Enspert Smart Pad Android Tablet: $349 Pre-Sale Starts Tomorrow


If you’re in the market for an Android Tablet that won’t break the bank but is more useful than a paperweight, you might want to set your watch to 1PM EST tomorrow, February 1st. That’s when the Enspert E201, a Korean-made 7-inch Android Tablet, will begin its $349 pre-sale with units shipping on February 15th.

I can’t vouch for the Enspert and personally, after witnessing the rampant number of low quality wanna-be Android Tablets at CES, I’d suggest letting others be the guinea pigs before buying from unproven entities like Dynamism and Enspert. But if you just can’t keep away, here are a few details on the Enspert E201U that you’ll want to know:

  • 7-inch Capacitive WVGA Screen (800×480 resolution)
  • 1GHz Samsung Hummpingbird Processor
  • Android 2.2
  • Android Market and Google Apps like GMail included out-of-box
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Rear 3MP camera and front-facing camera too
  • HDMI-out
  • MicroSD slot

Proceed with caution… but if you do, make sure you report back to share your experience with other Phandroids so they can make a wise purchase decision (or non-purchase decision) themselves.

[Dynamism via The Digital Reader]

Rob Jackson
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  1. a hummpingbird? sure that’s going to sell well with the ladies :)

  2. man…i wanna sale my archos 70 bad!
    but its nothing out worthy of the money i get for it.

  3. …Hummpingbird Processor?? Tired when writing this morning Rob?

  4. It’s good to see some wi-fi only devices getting Market access. If Google wants to be able to compete with Apple on price for things like tablets and personal media players, they’re going to have to keep going in that direction.

  5. One hummpingbird processor tablet to go please.:-)

  6. “1GHz Samsung Hummpingbird Processor” = best typo ever! (or is it?)

  7. Pretty good deal if you want one now, but I think most people will wait for a Tegra 2 model with 3.0 if they want to play games.

  8. It’s s Huppingbird Birds hump too.

  9. This looks to be the best deal going outside of the nook. I wonder what custom UI mods are on here and what the build quality is.

  10. Dynamism is hardly unproven. Prior to the explosion of netbooks, and the availability of cheap, tiny laptops in the States, they were one of the few importers of ultraportable laptops from Japan.

    They have been in business for quite some time, and are well regarded.

  11. Get Nook Color for $250 and mod it in to a useable tablet. Big fun. Now that putting a custom rom on my phone is commonplace, this is cheeply bridging the cap until a good tab comes out this summer. Rooting and hacking is fun for some! :-)

  12. Finally got my identity tab. Ordered on 27 of Feb didn’t get it till March 17. There was some kinda firmware that they wanted to install before it was released for retail sale. Had a scare at unboxing and first power up. It was acting very erratic flashing registering ghost clicks. I think it was all because it was at 5% charge(but I couldn’t wait). Once I charged it above 20% it was fine. Also it acts same way if you try to use it while plugged in and charging its hard to get screen unlocked while plugged in for charging.

    I have been seeing a lot of changing specs for the tab. First off its not an aluminum body its more plastic with metallic silver matted paint (that a better description). It only has 1 rear camera which is 3mp and takes above average pics and video.

    With all that past its a very nice tablet it has difficulty or should i say takes long time finding location so you can use Google maps and places.

    Yes it has official Google market just enter your g mail account info and your in. No hack needed like the Elocity a7 which is a good tablet that I own too.
    I have not tried any phone, messaging, streaming, or social media apps i mainly use mine for playing music in car and games.

    Its not rooted but I rooted it with with out problems.

    full Google market out of box
    decent camera(rear)
    Full size SD slot (storage 8g internal 32g sd card)
    full flash browsing (fast)
    Yes it has pinch to zoom(works perfectly)
    usb to pc cable
    great sound out of speakers
    tactical home menu back buttons

    not an aluminum body as I have seen stated in reviews
    slippery body
    Included charger is usb cable and adapter for home wall plug
    lacks device specific development and support(it’s a Korean product)suggest buying a ADHwarranty)
    no user replaceable battery(Cant tell battery life yet because not fully charged it yet but with 40% I got about 3-4 hours use.)
    unlighted tactical buttons
    my router says it an G not an N network device

    they say it can support android honeycomb

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