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Phandroid Live Event: Would You Attend?


foamfingerWe’ve been thinking for quite awhile about organizing a Phandroid Meetup/Event and we’re itching to get something planned. All the who/what/when/where/why questions are pretty overwhelming, but it just hit me- why not ask readers and members what they want directly?

We would love to rent out a large space, give out free stuff, eat some food and drink some beverages, have some entertainment, and of course try to attract some players in the Android game to give talks and show off their Android wares. What do YOU think a Phandroid event should include?

In addition to these poll questions, please leave any and all opinions/ideas in the comments… we want to create an event that you would truly love to attend!

[polldaddy poll=3445173]
Write-in votes should include city name only!

[polldaddy poll=3445194]

Remember to PLEASE provide your thoughts in the comments below! If this first event is a success, we’ll have many more and in other locations! And oh yeah… what should we call it? Phandroid LIVE?

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Bring the Phandroid event to Chicago along with Lebron!

  2. Atlanta would be great!

  3. Well. I would attend if it was on the west coast. Mainly Los Angeles (northern part). Also I wouldn’t mind Salt Lake City, UT. I think that you should send a special invitiation to Steve Jobs, with a android loaded Iphone, that gives him the message and then self destruct after the message has been delivered. And before it selfdestruct the phone needs to take a picture of his face and direct upload it to Phandroid with big headlines “Steve Jobs face when seeing an Android loaded Iphone”. However make sure it is unlocked and connected to T-mobiles network so we can make sure that the phone can send the picture. :)

  4. A weekend event in Philadelphia would be great. You’d attract folks from NYC and DC without having to pay exorbitant rates for the venue, plus the transport and parking infrastructure is superior.

  5. Whatever Phandroid decides, it needs to be announced in a one-hour primetime special on G4 or something.

  6. How about Austin? Four words: after-party on sixth street

  7. NYC is the place people do stuff, but I wouldn’t travel more than a couple hours. I voted for DC/Baltimore. For those of you who WOULD need to travel, DC is a better place to visit than NYC in my opinion. It is cleaner, less crowded, and less expensive (though still not cheap). I would prefer Baltimore over DC because Baltimore as a whole does not impress me. The event could be called Phandroid Assembly.

  8. Atlanta!!!

  9. I don’t see why you wouldn’t include California as an option! Are most of your readers really on the east coast?
    I’d love for you to do it either in San Francisco or Los Angeles.

  10. How about Mountain View aka Google Headquarters? Or somewhere in that surrounding area, like San Francisco.

  11. how about Jackson, MS.. lol i’m sure everyone would love to come here..

  12. I say DC. Baltimore wouldnt be bad either, DC just looks better. NY is too congested.

  13. Why not support the community effort already being done in Austin TX? We have all the details flushed out, and would love to see you there and are doing all the things you mention above. Your support would be greatly appreciated and only promote your great community involvement.

  14. I agree with QuantumRand…do it in Silicon Valley! The San Francisco Bay Area is a GREAT place for an event like this!

  15. How about coming to San Jose, CA? you are right next door to the company who, without them, this phan page would not exist.

  16. Why not in the Midwest, so pretty much equal travel time for anywhere on the country cause if its west coast then east coasters have a long waaaay to go.

  17. How about bringing Phandroid to the Austin TX BigAndroidBarbecue?

  18. Atlanta in Nov. Not high cost for hotels or event space. No setup rules or enforcement.

  19. At least 2 events are required. One on the east coast and one on the west.
    For the west, I agree with “QuantumRand”. Somewhere near Googleplex.

    Event should include:
    Representatives from manufacturers – HTC, Moto, Samsung
    Representatives from the 4 major Carriers
    Representatives from Google Android team
    Some App Devs of the top 50 market apps

  20. @Brad I suggested Austin because it’s more or less the middle of the country (as opposed to either coast).

    Also, a Sixth street full of alcohol and drunk UT chicks doesn’t hurt at all :)

  21. I don’t understand? There already is a big Android event being planned… The Texas Android BBQ…

    Why is the more fragmentation in the Android community?

    I don’t understand…


  22. why dont ya’ll just attend the android BigTXBBQ and save having to plan anything its already done for u

  23. I’d be willing to consider DC, Baltimore,Philly, Chicago, Indianapolis, Austin, Houston. Couldn’t afford NY though. It’s a great idea!!

  24. swehes,


  25. I agree with Midwest……Centralized for everybody who must travel

  26. Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or San Diego!

