NVIDIA: Quad Core Tablets In August, Phones At Christmas


The first dual-core smartphone was the LG Optimus 2X and it wasn’t long ago that it launched. But now, mobile phone fanatics are clamoring for more dual-core devices, with disappointing feedback at anything less. Don’t forget, it also wasn’t long ago that 1GHz powered phones were out-of-the-norm and exciting.

Here comes quad-core.

NVIDIA not only announced that they’d put a quad core chip in tablets this August and quad core chips in phones this Christmas, they also demoed the processor and showed how it improves the user experience. The results are pretty astonishing.

Just wait until 2014 when NVIDIA claims their processors will have 75X performance improvement over the current Tegra 2 model. They’ve already got a product codenamed Stark they’re working on for that time frame and two other products named Wayne and Logan for 2012 and 2013. I wonder how they codename their products? The people’s names who eat each consecutive Android desserts?

I should mention, in passing, that this is the first mobile quad-core processor. And that it contains a new 12 core GeForce GPU. Our customers are getting samples now, and they’re planning production in August.

Sounds pretty tasty to me. We’ll be at NVIDIA’s booth to talk with them about this today so stay tuned!


Rob Jackson
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  1. future models named after superheros

  2. Love how they are using superheroes for codenames.

  3. haha, i was just about to say that! +10 for you, nvidia.

  4. Rob, you’d better be joking about the naming or you’ll have to turn in your geek card…

  5. wow, as awesome as it is to have nvidia on board with the mobile devices, i do think it’s going to turn out to be a curse. the phones are evolving faster than the computers ever had. we are now just seeing dual core, and they want quad core by the end of the year? as awesome as it is, it’s going to kill the android community. developers are already complaining about fragmentation, it’s only going to get worse releasing new cpu/gpu every 4-6 months. it’s one thing to change the computer world like they have, but the same concept doesn’t fit with the phones. computers are open devices, easily upgradable. mobile phones and tablets are closed… the hardware it comes with is the hardware you’re stuck with. considering that, evolving the mobile devices takes a different approach than the pc. if nvidia releases new cpu/gpus as fast as they are planning, they will lose alot of money!

  6. @nemesys06

    “computers are open devices, easily upgradable.”

    I’d hazard a guess that most people use Laptops over desktops. You can change what? The HDD? Similar to adding an SD card? The problem isn’t the hardware upgrades, it’s software.

  7. The software, OS, and apps on android aren’t even up to taking advantage of high end single core phones.

    Mind you, quad core on iOS would be freaking awesome because of the stable development environment.

    With android it is a waste of money

  8. my quads are bigger

    and u aint hardcore till u hexacore

  9. Wow, I am so excited. It seems like 2011 is finally here.

  10. sounds good

  11. Well, that’s the point with android. It enables companies like nvidia to go all the way. if ios was all there is, there wouldn’t be any opportunity for nvidia because Apple wants to make their own processors.

  12. Awesome! I love my Nexus S’s power. Maybe the next Nexus be the Nexus 4x or Nexus Quattro?

  13. ha! Anyone can have a quad core. Read this
    “And that it contains a new 12 core GeForce GPU. ”
    Yes that’s right. A 12 core GPU mixed in with a quad core cpu.

  14. “the video was 1440p content running on a 2560 x 1600 panel”
    Now that’s what I call a retinal display.

  15. In my Reader feed this article starts off with a picture of a highlighed leg muscle, on a skinless leg. Why?

  16. They codename their products after the last names of super heros, Tony Stark (Ironman) Bruce Wayne (Batman) Logan is (wolverine)

  17. WOW! That is ridiculous. Can I have one?

  18. But he mixxed Marvel with DC. You trying to cause a universal implosion?

  19. I will take nothing less than 5 cores !

  20. I can’t wait until they release codename: “Allen” (for Barry Allen, The Flash).. “The fastest processor alive??” LOL

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