T-Mobile: We’ve got stuff for CES, too!


t-mobile logoThis entire week, a good chunk of my time has been devoted to CES and the LTE goodies that Verizon, Motorola, Samsung and HTC will be unveiling. But they aren’t the only players in the game. T-Mobile wants to talk about their plans to upgrade their HSPA+ network to HSPA+42, on top of next years device plans.

HSPA+42 is will be capable of 42Mb/s down, though expect the true speeds to be somewhere around 21Mb/s. Regardless of the halving, 21Mb/s down is, well, awesome. My Comcast broadband at home tops out at an average 20Mb/s. For comparisons sake: Sprint’s WiMax can burst up to 10Mb/s, Verizon’s LTE customers can expect the same 10Mb/s burst and AT&T customers can just hope the file is downloaded before the battery dies.

When the next generation of T-Mobile’s HSPA network is rolled out, customers using HSPA+ devices will see an increase in speed but will be unable to take full advantage of HSPA+42; mirroring the effect 3G devices saw when HSPA+ was rolled out.

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  1. T mo would be a contender for me if they actually had service anywhere.

  2. Lol The chances of AT&T having 4g is like saying the coin will land vertically on its side

  3. OMFGoodness STFU! Jus STFU lawd. U probably never even used T-Mobile’s new network jus STFU I have service everywhere I go n I’m on T-Mobile wit a G2. N I mostly have HSPA+ everywhere I go n I’m in New Orleans

  4. i do live your AT&T bashing. Keep it up!

  5. When I actually have the money to afford my own plan (currently paying my parents to be on their at&t family plan…hard to beat $35/month) I will definitely be switching to t-mobile, they are blowing away the competition in terms of speed, fewest restrictions, and good phones.

  6. @OMG Please make an effort to communicate more effectively than old-school SMS shorthand. we have smart phones…smartphones have some form of qwerty keyboard, why not use it.

    If you’re going to rant at someone it helps to do it in complete setences…makes you seem intelligent and thoughtful. The converse of that is, well, less desirable.

    Just a few thoughts to consider.

  7. @Omg seriously go away

  8. @omg, ignoring the fact that you sound like you are 12, having good service in a city is not what he is talking about. Once you get outside of major cities t mobile has terrible coverage. I have and love t mobile but this lack of service out side major cities makes then impracticable for anyone who does lots of travel, especially if they drive instead of fly.


    Just use some f#*king punctuation already you lazy sh*t, spending more time trying not to type letters.

    You suck.

    (serving your lady graciously since 1976)

  10. Okay,tmo service is NON-EXISTANT here. Sorry I don’t live in the shithole that is new orleans. A bigger city, I live in a smaller town, apples and oranges. No worries, sprint and at&t suck here as well.

  11. Or anyone not in a state capitol or equally big city I had immobile and I live 45 miles from la and 3g was super scarce it would show up and dissappear b4 I could use it and my city is on the list tmobile is just 3rd rate as good as sprint att u can actually rely on

  12. @OMG HAHAHAHA OMG you are an idiot. English please

  13. @Nlsme
    T-Mobile service is great here. I live in a small town in Ohio, works great, never lose a signal and when I go inside, calls go through over my home WiFi network automatically.

    Tell us, what T-Mobile phone do you currently have that you’re using to make your educated statements?

    You sound like a Verizon fan-boy who’s brain-washed by their marketing. They’re against net-neutrality, block content, disable features on phones, etc. Terrible company, AVOID!

  14. That’s great and all, but I don’t like their 5gb soft cap where afterwards, they throttle you down to EDGE speeds, supposedly. You’ll just blow past your cap faster now. At least Sprint seems to be truly unlimited, or at least better than the others. And I’m sure LTE by VZW on the phones will be capped. : (

  15. O-O-O-OH, OH OH, OH MYYY GOOOOODDDDDD!!!!! Sprint is really blowing the competition away though with Pricing and phone selection. I just wish they had a contract with Motorola for some Droids.

  16. Phandroid needs upvotes so I can rank up John’s (#6) comment.

  17. @Ninja
    Seriously the 5gb cap is more than enough. I stream music, videos, and surf constantly and still only up to 3.75gb in a month. Most people don’t even get close so it’s a total non issue unless you’re trying to be a cheap bastard and free tether your phone cuz you can’t afford home internet.
    There’s reasons behind data caps and I’m sure that after a year or so T-Mobile will release their data cap. They just need it now so that the load isn’t too high so they can continue to upgrade our service without charging extra for it. I’m glad to be with the carrier that doesn’t charge extra for the fastest speeds available!

