Slacker Introduces Radio Plus Subscription Service Available Now


I’ve always been a big fan of paying a small monthly fee to have all-you-can-eat access to a huge library of music and stream it to my device whenever I want. Since I was cursed with this widely eclectic taste in music, it can be hard finding the storage space for 80’s hits, Metal, Indie, Pop, Hip-Hop and even a little Hardcore thrown in for good measure. Not to mention, if you’re ever in a store and you hear a really great song, you Shazam it and then sometimes you want to listen to it right when you get back to your car. Well, there are a few solutions out there in regards to music streaming on-demand apps. Rdio and Rhapsody are both really great and very popular options.

Looks like Slacker Radio has announced today that they’re ready to jump on the bandwagon as well by introducing a new Plus subscription service that allows you full access to stream their entire library of music onto your phone for only $10 a month. I’ve never actually been a fan of radio streaming apps like Slacker Radio (free version) but streaming on demand definitely has me enticed. Get Slacker Radio right now for your Android powered device in the Android Market.

[Via Engadget]

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  1. iI don’t know…another $6 (already shell out $3.99) is asking much

  2.  i really hope that the UK-radio toolbar is available on mobile phones!

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