HTC Thunderbolt OTA Ready & Sending, Check Your Phone!


If you’ve got the HTC Thunderbolt you’ll want to do a quick check of Menu > Settings > About Phone > System Updates as users in the HTC Thunderbolt Forum are reporting an OTA update is available and they’ve already downloaded it and got it running on their device.

Interestingly, they never got a notification that a download was available, so you’ll definitely want to give this the manual look over. If you’ve got your phone rooted I would proceed with caution as at least one forum member has an unusable phone after upgrading his rooted Thunderbolt and another is simply getting an “update failed”.

[Via Android Forums – Thanks TCM!]

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  1. Downloading now, I assume this is the rumored 3G radio fix?

  2. Downloading now, thanks.

  3. d/ling now

  4. Server unavailable…non-root user

  5. Mine is downloading now, no probs so far! non-rooted btw

  6. Yaaaay, I haz it

  7. I’m downloading it right now.

  8. Same thing here with the error, and service unavailable. VZW makes me sick lately, they can’t even push out a simple update the right way.

  9. Will not download. Service unavailable when I try. Called VZW, and they told me the update is on hold again.

  10. VZW gave me this website after they told me it was on hold again.


  11. When i try and go to update, check new, it takes a while and then returns error: service unavailable

    is there a file i can download and just install from sd card

    1. Please STOP USING MY NAME whoever you are. Everyone on this site knows i do not use or own a thunderbolt nor am i with verizon. Use your own name if and when you decide to post on this site. Why waste so much time being someone else just be yourself.

      1. STFU Richard.

      2. just stop using my name niggas

  12. Ok It’s downloaded and installed. Not sure what’s different

  13. I finished downloading and installed and everything is working on the phone but one question: what version should my phone have now? I’m showing 2.2.1 but isn’t that what we had before?

    1. You should have Baseband version

  14. Up dating as i type!

  15. getting the download failed msg grrr….

  16. If you’re rooted you could have installed this update when it leaked about a month ago.

  17. downloaded and don’t notice anything different

  18. Getting service unaveliable any suggestion.

    1. Try again.

  19. I set mine to download in the morning

  20. Got it using the manual update. The first time it downloaded but didn’t seem to install, so I did the manual check for updates again and it immediately started to power down. Guess it just needed a nudge. Staring at an install screen now after reboot with a green arrow inside a green circle. Then the white HTC screen. Then the green arrow/circle screen again. Then the white HTC screen. And now the boot animation, I think I’m in!
    Baseband version
    Whole process, 10 minutes. Hope this fixes radio issues….

  21. I got a download failed even though im not rooted, Called verizon and after 40 min on the phone had to do a factory reset because one of the apps I had gotten was blocking it from downloading. After the reset I had to dial *#* and some other stuff to force the phone to reconnect with their update server. But its all good now and after 2 hours of resetting everything up on the phone I’m done

  22. Trouble in paradise…I downloaded the update with no problems but now my Thunderbolt is randomly rebooting. Twice in the past hour and I was on a call both times. Never had this problem until the firmware update. Anybody else having this issue?

  23. Just did the OTA, so far so good… Baseband version 10mins.

  24. LoL Im a thinkin this is a big red mistake because that radio (baseband) is widely known to cause random reboots, especially while in call. My advise is to not update for now unless you like random reboots.

  25. nothing but reboots and freezes update=epic fail… anyway i can downgrade without rooting?

  26.  yes i would like to know wii it upgrade gingerbread 2.3 ? 

  27. Be nice to get a reall update. like 2.3 

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