Panasonic Viera Android Tablet Compliments Panasonic TV And A Little More


Today at the Consumer Electronics Show, Panasonic announced their Viera Android Tablet which now sits amongst a long line of Android Tablets already announced in 2011. While a 7-inch Panasonic Viera was the demo for the day, the company is planning versions ranging from 4-inches to 10-inches.

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How cool is the Panasonic Viera? It depends who you ask… Gizmodo had this to say about the announcement;

potentially cool addition to the jazzy new Viera is a – drumroll – tablet. The Viera Tablet. A bit of a misnomer, really, as it’s more of a glorified remote control than a tablet. It shares the tablet aesthetic (rectangularity!), but despite running Android, it’s meant only to use with your TV. Like a little friend for your TV. Panasonic says the tab lite will let you watch TV events from alternate angles (ie sports), or take a break from the big screen and watch your program on the go (read: on the toilet).

PCmag is explaining the tablet a bit more neutrally, saying:

Panasonic’s Viera tablet, which will come in various screen sizes from 4 up to 10 inches and will run an undisclosed version of the Androis OS, is being positioned a bit differently than the others, though. The company is calling the device a “tablet-type terminal,” which would be primarily used in close proximity to the HDTV as an enhanced remote to control, or to access and communicate with the TV’s apps such as Facebook or Twitter, or even to shop online. It could also be used as a sub-screen to view scenes from the HDTV at different angles.

Sure, it can do some pretty cool stuff on its own, but it is clear that the Viera is targeted and focused towards extending your TV viewing experience. We’ll be catching up with the Panasonic Viera on the CES Showroom floor.

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  1. As much as ppl hated the big remotes, after setting up a home theatre setup for myself 2 years ago….I get tired of looking for the universal remote at times.
    I shouldnt, in any way shape or form be hunting around looking for that if I can also control me receiver with it too.
    I might be getting a regular Tablet (or this) just for the universal remote option.

  2. @jroc. I agree.

  3. really really cool idea. i will pay an extra $100 for this.. but i already can do it. (somewhat) lol.
    i have my 42″ Sammy connected to my comp and my comp linked to my Droid thru the remotedroid app. i can move the cursor around by touching my phones screen and even type through the keyboard. then when i went “on the go” i clicked chrome to phone (another app if you didnt know) and the website would automatically pop up on my phones screen. i switch back and forth between my phone and wireless keyboard/mouse cause im usually charging andy. :)

  4. it is branding Compal NZ10 alias Stream TV Elocity A7

  5. Totally taking a shit with it on the crapper with the tablet

  6. Finally we have must shit TV. I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life!

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