  18. @DrizzyGadget
    T-Mobile is far cheaper than Sprint. Know your facts. 4 phones (3 Android) with data, 700 minutes, unlimited text/message costs $95 with T-Mobile. With T-Mobile you don’t need a contract so you’re not out $800 if you switch to a different carrier.

  19. Seriously.. 5GB cap is a lot, I stream all the time and I average around 700MB – 800MB.. what thee hell are you doing to download over 5GB??

    Even with faster download speeds, what will change with your internet usage?

    Oh and also… ALL carriers have 5GB caps.

    Sprint = good phones, 4G uses Clear.. and Clear sucks.
    AT&T = ok phones, no android love, expensive plans and cancellation fees, slow download
    Verizon = good phones, no 4G yet, expensive plans
    Tmo = ok phones, good plans, good HSPA network, good customer service

  20. @Drizzy
    The funny thing is sprint isnt any cheaper for me then verizon and i have a smartphone so how everyone saying it is so much cheaper not necessarily

  21. @Andrew
    Exactly, I’ve never come close to a 5GB cap. Anyone who does is a fag.

  22. I agree with Andrew.. Tmo has not charged us extra to use their HSPA+.. infact my android web monthly charge just dropped. Unlimited calling, text, internet usage, and insurance and my bill is $90 / month.

  23. I’m so tired of this flawed thinking that faster network speeds will just get you capped faster. The only reason people keep saying that is because the education system doesn’t teach critical/logical thinking. You are not going to use one kilobyte more data at 42Mbps than you would at 2Mbps. The only difference is you won’t wait around for whatever amount of data you were going to use anyway. Now if you think, hey, I have really fast data on my phone, let me start downloading movies in HD to my SD card, then sure you’ll reach the cap faster, but if you use 3.2 Gb a month (I rarely go over 2Gb) then you’ll still only use 3.2 Gb/month.

  24. I live in Las Vegas and work in Henderson NV (which happens to be the same county as LV). Im about 2 miles from LV right now at work. I never get 3G coverage unless Im driving. TMobiles actual network coverage is nice…but im on Edge network (2G) more than half the time. Nice try TMo….your service blows!

  25. WOW!!! Seriously!!?? This is not a venue for a pissing match between carriers and their coverage areas. We are all here because we have Android devices. That’s is what this is all about. I don’t give a shit if you are with TMO, Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. Android is our common denominator. Why don’t we stick with that. Dumbasses!!!

  26. I love tmob becasue i dont have to pay for 4g

  27. Being on T Mobile, is like having an Android phone when everyone else on on an iPhone.. Just have to smile while people talk trash when you know better. If I am happy with my choice, and you are happy with your choice, you telling me they suck isn’t going to change my mind.. The only thing that will do that, is if T Mobile let’s me down.. and they haven’t yet. If they have let you down, or are not available to you, well that sucks for you.

  28. @Jaylan
    Having faster speeds will lead people to use more data. Thats what blackberry’s can use so little data because it is slow and painful to get onto the internet a faster internet would mean that people would do more that they wouldnt have done before

  29. lol at saying Tmo service sucks because YOU dont get good service… I think there are millions of us doing just fine with Tmo’s service.

  30. i love that t mobile is the underdog. but lets not forget the reason they made this post. T MOBILE IS GONNA HAVE COOL NEW TOYS TO SHOW US AT CES. excited cant wait. i will forever be a t mobile customer, BEST customer service, got to admit they were a little slow on the phone game, but i never lost hope, they are coming back up with the amazing phones, great prices, and a really good network. now ive never gone out of the city to see how it is, but im pretty sure every carrier is like that. lets just all be glad we dont have criket. : ) -happy G2 owner and tmo customer

  31. I’m very happy with my N1 and Tmob. Big city and great speed. I am hoping for either a home-based wifi calling device or femtocell. That way I can make calls from my mom’s basement.

  32. @Teckel
    That’s in terms of ETF’s, not monthly bills.

    Im not trying be no Sprint fan boy or nothin, but $69.99+$10 for 4G(which I think paying that blows, but whatever) and that covers everything(talk, text, data). I have the 450min plan, but calling any mobile phone is free and then of course night & wknds @ 6pm. I use about at most 200 of those min. And thats not even adding on I have a discount.

    BTW my bill this month is $76.77
    Verizon’s plan for 450 min is $59.99(talk & text), good start, plus an addt’l $29.99 for data, and I wouldnt get a discount through them. So for myself that would be more expensive per month.

