Feb 14th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 5:05 pm

Android tends to dominate in terms of noteworthy announcements and points of interest at tech trade shows these days and MWC is no different. But what IS different is usually 3rd parties promote their own Android wares with Google humbly playing the wall flower. MWC is different… very different:

I was pretty blown away. The “walking escalator” of Android Phones is pretty impressive by itself. At some point I’m just going to sit there and film every Android Phone that goes by out of pure amusement. Especially interesting are the out-of-US phones we typically wouldn’t see.

Also on display were the LG Optimus 3D, LG Optimus Tab, Xperia Play, and a ton of other Android devices as well as dozens of app makers and game devs showing their stuff. You already saw the Android smoothie I slurped up, and I’m still working on convincing Kevin or Quentyn to slide down the Robot Slide… leave your words of encouragement below.

I’d love to explain how exciting all of this was in more detail, but as you can see, there is WAY too much Android goodness to go around so I’d better get back to work, getting hands-on videos of the latest Android devices. You know, useful content, instead of just playing in the Android playground drinking Honeycombe slurpees all day.