Its A Celebration! Spacetime Studios Gives Away Premium Pocket Legends Content For FREE!


Pocket Legends has been a big hit amongst the Android community ever since it first hit the Market last year. As one of the first massive multiplayer online games for Android, it drew in thousands with its addictive gameplay and MMO gaming on-the-go.

In celebration of Pocket Legends’ 1 year anniversary, the developers of the game (Spacetime Studios) will be giving away its premium content for absolutely FREE. This premium content will remain free until Monday, May 4th, 2011 and will give you access to paid adventure areas such as:

  • Balefort Castle
  • Fathom Crypts
  • Lost Expedition
  • Ancient Swamps
  • Balefort Sewers
  • Alien Oasis Trilogy
  • Alien Pyramids
  • Trials of the Overlord
  • Previous owners of all the adventure areas will receive an exclusive Shield of Gratitude.  Log in and find your new shield in your stash

The developers have also managed to work in some of the party festivities into the game world itself. You will notice a each Towne decorated with cakes, balloon and streamers for an added touch.

Spacetime Studios has also taken the time to record a very special promo video on their Youtube channel advertising the celebration!

Chris Chavez
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  1. Props for the Chappelle image.


  3. I thought Captain Lou was dead.

  4. Does this game usually cost anything to install from the market?

    1. Nope. Its a free game although some of those levels mentioned above cost money to get into. =p

      1. Thanks!

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