Dec 23rd, 2010

t-mobile logoThis entire week, a good chunk of my time has been devoted to CES and the LTE goodies that Verizon, Motorola, Samsung and HTC will be unveiling. But they aren’t the only players in the game. T-Mobile wants to talk about their plans to upgrade their HSPA+ network to HSPA+42, on top of next years device plans.

HSPA+42 is will be capable of 42Mb/s down, though expect the true speeds to be somewhere around 21Mb/s. Regardless of the halving, 21Mb/s down is, well, awesome. My Comcast broadband at home tops out at an average 20Mb/s. For comparisons sake: Sprint’s WiMax can burst up to 10Mb/s, Verizon’s LTE customers can expect the same 10Mb/s burst and AT&T customers can just hope the file is downloaded before the battery dies.

When the next generation of T-Mobile’s HSPA network is rolled out, customers using HSPA+ devices will see an increase in speed but will be unable to take full advantage of HSPA+42; mirroring the effect 3G devices saw when HSPA+ was rolled out.

[via All Things Digital | Read at Into Mobile]

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