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Nexus S Random Reboot Problem? Google Is On It.


Bunches of people are reporting that when making a phone call on their Nexus S the phone will randomly reboot. And random means random- some have it happen every few days while one person tried to make a phone call four times in a row but was interrupted with a reboot.

After a brief silence, enough hand-waving went on to attract Google’s attention to the matter, and they are now claiming they’ve reproduced the problem and have begun working with Samsung on a solution:

If you’re irritated with the issue, at least you know they’re working on fixing the problem. Hang in there Nexus Essers!

[Thanks MrYuzhai]

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  1. I get this reboot frequently but never specifically when trying to make a call or use the phone app. Its very very random for me.

  2. People use their Nexus S as a phone? Huh. It’s just a web browser(and as of this evening a sudoku-solver) for me when I’m not at my desktop.

  3. I don’t know that this is just a Nexus S problem. I also have this problem with my HTC Incredible. Strange.

  4. Thank goodness I haven’t seen this problem, neither have any of the people I know that own one. I am not saying that its not real though. *knock on wood*

  5. It also happens if you are using GPS maps and you shut the screen off so you can navigate by the voice. For me, I can go from 1-30 minutes before reboot.

  6. All I can say is “that’s what you get google for choosing Samsung for your Nexus 2, stick with HTC next time it will sell better.” I will never buy a Samsung android phone ever again after my experience with the behold 2. They will throw you one update only and say the phone won’t support any more updates. I’m laughing my ass off at the 10 million people that bought the Galaxy S, live and learn I guess.

  7. It happens under official Google builds and AOSP-based releases, too. It has to be hardware or something significantly deep into Android that’s been AOSP released.

  8. Ive had this issue with all 4 of my androids; g1, mt3g, n1, vibrant. I thought it was just because Android blows

  9. If this turns out anything like the n1, don’t expect much support from google. Just hope the open source community is as good for the ns as it was for the n1

  10. This has been happening to me on my Hero since updating to CM6.1. At first I thought this was just a CM issue, but now I’m starting to wonder if its a Froyo problem.

  11. Same thing happened with my Captivate (Galaxy S) from AT&T. They issued me a replacement phone just recently because of this. Maybe it’s just an Android problem and not a phone issue….

  12. Sounds just like the old Samsung Moment problems.

  13. My friend has a g2 and experiences the same problem frequently. I think it may just be an android issue… But then again I’ve owned non android phones which have done the same thing. Good thing I’ve never had to deal with this on my nexus one… I guess it’s not an android issue

  14. My droid x has never even had a hiccup.

  15. No hiccups here either…evo

  16. I got the hiccups, it must be something I ate. :P

  17. Don’t think its just an Android thing, my N1 has never done it.

  18. Some ice cream always helps hiccups.

  19. OH HAPPY DAY. This has been driving me CRAZY. The only reason I didn’t call Samsung is because T-Mobile is having problems in my area.

    And I know it’s not Android. Between me and my fiance, we’ve owned 6 Android phones, though 2 were Nexus Ones ;)

  20. I use to have that problem on my Hero, never experienced it on my Evo.

  21. Same thing happened with the Evo, but with GPS.

  22. No probs here!

  23. I Have never had this problem with my nexus s. So I feel pretty lucky.

  24. i have this when charging while in a call all the time

  25. I’ve had this on my MyTouch since I started using bluetooth. Long before froyo.

  26. Hey Google, stop fixing Nexus one reboot issues and fix the messaging issue thats affecting us all. Or better yet, get gingerbread out to the rest of us!

  27. ah! you guys thanked me for the tip! w00t!

    seriously though thanks.. this is a problem the g-men and g-gals will take more of a notice of now i’m sure..

  28. Yeah, I get the random Nexus S reboots during phone calls too. Not often, but it happens. And it’s annoying. Great phone though!

  29. I got this problem a minute or so after exiting Google Maps for the first time, demoing it to my friend showing him Google maps 5.0.

    I have only had one reboot so far since getting the Nexus S a few days ago. Other than that its been awesome.

  30. Nope, hasn’t happened to my NEXUS S and I’ve had it 12/17/10.

  31. I had this issue for many months on my SAMSUNG behold 2. I gave up on it .

  32. This has happened to me with all of the smart phone OS’s I have used, ok just Blackberry and Android at some point or another. I test hard :)

  33. Update: Google got tired of being “on it” and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon as 20% “my time”. Will resume being “on it” tomorrow.

  34. No simpathy for samsung owners. Get what you pay for, they spend too much time imitating and no time innovating. Go for htc or motoroal.

  35. Nexus S check in and I must say Im very surprised. Bought my NS the day it came out and not 1 reboot problem so far No GPS issues, no random reboots, everything works amazing and I love it. This phone is so awesome I finally talked myself out of trading in for the MT4G. I feel like i”ll miss the speed BUT the screen and NGC chip and 2.3 make up for that. Only thing I will sy…GOOLE STICK WITH HTC! Everyone loves HTC, Samsung makes good tvs but I dont trust the build quality. Hope this NS can stand the test of time.

  36. My SNS has rebooted seversl times. At first I thought it was the
    charge monitor thinking I was out of battery, but it still had charge. I have random lockup also. I want random help and random discounts now.

  37. I’ve had no issues whatsoever with my Nexus S.

    But I do remember my G1 doing this a few times for about 2 weeks but then never did it again after that.

  38. Never got this issue on my HTC Desire. NEVER!
    I think this is a hardware issue on Nexus S.
    Glad that I dont buy that phone.

  39. I have the NS and I get a random reboot on roughly half of the calls I make. Had a few when not in calls too.

  40. Eh. I’ve had this issue with my WinMo, Blackberry, iPhone3g and each of my Android handsets. Of course my Android handsets have all been overclocked so that might be an issue.

  41. im running ginger bread on my nexus one and i get the same problem except its while im in a call on blue tooth and try and turn off the screen… its annoying

  42. ok.. this is beyond stupid now.. EVERY call i have made in the last 24 hours on my nexus S has friggin rebooted the phone.


  44. It is very common issue on HTC Desire as well, there are hundreds of users reporting this nad HTC repairs it by changing the motheboards because the problem always appears only after few months of usage, not immediately (yes, strange). It caused by overheating of the device – when it goes over 33-35°C. Install Battery indicator app to get to know your temperature and report back.

  45. Long ago, I was allured by the Samsung Galaxy S. Only to have it reboot many many times – including phone calls. I returned the phone within 2-3 days of having it as it rebooted more than 12 times!

    My calling to eliminate a reboot…

    The phone call issue, which I figured out, was caused my the Samsung implementation of how the dialed the phone number. If I dialed a number without a 1, like 5851111234, the phone rebooted. If I dialed 15851111234, the phone would not reboot! So I went in and changed all of my numbers to include a 1 and the 10-digit number.

    *** Please note, I am writing this from memory. If I can find my original post on another board, I will repost here. ***

  46. Owned Nexus S for about 4 weeks now. Phone worked beautifully until I’ve upgraded the software to 2.3.2 since then my phone goes blank right after I finish making a call. As soon as my phone is off my ears, it turns itself off. Pressing the power botton does not do anything until I physically remove the battery and replace it. Only then, I can re-boot. This has happened 4 in a row. Google! please issue an update!

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