LG Genesis Dual-Screened Clamshell Headed For US Cellular


Well hello there, LG enV! No? Okay, LG Voyager! No?

This cute little Android-based clamshell is called the LG Genesis but remniscient of one of LG’s successful enV feature phone lines. In fact, perhaps one of the most successful feature phone lines period. We got used to seeing these devices land on Verizon Wireless, but this time around it will supposedly debut on US Cellular.

Anticipated specs include:

  • Android 2.2 Froyo
  • 1GHz Snapdragon processor
  • 3.5-inch external touchscreen.
  • 3.2-inch internal touchscreen
  • Five-row QWERTY keyboard
  • 430MB of internal memory
  • 8GB microSD card
  • DLNA multimedia sharing

These days, last year’s hottest handsets are going for a penny on Amazon, so it’s always hard to justify settling for a brand new middle-of the road release. On first look, does this device interest you at all?

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  1. I loved the voyager i had! Good to see they are bringing that whole thing back!

  2. For a hundred bucks this thing will sell like hot cakes.

  3. The only thing I like about this is the 5 row keyboard.

  4. “1GHz Snapdragon processor”

    I hope it’s not the same crappy one used on the HD2, N1, Desire, and many others.

  5. Oh look, its the enV Pro that Verizon scrapped. Nice to see somebody gets to have a shot at using these keyboarded phones (like the Merge) since Verizon seems to have decided their customers don’t want/need a QWERTY Android phone unless it’s a Droid 1,2,3… Pretty stupid on VZW’s part, they’re driving away a generous amount of customers by limiting the choices available to them.

  6. I also find it pretty stupid that they’ve left the future of what has become a well-established and popular line of phones within VZW, the enV line, slip away to the regional carriers. This phone probably would have encouraged at least some users of the older enV/Voyager line to move up to the smartphone platform.

  7. I would like to play with one, but it won’t hold a candle to my Mesmerize

  8. If Verizon had this phone and I had an upgrade available, this would be the first phone on my list to look at. My Incredible replaced an EnV2. I loved that phone. The internal keyboard was awesome, the outside buttons were very easy to type with, and its form factor was great. I have only ever had 3 cell phones but my EnV and my Incredible are tied for first place as the best phones I have ever had. I pray that Verizon has an Android phone with a keyboard that is NOT a motorola phone when I am up for a upgrade in another year. Locked bootloader + blur = I don’t want it.

    I think manufacturers should look at making a phone with the LG Voyager’s form factor again, it would be perfect for Android. 4 inch touch screen on the outside, flip it open to reveal a smaller touch screen with a full physical keyboard below. The best of both worlds and it would fly off of shelves. Good luck keeping this thing in stock for a while.

  9. What are you guys talking about with only the droid line having keyboards? Remember the lg ally? Best phone ever i used it to type this comment!

  10. I would be interested in this phone if the specs were a bit beefier. I want a dual screen clamshell android phone.

  11. I feel like this is a lot better than the echo. Its dual screened but not like the gimmicky echo. At all. People will pick this up that were in love with the older keyboard phones. Awesome..

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