google’s Nexus 3, folks. Yeah, you heard it here first (unless I’m wrong then forget you ever read this). Word on the street is Google has something very special planned for their next flagship device and with a possible quad-core processor and 720p HD display, they just might be able to claim “firsties” on both accounts. I think I just got goosebumps…

What do you guys think? Could this be the Nexus 3? Or am I just chasing pavements?

[Via WiredView]

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  1.  Well, lets hope its the Nexus 3. Real name? Nexus L? Maybe?

    1.  Maybe Nexus Gx?

      1. I prefer Nexus Destroyer of Fruity Phones. 

        1. no its more like Nexus G or they could just play it simple and call it Nexus 3/3D 

          1. Oh god no. Not 3D. If it is at least make it the good 3D like the EVO, and not the old school blue/red 3D. 

    2. Prolly more like nexus optimus.





          1.  +1


          3. god please blow up the big red ….

  3. This endless insinuation about the next Nexus in the article titles and there being nothing of substance is trolling your readership. >:(

  4.  Well looks like no verizon version. Awesome. 

    1.  Yeah sucks verizon wont get a nexus. That’s the only way I am signing another contract with verizon is if they get a nexus or a stock android phone. I am tired of getting hosed on updates and loading down the phones with their crap ware. Maybe they will make more than one version. Lets hope.

    2. Don’t give up hope yet. I went through the XML file myself and it said it was currently running on WCDMA. Not sure exactly what that is but it has CDMA in it which is what Verizon and Sprint use. 

      Not only that, but with the Nexus S 4G on Sprint, I doubt Google would not make the next Nexus for Sprint as well. Since there is no mention (unless you count what I pointed out above) of CDMA for Sprint, this is likely just the first version. 

      1.  WCDMA is actually what both ATT and Tmobile use for 3G, sorry to bust your bubble there : I want it on sprint too

      2.  WCDMA = GSM.  sorry to burst your bubble, ive been holding out for a VZW nexus for a while now too.

        1. Well, ****. Oh well, my second point still stands as a source of hope.

  5. NOOOO! it’s too soon. I just got my nexus 3 months ago

  6. nooooo. htc! :( but oh well, at least it’s not crapsung.

    1. Thought I read somewhere that Google received a shipment from LG, I figure it would be the next Nexus that they would dog food with. 

    2.  LG makes quality stuff. Samsung isn’t so bad either. 

      I think it’s pretty cool how Google giving each of their OEMs a chance at building the Nexus flagship phone. 

    3. It’s okay. Google appears to be gracing every company with a Nexus at some point. Though, if you want to get technical, HTC had theirs already. It was called the G1 and it started it all. Pretty big honor if you ask me. 

      1. Technically the Nexus 1 would have been HTC’s Nexus. Right!? 

    4. Lol are you trolling? HTC sucks man. =/ 

  7.  It also says 3 soft keys, so that’ll be honeycomb surely?

  8. then again, it could be ice cream?  

  9. it is not nexus 3 for sure. SOFT KEYS = 3. that means they are talking about capacitive buttons and ice cream wont have any soft buttons. it would be without any buttons. And even if we do agree that ice cream has buttons, it would be 4 then, Google cant leave out dedicated search button. OEMS definately leave out dedicated search button(SONY,Samsung & LG).

    But i may be wrong. but this image render is making me drool. quite thin. hmmm

    1. Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it only had three buttons. Think about it. Honeycomb has those three buttons on the bottom; home, back, and the other one I can’t remember. Now, I’ve played with Honeycomb on my D1 and it is difficult to press those, granted Honeycomb isn’t for phones but put that aside. I can see Google putting those three Honeycomb buttons as the capacitive/physical buttons to allow for more space on phones.

      1. I am Chris Chavez, and I approve this comment. 

    2. Well, I think LG was planning on making a Tegra 3 phone anyway, whether they make the Nexus 3 or not, and this could be their other phone. Even so,this makes it more likely that if they do make Nexus 3, it would have a 720p HD display.

    3. I think since they are merging the 2, GB and HC 3 buttons are possible. 

  10. 1280×720, possibly tegra 3, android ICS…. all that would be for nothing if it ended up not having a decent hardware keyboard :x

    EDIT: there’s this bit in the XML…



    1. No keyboard it is! The plot thickens…. 

    2. Dude physical keyboards went out with the G1

      1. Not really, but all the newer phones with keyboards always have some silly quirk that breaks the deal, which is why I’m still using a LG GW620.

  11.  Anyone think there’ll be a chance the next Nexus phone will finally come with a physical keyboard?

    1.  Unfortunately, no. read my comment above yours.

  12.  I hope it’s the Nexus 2 (Samsung didn’t want to be Nexus 2 hence the S) And I hope it’s going to Verizon with a quad-core processor.

  13. I just hope the Nexus 3 comes to verizon!!

    1. Yes please! Its about time! 

  14.  NEXUS 4X

  15.  damn if this is the nexus 2 or 3, it’s specs is crazy already! quad core, 720p resolution! hopefully it’s camera kicks ass too. Then all we’d have to worry about is battery life.

  16. Char 15×13? Thats mighty small for 1280×720

    1. You need special eyes.. like me. o_O 

      1. Look, look with your special eyes…….

          1.  you just effin made my day! rotflmao!