  33. @drizzygadget talking about prices? i only pay 125 for TWO phone lines 750 mins, unlimited txt, date plan, the works. tmo has the best around.

  34. Ok dork, I thought we were talking about individual plans. I really have no interest in family plans.

  35. What are you people streaming and what is “all the time” if you are not hitting 5GB cap. I NEVER EVER tether, and I am usually between 5-7GB per month. I do, however, stream about 4-5 hours of Pandora per day while at work or school.

    As far as that $95 plan someone quoted on TMO… you get that with Sprint for $69.99 but it includes truly unlimited data and unlimited cell to cell on any network. For $99 you can have everything unlimited, including calls to landlines. Both options seem far better than the $95 TMO plan.

    TMO does offer no contracts if you buy your phone outright (of course you can get a used phone too), but you are stuck paying $400-700 for your phone if you are wanting to go with something current or near current generation.

  36. Just thought I would add that I do not intend to come off as a fanboy. I simply wanted to point out the TMO’s plans really aren’t all that cheap. True, they are far less expensive than Verizon, but I would say they are more expensive than Sprint.

  37. T-MOB! I love my carrier. I have HSPA service mostly everywhere I go. The HSPA network seems to have better coverage than my 3g NW had. -G2

  38. Its funny with all this talk about who has the best service, but this website is about Android. That’s why its called Phandroid.com. Tmobile is one of the biggest carriers in the world. Maybe not the biggest in the US but when you leave the country where’s the international plans for Sprint and Verizon? Tmobile UK is larger than any sole company in the US. If Sprint and Verizon go down, there is no parent company for help. AT&T has networks internatinally so they may be ok but Tmobile will fine and its not going anywhere.

  39. To all the idiots who are saying
    “5 gig is enough because I stream this and that yet I only use 2 gig month”
    Then tell me why the need of tmobile to softcap it if there is no one who is actually using over 5gig of data. Why would tmobile put an effort for nohing.
    Have you guys tried using Ustream or justin.tv? Try to stream for 1 hour and we’ll see your data consumption.

  40. Now if only tmobile could worry about spreading their 3g/4g networks out a little. I’m still on edge and I’m lucky to have that. Though they promised 3g in my area, and the coverage map even showed 3g. In my area, verizon is the fastest, followed by sprint, but I hate sprint. Also, tmobile isn’t known for timely updates. they need to work on that as well.

  41. @DrizzyGadget
    You pay $80 for one phone with Sprint, I pay $95 for 4 phones (3 of which are Android phones) with T-Mobile. Who again has better pricing? Also, with T-Mobile I’m not tied to a contract so I can switch any time I want and not pay $200 per line (for 4 phones that could be a hefty $800 with Sprint, Verizon or AT&T). Sprint is better than AT&T and way better than Verizon, but compared to T-Mobile, Sprint blows. I had Sprint for 10 years and I had two phones that died weeks apart and Sprint would do nothing for a long-term customer. So, I took the $400 hit and left Sprint’s crappy network for T-Mobile and have enjoyed every moment since. It’s no wonder T-Mobile has 150 million users and Sprint has only 50 million. And Sprint are obviously geniuses, just look at their iDEN network they purchased from Nextel! Your extra monthly payments are paying for their failed business acquisitions.

  42. @Bela
    I pay $95/month with T-Mobile for 4 PHONES (3 of which are Androids) including data, unlimited messaging, etc. Please read more carefully next time. You end up paying MUCH less if you don’t have a silly 2 year contract for every phone you purchase. The rest of the world does cellular this way, it’s just the US market which is scrwed up and people think they are really getting a “free” phone when in reality by the time they add data, voice, texting, etc. that “free” phone is like $1000.

  43. I pay $39.99 for unlimited data only, on tmobile with no contract. With that I use google voice + sip client for “free” unlimited calling and texting all running through my data plan, plus I tether my laptop and PS3 using the wifi hotspot feature of my phone (vibrant). I usually use 10GB of data a month and never have been capped. I stick with tmobile becuase I would not be able to do that on any other carrier.

  44. So now it’s Android users vs. Android users. Somewhere Steve iJobs is laughing his ass off.

  45. First off, I want to say that this entire conflict is rediculous, not only because it can be considered a “civil war,” but also because I have not seen one argument where the two contendees actually take into account the same plans. When one person is bragging about their cheap plans on sprint for unlimited everything, others come back and say their plans are cheaper on tmo with limited calls and unlimited data. Of course this is also happening the other way around too. Apparently all of you have failed debate class, as the fundamental rule of debates is to never compare apples to oranges. Let me clarify something: ALL carriers have their pros and cons. Not only that, but the speeds, quality, or hell even existence of these carriers’ services are ENTIRELY location dependant. You guys are wasting your time and the internet’s space by trying to argue something that doesn’t matter.

