Android Eats Apple


Google didn’t waste any time to poke playful fun at their biggest mobile competitor – Apple.

Android is eating Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone, and Feature Phone lunch more than anything else… but I won’t complain about taking a bit out of Apple. Bring on GOOGLE IO!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Ugh, I wouldn’t touch that fruit. Its rotten..

    1. It looks fresh to me…

  2. Awesome image

  3. It’s a ROBOT. It would be fine by eating Apple’s Blackberry’s etc. LOL

  4. I need that picture as my wallpaper!

  5. Flame wars begin

  6. What’s funny is there was a presenter on stage using a MacBook.

    1. Google does everything in the cloud, doesnt matter if it’s a pc, linux, chrome or a ham sammach… though in the case of a mac, I think I’d prefer the sammach.

  7. that is too cute….a little immature but still adorable :)
    i want it as my wallpaper ha

    1. Wtf? Immature? Stfu.

      1. says the guy with wtf and stfu in his post….>_>

  8. Larger size for wallpaper use:

    Just removed “-550×366” from the file name of the image above, and shazam, turns out they have the original photo in the same folder.

  9. I’m sending this to my cuz who love apple lol

  10. I’m sending this to my cuz who loves apple lol

  11. Apple’s gonna sue somebody over this.

    1. Pretty sure that’s to be expected. You’ll probably get sued just for mentioning Apple might sue somebody.

    2. They didn’t make it. :)

  12. After watching the keynote I’d have to say that I totally agree. Google (and Android) just ate Apple and its lunch.

  13. just lost my iphone4 and guess ho eat my iPhone my new HTC Evo always hungry can’t stop eating ah no here it go my iPad this android guy please someone call Steve job help me stop it

  14. Few months ago we had a joke simillar to this on the fan-shirts of our Android fan page. :)

  15. Report: Apple overtakes Google as most valuable brand

    Who’s eating who??

    Guess all of that Android “marketshare” hasn’t helped Google that much, now has it???

    1. You do realize that’s not market share right? That’s ‘reputation’ more or less. Numbers are a little more honest and clear, and the numbers show Android on the fact track, having over taken Apple quite some time ago.

      1. “The report has recently been in the news for ranking Apple over Google, making it the most valuable brand this year. The Apple brand is currently valued at $153.3 billion—an 84 per cent rise in the past year. Google’s brand value is estimated at $111.5 billion.”

        Sounds like numbers to me….

        1. It’s the Apple fanboi’s fave game, grasping at straws!

          1. It’s the Fandroids favorite game, disregarding factual information that doesn’t fit their belief system!

          2. you are an idiot. i hate to engage you in more than just semantic name calling, but you do realize that apple is bigger than the iphone, right? apple has a HUGE investment in desktops, laptops, music players (ipods, if you have ever heard of those), etc. things google does not. as far as mobile platforms, the consumer has spoken as android is the clear favorite. several people i know love their macbooks, but wouldn’t trade their android phones for an iphone if their life depended on it. this ad is depicting androids rapid rise to the forefront of the mobile platform, in which apple had a comfortable head start, and which google is now securely ahead. but i guess if pulling in random stats makes you feel like it’s all worth it for you, congrats. other ways to make your penis feel big are Viagra Levitra, cialis, etc. try those if you ever meet a women.

    2. Biking. How’s ur iPhone doing? Mines obsolete. Ha!

    3. The fact that Apple just now overtook them is even more astonishing…. especially considering Android didnt really grow until 2010.

      Apple has their hands in how many different things, for how long? For real, Apple shoulda been the most valuable brand long ago.

      What is Google most known for? Search engine, Google Apps, Gmail, Android. Yea…Apple should been listed ahead of them loooong ago. I’m more shocked that Apple wasnt listed ahead of them before now.

      Its all about perspective…..

      1. I get that jroc…..but if you notice my last link, Apple makes more money from the iPhone ALONE than Google makes from it’s entire company. They wouldn’t have to sell a single MacBook, iPad, or iPod and they would still make almost twice the amount of money that Google makes. Which is why I ask, who’s eating who? Google and everyone else is being EATEN by Apple, certainly not the other way around.

        Which is why the whole “marketshare” battle really means very little to Apple in the grand scheme of things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that Apple would love to be the leader in marketshare if for no other reason than it gives Steve Jobs something else to brag about, but when you are by far the leader in “profitshare” (which is the primary reason for being in business in the first place) who cares about marketshare??

