Vizio’s Newest Smartphone Wins FCC Approval


It was only earlier this year at CES when we learned that Vizio was going to be taking a dive into the Android smartphone market (everyone’s doing it these days) and even caught a brief glimpse of their upcoming smartphone. But things have been strangely quiet since then. We haven’t heard or seen any kind of leak of their upcoming handset — until now.

Thanks to the good ‘ol FCC, we see that Vizio is still, in fact, on track and bringing us their Android powered smartphone they debuted back in January. The phone in question is the VPHN1044G. This device is said to come equipped with a 4-inch 854×480 LCD screen with a front facing camera, 1GHz (2nd gen?) Snapdragon processor, 4GB of internal memory and support for expandable memory. On the software side its going to come with either Android 2.2 or 2.3 and Vizio’s own Honeycomb-ish UI thrown on top. The FCC filing is also showing support for GSM 850 and 1900 bands and WCDMA bands II and V which means this device will most likely launch for AT&T.

One of the most unique and useful features of the phone is that it comes with an IR receiver so that it can be used as a fully functional universal remote on Vizio’s full line of televisions and others. If priced right, I think this phone could win over a few people. It definitely has the looks, function and style to set it apart from the already crowded Android market.

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Chris Chavez
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  1.  i’ve been waiting FOREVER someone to spend $0.02 per device on an IR blaster.  my palm treo 650 fhad one in 2005. what happened?? google should have support baked into android. google tv has it so hopefully it’ll find its way into ice cream sandwich and all the other manufacturers can easily hop on board.

    1.  Very good point!!!

    2. I like this comment. =) 

    3. Agreed. I’d also like to see terrestrial DTV antennas on board in North America, unfortunately, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

  2. I like the RAM. Everything else is meh.

    1. Well, that’s because the RAM is wrong, lolz.

  3. This phone doesn’t have 4GB of RAM, lol. That’s storage space, the source clearly incorrectly uses the word “memory” incorrectly. Right after saying 4GB of memory they state that it also supports microsd cards, clearly you guys should’ve at least considered the possibility that we aren’t jumping from 1GB all the way up to 4GB, right?

    1. Good point. Should have none that was too good to be true. Like… WAY too good. Hahaha..

  4.  Yawn ….

    1. Stop it! Now your’e gonna make me…. *YAAAWN* 

  5. Geez, at&t has really stepped up their android game. First dual core in america with atrix. The inspire is nothing to smirk at either. Then the infuse, while too big for me really appeals to me. Next they will probaly get the sgs2 first. Then there’s that htc just  leaked today that esentilay matches the specs of the sensation. Now this phone which may not be the most high end, but is definately the same. And now they’re even allowing the phones to sideload( should have happened all along). Say what you like about their coverage but they have the best androids.

  6. I think an IR transmitter would be better suited for TV remote use rather than an IR receiver.

  7. Two things. 1. I wish it was coming to sprint, and 2. It better have a damn good screen, cause vizio’s have some of the best screen’s on tvs being produced right now.

  8.  It’ll probably be junk like their TV’s.  They may make a lot of TV’s, and they may be the #1 seller of HDTV’s, but they don’t make quality.

  9. Vizio has piss poor quality TVs so I fully expect this phone to be junk. Too many wannabes are getting in on the Android fun. It’s not always a good thing

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