  46. @Jon Bonazza
    Your words are a waste of hard drive space, bandwidth, and electrons. You should stick to man porn.

  47. OMG- I have t-mobile and according to the website I should be on Edge where I live, but I cannot even get an old school g signal at my desk (Where ALL 3 other major carriers get 3G). In San Antonio the 3G is very spotty at the Rim and La Cantera and you have to be inside 1604 on the North Side to get a steady signal. So count me as a t-mobile customer who is counting the days until my contract is up to switch.

  48. @ everyone saying tmobile is cheaper… for 5 android phones on tmobile you pay about 20 dollars more a month then sprint. plus with sprint you get alot more for your money!

  49. Also I apologize for the load of typos in my previous post.

  50. Loving teckel, dre, dork & so on! Where did Bela come from? Thanks, for your 2 cents hun, but we can all shop plans for ourselves. Now, don’t you have some 5 hour Pandora streaming to do? Rush off back to school & learn something worth posting, sweetie! :)

  51. Bunkhouse96, what phone are you using? Dated Blackberry?? Toodles.

  52. @hates this website
    You’re an idiot. You’re not even looking at the non-contract pricing which T-Mobile offers, which is the entier point. No contract is the way to go, and T-Mobile offers it, and it’s FAR cheaper than Sprint. Check your facts.

  53. My T-Mo unlimited HSPA+ data is rather spectacular. Bash them all you want, but they have killer speeds in many major U.S. metropolitan areas (which is where the greatest populations live, btw), are now getting the best phones, and still have the best customer support. They are doing things the other carriers need to take note of, mainly placing the customer at the center of their focus. How’s those tiered data plans on the other carriers working out for you?

  54. I would love tmo, fact is, they are NOT an option for me. The ONLY reliable carrier in upstate NY is verizon. Considering the first thing that matters to me is the ability to actually use my phone, it is a no brainer.

  55. Yea, Nisme, that kinda bites, good luck to ya & the sacrifices that comes with living there..

    Loving teckel, dre, dork & so on! Where did Bela come from? Thanks, for your 2 cents hun, but we can all shop plans for ourselves. Now, don’t you have some 5 hour Pandora streaming to do? Rush off back to school & learn something worth posting, sweetie! :)

  56. A tmobile report stated that the Vibrant and another phone were getting upgrades to add 4th to them. Have you heard anything about this?

  57. even hspa is a lot faster than before, and HSPA+ is a step up. to see another technology here is awesome. Tmobile is striding towards making inroads on internet connections at the rate they’re going.

  58. @teckel
    If you pay a total of $95/month for 4 phones, I need to give you a handshake or a prize or something, cuz thats remarkable. Being that, for that plan, nobody has any included texts, or data. Or you share 750min between 4 people and only 200mb of data and dont go over. And with 3 Android phones too? Wow, that’s quite an accomplishment!!!

    And also last time I checked T-Mobile had 31million customers and Sprint had about +50million. At&t and Verizon combined dont even have 150million customers, but T-mobile does? Ok

  59. @DrizzyGadget
    If you think beyond your own backyard.. then teckel is correct.. per Wikipedia… TMobile in the US has 33.8 Million subscribers….TMobile “World Wide” has 150 Million subscribers… Verizon 93 Million subscribers…AT&T 92.8 Million subscribers.. and Sprint 48.9 Million subscribers… But what does that really mean ?.. anything ?.. AT&T and Verizon, both also offer landline, Internet, and television services as well, and let’s face it many people just go with the same company that do those things for them.. again, so what ?.. I could care less which company is more popular., what matters to me is what works for me.. I don’t have stock in any of them.. (Although I had considered getting some in Voicestream many, many moons ago, back when maybe 1 out of 200 people had a cell phone)

  60. Yea we’re talking wireless phones and stuff, not landlines and tv, etc. Crazy assumption on my part, being that we are talking about wireless cell phone providers. If Sprint offered more services im sure they would have more customers, hell, maybe less, I dont care. All i know is what they have works for me, and Tmo doesnt, I have no interest in a family plan. Thats apples to oranges to me. End of story.

