Internal Document Reveals Android 2.3 Update for Epic 4G


Looks as if our friends at Android Central got a nice little tip of a possible Android 2.3 update hitting the Epic 4G. Don’t expect any hint of a release date. Just an internal page showing vague words like “Android 2.3” and “world domination,” followed by a bunch of gibberish.

With Samsung’s Touch Whizzed out Gingerbread soon to be released on their Galaxy S II handsets, it would make sense to see current generation Galaxy S phones getting the same treatment.

Once upon a time I left my Evo for greener pastures of the Epic 4G. I assumed/hoped Samsung would be quick to update to 2.2 but after experiencing that whole debacle firsthand and Samsung’s lackadaisical approach to updates, I quickly ran back home to my Evo.

If this page can be any indication, it seems Samsung may have learned from past mistakes and possibly they’re working on a quick 2.3 Gingerbread release. We can only hope.

What do you guys think? Just wishful thinking or do you think we’ll have to wait for Ice Cream Sandwich to be released before Samsung gets around to updating current Galaxy S phones? Leave your thoughts below.

[Via AndroidCentral]

Chris Chavez
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  1. its version ED12, the devs in #epic have been tracking stuff like this for a while. its how we know that dj29/dk05/dk17/dk28/eb13/ec05 were made.. whether or not it leaks and its a decent copy is a whole nother story… i wouldnt expect gb until late this year…

    1. Booooo.. I’m hoping Samsung wont hold it hostage to increase desirability for the Galaxy S II =/

      1. no.. samsung would never do that.. i <3 samsung. im posting from my new vibrant 4g, cost me a fortune to buy it off contract. had to sell my 2 month old vibrant at a horrible cost

  2. I honestly doubt the current crop of Galaxy S handsets will receive such a treat. The carriers/Samsung’s approach to the entire debacle was such a bag of FAIL & AIDS. It took months of the rooting community to put there heads together to mash there own stuff together to make the phones even remotely useful. Than finally when most had given up and moved to other devices they quietly roll out the Tmo update. Followed by another carriers update.

    There going to have to do some major coordination to pull any kind of update off without a hitch. None of this “soon” crap. either release it or DONT. Dont keep people hoping because its just going to turn people away from there future offerings. Thats my 2 centavos.

    1. Agreed. Hopefully with the steps Google is taking, Samsung will step up their game.

    2. This is what happens when you have 4 slightly different variants of the same phone model so that each carrier can claim something unique.

  3. I sent an email asking Samsung about Gingerbread. There is now a record of a conversation of putting 2.3 on phones. Conversations don’t mean much.

    It’s like when you ask a girl out and she says she’ll think about it. It doesn’t mean anything until your picking her up at 7 =op

  4. Why can’t verizon be more like sprint with their galaxy s phone, I despise samsung through verizon, I suggest NOBODY EVER! buy a samsung phone at verizon they are the worst P.O.S carrier i’ve ever met in my entire life

  5. I switched my epic to EVO

  6. It’s sad but this did make me laugh. x]

  7. If bringing the 2.3 update means no update to Icecream, then I’d rather see all of them skip 2.3. Android 2.3 is not much of an improvement. I’d rather wait to get a real update like Icecream but I have a feeling they’ll say Icecream will come only to dual core phones. Oh well.

  8. Sure we will get it…5 months after everyone else has it!! Then they will pull the update. LMAO

  9. I can’t wait for the next update to make my Epic even buggier than it already was! Samsung and Sprint worked together to make the Moment and Epic two sequential failbombs. I would wish AIDS on them, but that would engender them too much sympathy…

  10. Its been painful as a galaxy s user. I rooted 2 previous phones just to make them run smoothly. If you don’t root your phone, you suffer from unbelievable lag and phone lockups. I’ve never had a phone like this where I constantly have to take out the battery because the phone locks up. What a dissapointment. Update to gingerbread please!

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