  27. Rob,

    I brought this up in the forums a few months back. Love the idea. Looks like the Android BBQ down in Austin is going to be epic! Maybe a combo thing with the other sites? Have a couple meet ups throughout the year that are pushed and sponsored by the big Android sites. Don’t make Austin go to the Philly one, etc…

    If you need help, I have work in event production and can give you my input on venues, catering, security, etc…

  28. Also, how about some sort of on-line event for those who are unable to attend the live event?

  29. Here’s my vote for Seattle, WA.

  30. @Brad & MG Midwest? Chicago. In fact have the event at O’Hare Airport. You can fly directly into O’Hare from any city in the country and many cities outside the country. Your flight home is guaranteed to be delayed so you have more time to spend at the event.

  31. Got to do DFW, TX for sure. If not Austin is my second choice. Please come to Texas, you wont regret it :)

  32. Bring it to Chicago.

  33. I’m going with Dallas. You’re not doing it big unless you do it in Texas! And as for the name, I like Phandroid LIVE

  34. BTW definately Phandroid LIVE

  35. Austin, TX

  36. San Antonio, TX near the river walk.

  37. Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas
    Oh, did I mention Las Vegas would be a great place?

  38. They’re doing the Big Texas Android BBQ on Oct 3 in Austin, TX; so if phandroid is holding one independently, phandroid to dry rub it in at the true BBQ capital of the world, Memphis, TN, and call it the Real Android BBQ!

  39. I could make it to any of the locations listed but would love it to be in Philly (where I live).

  40. Atlanta. We have the best airport and some of the least expensive facilities for an event like this.

  41. Right across the street of the main Apple headquarters.

  42. phoenix az you can call it phandroid in the valley

  43. Bring it to Tampa !


  44. DC/Baltimore area please!!!! (any yes, they’re practically the same place)

  45. Android communitry comes together in austin. Feel free to sign up and get a awesome t-shirt, bbq, and some cold brew! Check out for more details

  46. Why don’t you do it in my backyard NYC. NYC means more free press coverage at the same time, parking is a hustle,(keeping it real). I can provide the music and water on condition that i sit at the host(high) table and represent the first android adopters.(The good old G1). I can also answer questions on all android related devices. Hey, how about some Phandroid T-SHIRTS at a discount price and android quiz and games, then the booze too and some bbq.
    Can’t wait.

  47. I voted for Seattle. Obviously a lot of those other cities are bigger but we’ve got our share of tech here too…

  48. Seattle is the ideal location. 4G territory, great scenery, wonderful summer weather, lots and lots of geeks, great seafood and lots to do.

    Seattle it is.


  49. Should be near Google in Mountain View (the Android epicenter). Google could co-sponsor the event.

  50. I think it is a great idea. Put it in NY or Philly and I wil be there.

  51. Erm… I kinda got excited and voted yes to all 4 cities and a couple of the days before I realized that I’m poor. *face-palm*

  52. Definitely Seattle.

  53. The event should be organized as a barcamp event. See the site for details. The event may have to be a 2 day event.

    People line up during the first hour of the first day of the event and suggest topics that they post on a large schedule. No voting process. People who want to suggest a topic can. And people who suggests the topic must facilitate the session.

    There should be several tracks mixed with keynotes, since not everyone wants to listen to the same presenters. Here are some of the schedule components that I envision:

    1. Keynotes
    2. Manufacturers track (Samsung, Motorola, HTC etc.)
    3. Android OS track (OS related issues)
    4. Android development track (focused on Android development)
    4. Business aspects of being an app developer
    5. Carrier track (Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, ATT, ClearWire etc)
    6. Lightning talks (any app developer who wants to is given a few minutes to present his or her app)
    7. Great food
    8. Free phones for everyone, and clear instructions on how to get the free phone. :-)

  54. I would definitely go to one in Chicago!

  55. +1 Baltimore!!!

  56. I say y ou Gould have an event in San Diego during Comic-Con!!! I think it would be a great idea. Not only would there already be a ton of tech-savvy Android lovers there, there’d be tons of people looking for a fun party and it’d be a perfect place to get noticed by more people.

  57. Maybe it’ll be a good idea to bring a few IOS FRIENDS, you never know, that can be a good platform for them to jump ship.

  58. Bring it to Chicago, great city, good food,people. Huge Android fan base. check into it

  59. I say bring it to DC/Baltimore area… Just call it Phandroid Live… its plenty of convention centers and large ball rooms out here that can be rented out….

  60. +1 for Chicago — that would be awesome!

  61. I vote Chicago. It’s the happy medium between East and West coast, has a very convenient airport, and is home to Motorola’s HQ. I know some guys that work there that I could probably put you in contact with to work out some kind of deal to have them attend/sponsor.

  62. Silicon Valley is the perfect place since Google, most manufacturers, and carriers have a development center there.

    This will make it more likely that these essential sponsors will attend.

  63. I live between phila and baltimore; so either of those work for me. My question is what would the objective be? I would need it to be more than a geek fest to take the time.