        The little green robot had better spit that apple out before he chokes on it…..

        1. I read that link. The iPhone is a great selling product. The pic in this article wouldnt look too comical if it was an Android eating an iPhone. Or maybe it should be an Android eating a marketshare chart, would that be better, more accurate?

          So I guess its safe to say in the Android vs. iPhone debates in the forums, tech blogs we can go away from marketshare now and focus on profits right? Since 2009 – 2010 it was fine to mention marketshare in the debates. Profits never really came up…until recently.

          If by some magical way Google increases profits to match or exceed Apple’s…..what can we focus on then?

          What I dont think you understand is the stuff you see like in this article, Steve Jobs had no problem doing similar some years ago. It wasnt a pic of an iPhone stepping over a Blackberry but he felt it important enough to mention the iPhone was catching up on RIM in market share at some Apple event. The fact that Android is leading in market share is a big accomplishment for them, just like Steve Jobs thought it was a few years ago. In fact, Android is doing something the iPhone couldnt. I dont think the iPhone was ever #1 in market share.

          So to that I say congrats Android, Google. By the way….RIM is increasing profits but are under both Apple and Google in total profits and marketshare. Would they like to be #1? Of course, but they are still making a big profit.

          1. But the point is that Apple could have achieved #1 marketshare. But in order to accomplish that, they would have had to dive into the low end of the market, a place that I don’t believe they have any desire to go. You absolutely cannot achieve top marketshare by focusing on the high end of the market, so while Apple has talked about marketshare in the past, their business practices show that it has never been a top priority. Contrast that with the manufacturers that rely on Android. They have dived head first into the low end, and as a result android captured the marketshare lead. Android’s lead was also aided by Verizon in the form of 2 for 1 deals, and Amazon where u can get an Android phone for a penny. There’s no evidence to suggest that Android’s rise has come at the expense of the iPhone, proven by their 84% year over year increase in sales for qtr 1. So do I think Apple would like the marketshare crown? Of course, mainly for bragging rights and marketing. Do I think they lose sleep over it? Doubt it….

          2. In order to achieve #1 in marketshare, you also have to have a good product. The iPhone being #2 for so long is proof of that. BB is mostly due to corporate America.

            There were deals for Win Mo, Palm, and BB phones before Android launched. BOGO deals didnt start with Android. Dont know about penny deals. Those same deals didnt and isnt helping Palm or the old Win Mo.

            For the ppl that never heard of or used Android, word of mouth would have an affect on sales too. Just like for ppl that never used the iPhone.

            Android is following in the footsteps of Win Mo and doing some things Win Mo didnt/couldnt:

            Android is a better product than the old Win Mo. Even if its missing some functions of the old Win Mo, overall its a better product.

            The hardware is better. IMO Win Mo waited too long to go to capacitive screens.

            Android has passed the iPhone and RIM in marketshare. Something Win Mo shouldnt have let the iPhone do when it launched since they were 1 or 2 before the iPhone launched. Win Mo never recovered from the iPhone passing them. I cant remember if Win Mo was ever #1 but the iPhone never was.

            Remember before Android, Win Mo phones were everywhere, on many carriers. Android replaced the old Win Mo and is doing something Win Mo shouldnt have let happen.

            There is no evidence that Android’s rise is coming at the expense of the iPhone, u right. At the same time, the iPhone isnt hurting Android’s growth too. You know that article where the 3GS is outselling the Atrix and Inspire? How about I did some digging and found out the Droid X, EVO and Incredible is also outselling the Atrix and Inspire. What do all the phones have in common? They are cheaper than the Atrix and Inspire right now. I guess only mentioning the 3GS was a bigger attention getter.

          3. Alright jroc I’m getting nervous…..we’ve been agreeing too much lately! Lol! Good points….

          4. “Alright jroc I’m getting nervous…..we’ve been agreeing too much lately! Lol! Good points….”

             Scary isnt it….lol

          5. Scary indeed! Lol

    4. What does “most valuable brand” really mean? I know that on some of the tippy tops of the Himalayas (yes, I’ve been there), where people have never even heard of or seen computers, they have advertisements for coca-cola. Not quite sure how coca-cola comes in 5th here…but unless I’m misunderstanding “brand value” as defined in this article, I’m gonna take this study with a grain of salt.

  16. Thats a fat Android. Must be doing alot of eating…

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