Feb 7th, 2011

The Sprint event in NYC started off with David Blaine submerged in a tank of water – you may remember he broke the record for length of time under water with 17 minutes and 4 seconds a few years ago on Oprah.  Sprint promised they’d show off a “World First” and by Kevin’s description, I don’t think anyone’s seen something like this before:

He is chilling in a chair at a table with a glass of wine and reading Doctor Seuss, spitting fish out of his mouth.

And yes… he is doing that while underwater. Unfortunately photography and videos were not permitted during the Blaine performance, so I had to poorly photoshop the mood picture to set the scene:

But consumer electronics were the intended highlight of the show. Nevermind Blaine – what did Sprint announce? As rumored, they’ve announced the Kyocera Echo, a dual-screened Android Phone. Don’t let the Kyocera brand name fool you – this device actually looks pretty cool.

Folding out the hinge reveals 2 separate 3.5-inch screens. You can use the Echo in dual screen mode where each screen shows something separate, or use single screen mode which utilizes the full 4.7-inch diagonal dual-screen for one single view. Pretty sweet, right?

The Kyocera Echo runs Android 2.2 and at this point we won’t even ask whether or not it’ll be upgraded… that question seems too complicated as of late to entertain. It’ll be available this Sprint and I’m sure it will turn plenty of heads once available. When Sprint said they were announcing something that would turn heads, they weren’t kidding.

Stay tuned and we’ll have video and details as they emerge from the event. We wanted to getting you the feel of the event and breaking news as soon as it dropped!

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