Apr 14th, 2011

Hockey fans likely know that the NHL Playoffs are just about underway, so what better timing for Distinctive Games to announce their brand new Android game available exclusively for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play – Hockey Nations 2011! Embedding of the video was disabled so click the screenshot below to jump directly to YouTube.

The folks at Sony Ericsson have been taking slap shots for quite awhile with the game now and their only complaint is the game needs a level in between Medium (which they dominate) and Hard (which they get dominated). One YouTuber asked a question that some may claim is ridiculous but I tend to agree with: is there fighting?

Fighting is an integral part of the actual sport itself – like it or not. While you could debate the merits of the real-life fights in hockey, they’re a core element to video game hockey and I indeed vote for fighting! In real life, however, I view hockey fights as a pretty hokey spectacle for a sport dying to catch on in America. I mean, come on ref, how hard is it to split them up? Sheesh.

Sorry for the tirade. If you’ve got the Xperia Play, give the game a go and let us know how you fare!

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