Pricing of the Sidekick 4G, G2X and G-Slate Gets Official


In the biggest launch event T-Mobile has had in recent memory, this Wednesday, April 20th will see the release of some of T-Mobile’s biggest and brightest Android devices. The LG G2X, Samsung Sidekick 4G and Lg G-Slate will finally be arriving in retail outlets around the country and official pricing will be as follows:

  • G2x for $200 after $50 mail in rebate (full price $500)
  • Sidekick 4G for $100 after $50 mail in rebate (full price $380)
  • G-Slate for $530 after $100 mail in rebate (full $750)

I was definitely surprised to see the pricing on the Sidekick 4G after seeing the Sidekick LX ’09 priced at $250 with a $100 mail in rebate back in the day. G-Slate could use some more competitive pricing.

But how about you guys? Planning on picking up any of these devices on Wednesday? Holding out for something bigger and better?

[Via TMonews]

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  1. who would want to buy a 750 dollars slate when there will be plenty of them around 450 dollars?

    1. Exactly. I’m holding out for the Asus Transformer (when more are in stock) =p

  2. Obviously the higher ups at LG didn’t see what happened with the Xoom priced that high. $250 more than the faster(fixed) + larger app store Ipad2…

    1. They’ll learn… they’ll all learn.

    2. I keep seeing people saying that the iPad 2 has a higher resolution than these Honeycomb tablets. It doesnt. Do people think iPad 2 has a retina display?

      1. From what I’ve heard from the typical consumer they all believe it has a retina display just because it’s the iPad 2 so they assume it has to have one.

        Just goes to show how retarded the average consumer is. Most will hear a rumor from someone and just say it’s fact without actually doing any research.

        1. I was wrong about the resolution but I still think it’s a bit over priced.

          1. I completely agree. But with the new Toshiba tablets coming out for so cheap i definitely plan on buying one. If not the 10.1 samsung tab.

    3. better resolution? more powerful? are you stupid?

  3. The pricing is really dumb. They might think they can compete with the Xoom and perhaps feel they’re better than the Transformer (by 50%), but there is no way this beats the samsung given their price announcements.

  4. I actually think the Sidekick 4G’s pricing is really decent. (:

    1. Sidekick 4G’s pricing is AWESOME. I super surprised! =D

  5. The G2x’s pricing is awesome, in my opinion. I expected it to be around 550-650 off contract. Pleasantly surprised.

  6. I could probably grab a sidekick 4g until the sensation comes out ;)

  7. Wikes i call low sales for G-Slate… :(

  8. I was playing with the G2X yesterday. It’s a pretty sweet phone, really sturdy. The strip of metal on the back is odd, but you hardly notice it once you’re using the phone.

    It’s pretty fast too. I got about 2500 in Smartbench 2011 (a multithreaded benchmarking program) and 2200 in Quadrant. My stock Nexus S got 2150 and 1900 respectively. I didn’t get a chance to do any advanced benchmarks, so I’m not really sure on the breakdown in its scores. I suspect my NS is probably faster at single thread ops, and its SGX540 is mostly keeping up with the Tegra 2 ULP GPU.

    1. Try to play Samurai II on your Nexus S.

  9. Man, I hope that there aren’t any lines tomorrow for that G2X. I’ve never seen a line at a TMo store before… for anything, but you never know.

  10. I’m planning on picking up a G2X as my first Android phone tomorrow, so long as they’re coming to Target Store kiosks. Anybody know if that is going to happen?

  11. Considering the 2GX, I have 2 months left on current contract and if I called em I could probably get the good guy price.. but at this point, I think I am going to wait out the 2 months and see what’s up at that time with the Sensation 4G.. course won’t stop me from checking it out in the store.

  12. G2X is a powerful phone for $500. Picking it up tomorrow. My Vibrant is 50% speed of this thing.

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