Motorola Jordan: Waterproof and Rugged [RUMOR]


Thus far there haven’t been many ruggedized Android devices and I’m not sure that’s due to lack of demand or prioritized initiatives. Boost Mobile’s Motorola i1 takes a stab at toughness but if BGR is right, the codenamed Motorola Jordan will attempt to swim to the top of the chart: in addition to being rugged it will be waterproof (up to 10 meters)!

Again, this is only a rumor, but for folks used to dropping their phone in the toilet, talking on the phone while running in the rain, or getting pushed into a pool with all their clothes on- this could be the phone that saves the day. Although it isn’t only the water in the toilet that could have an adverse- nevermind, I’ll stop there.

According to BGR the Motorola Jordan should launch on T-Mobile in November. I would be surprised if it kept this name- lets have our fun at naming it ourselves in the comments.


Forget Jordan. I choose the Motorola Phelps.

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I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. This is cool, but what’s the point? I’m sure they’re not going to encourage users to take the phone into the water while they swim. I do though, think it would be nice not to have to worry about my phone getting a tad wet when at the waterpark, beach, or in the rain. (;

  2. So this is going to be the smartphone version of the GForce? Could be awesome for construction people or other out and about jobs like that.

  3. call is swimdroid.

  4. I think it’s a great idea, as long as the other specs are up to par.

    My name choice is the Motorola Lola, just because it’s sounds good.

  5. @onlyever, and that’s the point. one less thing to worry about. i’ve been hoping for this for a long time now. a phone i could take camping/canoeing without having to worry about it. and actually use the GPS/camera in any environment.

  6. yay! A phone that is meant to be used in the real world and not just look pretty in a museum case.
    Check the forums…every so often there’s a sad panda story about how their precious phone was ruined after falling in a puddle.

  7. Motorola Johnny Weissmuller

  8. Imagine simple underwater pictures. Since its waterproof, rugged and made by Motorola the should call it the Motorola FailWhale.

  9. I wouldn’t buy a motorola anything, but I would consider it if it was the Motorola Phelps ;) fuckin <3 that dude

  10. Motorola Abram (after the Abrams tank) I like this idea. I work around a lot of water and it would be nice to not have to worry about my phone. I already lost one phone at work.

  11. Motorola SCUBA

  12. Motorola Phelps would sell. Especially if it came with a bong or a few doobies!

  13. what does rugged nean?

  14. Uhhh, Motorola i1 on Sprint is something very similar. I for one would welcome this as I currently have the Casio G’zOne Boulder. I need something like this to make it through the length of my contract, kids, and camping. You can find the Moto i1 on this site.


  15. rugged is a phone that can make calls even if you hold it in your hand (especially my sweaty hands now that I just came back from a long walk).

  16. I would like my phone to be a waterproof GPS when out on the boat.

  17. So… hardcore texters can now text while in the shower? May take sexting to a new level.

  18. Moto Dirt? http://imgur.com/BR66U (Gotta flex gimp somehow)

  19. This kicks a** bring it tmo!!!

  20. great idea. let’s just hope that it isn’t as underpowered as the motorola i1. the i1 only had what, a 500 MHz cpu, and android 1.5? i don’t expect it to be the powerhouse that my vibrant is, but still give it some muscle. make it as powerful as it is tough. as for the name, call it the motorola shark, motorola aqua, or why not call it the motorola nemo? make it orange with white stripes. and have the movie installed? or even have a theme for “The hunt for red october”, and install the movie on it.

  21. @Daniel, that is just so…wrong…and yet…:)

  22. orange and white stripes? what does that have to do with 20,000 leagues under the sea?

  23. I agree this would be kool but i think that any one who has an android fone that has a brain wouldnt take it near water unless they fully understood the risk of doing that, and had the money to jus buy a new one. I have a feeling this will be targeted towards workers “a smart phone for the tough guys too” that will be the slogan lol

  24. @jim, maybe it could have a secret compartment to keep your stash dry.

  25. Motorola Chuck?
    Motorola Norris?

  26. @Mike Leonard
    Wouldn’t work cuz nobody lays a finger on Chuck Norris

  27. With a play on an oldy the RAZR. How about the Moto SWMR.

    However, I’m sure they will have a disclaimer that if water damage does occur, it will not be covered.

    If you want to make your phone water resistant, just stick it in a ziploc bag. It’s cheap, fits in your pocket, and you can still use it. :-)

    What they really need to work on is an indestructible screen.

  28. This so needs to be released on Verizon – fits VERY well into the Droid Does campaign.

  29. I wonder if this is the first use of the Zagg HzO system by a manufacturer…

  30. I’m like Wes up above. Using a G’zOne till I can get an android that can hold up to my weekend fun (hiking/backpacking/bicycling.)

    I just need it for Verizon.

  31. I think it should be called the Motorola Mermaid.

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