  17.  def nexus 3

  18.  this is pretty cool and junk but can it take pictures?? lol

  19. I was just whining about the low res on some of these large displays. Hope the res becomes a reality. I wonder when we will start getting some resolution options on our phones.

  20. It not the new nexus. Last line of code gives it away. Probably a lower end tablet.

    1. some posts on engadget about the last line:
      Rob Leonard 11 hours agointeresting how the 720 and 1280 are reversed – normally in a resolution, the first number is the horizontal and the second is the vertical.  If thats the case, it could be that it is a phone, as the width of the phone is of course going to be shorter than the length, where most honeycomb tablets are used explicitly in landscape mode.  Of course, all of that logic is hinged off the resolution being reversed, and I wouldn’t doubt it could just be backwards for no real reason.hkb261 2 hours ago in reply to Rob LeonardI specialize in mobile web device detection and this file is called an x_wap_profile.  Every mobile device on the market has one of these made for it and the url to it is passed in the headers of all requests made by the device.  Manufacturers and carriers (as some of these are located on the carrier’s site not the manufacturer’s) often times add new devices to their website before the device has hit the market as it needs to be there for full testing by the carrier and the carrier’s developer community (which receives prerelease devices).  Anyway, long story short… this is most likely a phone as these screen resolutions are widthxheight.Regarding the voice input item that everyone is going on about, that is always no on Androids.  That’s because it does not have a built in voice controller.  Instead it uses google’s web-based voice recognition software to translate and then relate back to the phone what the user said.  It doesn’t work like: “Call Andy” using built-in software that is always on it instead relies on transferring it to google and having a data connection.  Not sure why they made this small distinction but it’s there.Of more interest to me is the following line:3GPP_WCDMA_IPV4 This indicates to me that it will be on either Sprint or VZW as they use CDMA networks.  However it doesn’t look like there will be any 4G support for this phone sadly.

  21.  i doubt this is a nexus 3, it has 3 softkeys and we all know google loves its 4 and. i will be pissed if they go to 3 soft keys

    1.  If it’s 3.0 or higher, a menu button isn’t necessary.

      1. Sure it is, for every old app. A menu button appears on Honeycomb if you have an old app that requires a menu. If anything, the search button is going away. Search has slowly but surely gotten gimped. We really have no need for the search button now that google has removed it from doing universal search within apps. 

    2. Power volume rocker up and down

  22. It better be as sleek as the Nexus S.

  23. Nexus Flames

  24. This sounds plausible just wish we had a little more concrete proof you know? For me it really doesn’t matter what it’s specs are. I got the N1 and the NS. Both fantastic devices and the best two android phones I’ve owned. I already got $600 for the next one. ;)

  25.  Screen is going to be 4.5 inches, consideringe LG is manufacturing it’s next generation mobile screens in 3.5, 4.5, 7 and 10 inch increments and Ice Cream’s interface will eliminate the need for physical hardware keys it’s the only logical assumption given Android’s “bigger is better” philosophy for screen sizes

    1.  and this might be it : http://www.engadget.com/2011/05/18/lgs-new-ultra-high-resolution-ah-ips-displays-simply-stunning/

    2.  Please no bigger than 4″ screen & please add a LED notification light like the nexus 1

      1. agree with u man

    3.  That would be amazing, and you do make an excellent point about the buttons.

  26. Yeah LG just announced a 4.5″ 720×1280 IPS display. My bet is this is going to be used for the Nexus 3.

    Also i need to know where you found that render from! It looks absolutely stunning!

  27.  no nexus can deal with verizon , verizon wants to put all their trashy stuff like bing on android devices , they make phones limited! 

  28.  Guys check out  the link on wat the Next Nexus should be:

    1. this one : http://www.mediafire.com/?qq8rfnmv0v9p96p

      1. sorry pasted wrong one again.. its :

  29.  Please don’t let that be the next Nexus device.
    I don’t trust LG with phones………..
    Or that phone better be as awesome or more awesome than the nexus one was at its  release.

    I want another HTC nexus.

    1. As much as I like HTC, even if google chose them I doubt HTC would be interested.

      1. why do you say that?
        Because the n1 didn’t sell that well?

        1. No I think HTC is not really interested because they seem to be pursuing and more interested in their “sense” brand. Watch carefully if somewhere down the line some manufacturers don’t pull a “blackberry” where they will make their own operating systems and make them compatible with android apps. It’s no secret that Motorola is working on one, and samsung already has one, bada. HTC is also looking their bootloaders thight, as much as I would like to defend them and use the carriers as scapegoats, I don’t think only the carriers are to blame, HTC wants people to get accustomed/stuck with HTC, for better or for worse.

          Sent from ?

  30.  HTC Nexus 3 S’il vous plait!

    1. Pas pour le francophones. Je joue solement, abientot.

  31.  It looks to my like Google really likes t-mobile (for being the first provider to carry an android) and every Nexus will be available on T-mo (at least until and unless AT&T eats ’em).

  32.  Um… Hasn’t all Nexus phones came out on Tmo first? Just saying… It’s obviously going to be a GSM phone. That way, the phone can easily be used internationally. Like all the other Developer phones. Then later do they come out with the Sprint versions of the phone and stuff.

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