Desire Z and Desire HD to Receive Software OTA


HTC is sending out a small software OTA for the HTC Desire Z and the HTC Desire HD. It is an update that is based on user feedback and made it very clear that “Gingerbread is not part of this update”.
HD Twitter OTA

Check to see if your device is ready for the OTA: Settings > About > Software

[via Mobile Burn | @HTC]

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  1. OK o.o

  2. No sign of update yet on my phone , desire HD , London, UK

  3. Aww no g2 love?

  4. Just did a check and got the update. It’s about 40MB so I recommend using WiFi. My HTC Desire HD (uk) is now sporting android 2.2.1

  5. Worked for me (Desire HD). Android version 2.2.1 :-P

  6. No sign yet for my desire hd
    York, UK

  7. According to XDA, this update removes root unless you have a S-Off (non-engineering) hboot.

  8. No update for me yet. Desire Z Australia

  9. No updates for the Desire Z in Singapore.. yet.

  10. I got my desire hd update about six hours ago.. (netherlands)

  11. It’s there for me now – TMO UK.


  12. Desirer HD, just updating.

  13. Just downloaded mine now via 3G in North East England

  14. Updated my Dhd uk
    Fb app still has thumbnail issues :(

  15. Got mine almost 24 hours ago…:)

    Desire HD, Finland

  16. Got the update this morning (Orange, unbranded). Doesn’t match up wit the software number on the press release though – mine reads 1.72.405.3.

  17. I got leedroid on my DHD running, anyone knows if it will mess up my phone if i update it?

  18. updated my Dhd UK T-Mobile this morning, no problems.
    Still have the issue in FB app with white/blank thumbnails, convinced its a new sense issue as only occurs on Dhd/z phones.

  19. Mine keeps failing for some reason :( Could it be because I have rooted my phone?

  20. No Updates yet on my DHD. Hope will be available soon

  21. Im getting a similar issue to the one here


    Is anyone else getting the same

  22. Why are they wasting their tinlme with froyo, instead of readying gingerbread?

  23. Just got ten minutes ago…… can’t notice much difference

  24. any idea what the update changes of fixes?

  25. just got it, czech republic

  26. Got it on my HTC desire .. no real change

  27. Yup, just installed it on my Desire Z, no noticable changes as of yet though

  28. No dice here for me. Desire HD – 3 Mobile Australia

  29. Took about 10 mins to update… not sure whats different though. Sense seems to be a little more snappier than usual, or maybe I’m just imagining it?

  30. Why isn’t the G2 getting this update, they are the exact same phone…..

  31. Got it few hours ago. Installed it but can’t see no difference

  32. modded my visionary+ rooted desire hd with titanium backup, no update possible cause he doesn’t find facebook ;-) but i don,t bother because I’ll wait for gingerbread thinking that is an complete rom due to compatibility issues.

  33. I haven’t receive the update, desire z singapore

  34. Still have the issue in FB app with white/blank thumbnails

  35. Bela, go away. You don’t know anything and not taking the time to educate you.

  36. Got the update and its made my battery life even worse. I’m lucky if I get 6 hours without charging. Totally awful.

  37. Just got 2.2.1 on my Desire HD. Midlands UK

  38. I seem to have a noticably better battery life.

  39. No sign of update… Desire HD Australia. Phone originated in UAE, so changed locale back to UAE, still no update available…… ready when u are HTC.

  40. I got mine yesterday for my DZ at Portugal after seeing this post and making a manual update. Don’t know exactly what changed but the interface really seems snappier. Also, it changed my soundset to the default one so I had to switch sets again.

  41. Today I received OTA Update for Desire (not HD or Z) in Poland.

  42. It downloads fine, but now my swype won’t work!

  43. Orange UK Stock desire HD. No sign of update or information about getting update. Typical Orange. Very disappointed. Anyone know any different?

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