Bell Holiday Sale on Two Android Devices



Now through the end of the month Bell is offering the HTC Desire Z and the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant for $75 off the normal price. Naturally these deals will lock you up for three years; but that’s cool so long as they take $75 off the price, right?

[via Mobile Syrup | Bell Promotion]

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  1. I got the usa Samsung Vibrant and is different from T-Mobile doesn’t have the front facing camera and the square keypad in the front. USA Vibrant model number is T959. Just wondering if your model is I9000.

  2. i9000 m

  3. Is it also $75 off the off-contract price?

  4. Uhh, the HTC Desire Z without a contract is listed on the Bell site as $499, and with 3 year contract its $79. Not really sure where that $75 off came from. Looks like $420 off to me. Still, Bell is a horrible company, if you lock into a three year contract with them you will regret it in only a few months. Enjoy!

  5. @luis yeah its referred to as the I9000M. Its exactly like the international one, along with a front facing camera.

  6. @Matt The regular 3 year term price is $124 so that price of $79 is $75 off.

    I got this phone the day it came out and now only a month later they have a big discount like this. Way to screw over your loyal customers Bell.

  7. Omg where the hell is my math. I meant to say $45 off.

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