  61. “I’m no Sprint fan boi…” whatever. It’s special sauce is dripping outta your backdoor. You touted on about carrier subscribers, you evidently know anything of & were Wrong, argued against yourself bout rate plans & proved your impotence, begging for Sprintless to carry MOTO. Dumbass-dripple gadget. Stfu, lol.

  62. @AntilOS
    Umm, first of all im not the one who brought up carrier subscribers, teckel did. I could care less. Secondly, if you scroll back up, I said Sprint’s pricing is great…for me, in my case, being on an individual plan and getting a discount. It’s the cheapest out there…for me. Do you see a trend??? Before I got my phone I shopped around and came to find out Sprint was the cheapest and had the features that were good…for me. And they would honor my discount. Why do you care what carrier I have in the first place? Does that benefit you? And lastly, nobody is begging for Sprint to carry Motorola phones. You see if you scroll back up, I said, I wish they had a contract with them to carry some Droids. See, there’s a big difference between begging and just wanting something. Would it be cool if Sprint had Moto phones…yea. But its nothing to cry about being that they dont. And then you stoop down to name-calling? And if someone is trying to compare an individual plan to a family plan, how am I arguing against myself, that’s like comparing a jet ski to a cruise ship.
    FYI: How about you learn to proof read before spouting ignorance. And stop lol at your dumbass comments.

  63. I drive for a living and have service pretty much everywhere i go in 5 western states on t-mobile ! no idea what you guyes are taling about

  64. So those of us with HSPA+ devices on t-mobile, what kind of speeds do you think the upgraded network will give us, since it won’t be the new 42mbs? That would be helpful info Phandroid.

  65. Man, DrizzyGadget-get a life, looser. Lol. Sounds like you’re the only one left that’s concerned :)

  66. This is hilarious! DrizzyGadget’s Passion is cracking me up. Thank you for entertaining me this am.

  67. Chris If that is true I wouldn’t be surprised…I mean just because no one has the coverage as Verizon doesn’t mean they are a whole lot cheaper…you want a smart phone …your going too pay and that’s the bottom line the end

  68. Tmo blows tmo has crappy phones and horrible service the shut my mothers phone off due to roaming to much what kind of BS is that they said you wont have to pay the contract fee or your last bill and we will unlock your phone, its not her fault they have shitty service she went to verizon showed them the letter they gave her a moti droid free they took off the 199 price i personally dont like moto im an HTC

  69. Moto Droid was soo 2009-no wonder it was free, buddy. Way to “hook” your mom. Lol! Nimwit. :) move out of the middle of nowhere but hope she enjoys her bill. Lol!

  70. Yea, seriously. What about the Evo?? Would’ve been tons better. Sorry she couldn’t enjoy the G2, VIBRANT or myTouch HD.

  71. I have an older TMobile G1 with Cyanogen 6 mod. Around $70 a month with 600min, 400 text, and unlimited data. That’s the cheapest plan with data I can get. Unfortunately, when I need data the most, I’m usually in an area with not even 3g coverage. At home I can use my laptop or wifi for the phone when I rarely need it at home. Since I don’t use my phone as a toy, (I’m 48 years old), it’s rarely an issue. Verizon has better coverage in the sticks where I work, but it is more expensive. As a Union electrician, we are not supposed to use our personal phones for work anyway, so that’s not an issue either. The individual contractors have to provide a phone if it is needed for work, just like a power tool.

    That said, My G1 is reliable and with the Cyanogen mods it has most of the features of a new Android phone. I do need a full QWERTY keyboard with my big fingers and especially with gloves on. A touch screen only with no trackball could force me to take my gloves off when using the phone outside in the cold.

  72. Hahaha, Bobby. Should’ve told her to wait til the end of Q1 of 2011. I have my lil baby coming to VZW to shake things up. If it wasn’t for T-Mobile taking a chance on Android-you’d not be enjoying your Android anything. How soon you forget. Lol!

  73. Manser, CEO of Sprint and you refer your mother to Verizon?? You’re about as dumb as they come, lol. Stfu.

  74. @robert
    Thats because tmo doesnt work to expand their coverage area like verizon does. Verizon may be a little more expensive but i would rather pay a little more and know I will have coverage wherever I go and can actually use my phone

  75. Chris, hurts to be in the dark buddy doesn’t it? After all the news of HSPA+, their intention to go to up to 41 mbps…yet you still post that they do nothing for their enhancements. Alrighy then, lol :)

  76. Hey JalanPHX, you’re right! Case in point, see Chris’ responses way above.

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