  64. It’s gotta be in Vegas, baby…Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Bay Area, in front of the giant froyo at google :)

  66. Seattle, WA or Portland, OR!

  67. I put my vote in for Orlando. Best family spot for an integrated Vacation, also for singles. The nightlife is outstanding, not to mention beaches and pools. Hey its Florida

  68. I’m already RSVP for the Austin event but I would love this to come to Houston as well.

  69. +1 Baltimore !

  70. South Beach. Book it on Orbitz.

  71. Do it in San Francisco. There could be a lot of potential to attract people from Google. Plus San Francisco is beautiful. It’s a win-win.

  72. LA home of the Champions! I can probably get Ron Artest to come too.

  73. As one of the Co-Chairs of the Big Android Barbecue event and also a friend of Rob’s I want to chime in here.

    First, if you didnt know this Rob Jackson has been doing Phandroid since the beginning and without a corporate budget. You should see this guy he’s all over the place busy as hell and has Kevin and Quentin as his back up. Phandroid is a great great site.

    Secondly, I dont think that Rob purposely posted this the same week I personally sent him a press release about the Android Barbecue.

    Third, Im from the Baltimore/DC area as well and I would love to see an event here and am all about helping Rob with something like this, after the Big Android Barbecue. I’d also like to see some Baltimore folks in Austin on October 3

    Rob isn’t the kind of guy to purposely fragment up the community. He probably received our press release the other day and said “Wow ive been doing phandroid nearly 3 years and havent done any kind of event” also there was the inaugural Social Media Club of Baltimore event last night so events are top of mind for people in this area.

    The Big Android Barbecue is no joke we have over $5000 invested in it so far and the budget even if we sell out won’t break us even. We are hoping for the Big AndroidBarbecue to be the October anniversary event.

    There can be other events just ask me or Rob we’ve bumped into each other more in New York for events than here in Baltimore in fact we havent bumped into each other in Baltimore.

    Rob’s got a personal invite from me to the Android Barbecue I want community leaders there and Rob and Phandroid are community leaders so yeah lets not break up the community. Let’s celebrate it. No other OS has inspired an outpouring like this.

    And if you’re in Baltimore and need a ride to the event don’t forget to participate in the airfare contest. Our contest ends August 5th which still gives me personally plenty of time to take advantage of cheap fairs before October 3 who knows maybe Rob will partner with me to send a phandroid reader to the barbecue as well

    comments to [email protected] or on twitter.

  74. NY NY NY

  75. Pittsburgh! It’s cheap and we’re a test market for data features like Android!

  76. i would love to but i dont live in the u.s :(

  77. How about Wichita, KS. Right smack dab in the middle of the US. Or better yet, Google, Kansas AKA Topeka.

  78. Have it in Los angeles and have it Hollywood style!

  79. I think the Midwest Chicago would be a great place for an event like this. I’d definitely be there an this is a huge city for conventions.

  80. Put in New York probably right after Droid X launch and time would be Saturday night so the 17th would be a good day or the 24th would be another good day.

  81. Atlanta or Florida

  82. so I didnt read every comment but I think I’m the only one who says metro detroit… ahhh well that sucks.

  83. Los Angeles or San Diego!!! please!

  84. I vote St. Louis. It’s cheaper than almost anywhere else mentioned, it’s centrally located. Lots to do.

  85. I would go….

    If it was in the UK! =P

    Don’t think I have the funds to take a weekend trip to the States…yet…

  86. Come to New York! I will organize a party bus from NJ!!!

  87. You guys may think this sounds stupid but I live in Sevierville, TN home of Dolly Parton and Dollywood, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. The Great Smoky Mountains. We attract between 9 and 12 millions visitors per year and have plenty of accommodations.

  88. You should do it in Los Angeles, we love Android here! We could even get Google to be a part of it since they have an office here!

  89. It has to come to Bmore or DC. Come on big Rob, you got to represent for the mid-Atlantic region.

  90. B-MORE is the mecca of technology……err, i mean, it would be a great place to have the event!!

  91. Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Denver

  92. Chicago!

  93. LONDON!

  94. What do we have to do to have the event in Skywalker Ranch? Now thats what I call and Android party!

  95. Manchester UK

  96. :::cough:::NYC::cough:::

  97. I think bringing it to LA or San Diego would be nice, it’s nice weather and insanely nice people here, plus there’s lot to see and awesome community of Android people here :)

  98. London! I REALLY want to go to Phandroid Live! :D

  99. Would love to attend this but wouldn’t be willing to drive out of the South-western Ohio area. I wrote in Cincinnati for my vote.

  100. Reno Nevada with Nugget Best of the West Rib cook-off and Burning man festival or with Hot August night with 10,000 classic cars in town. Southwest fly here and the tickets are cheap.

  101. Las Vegas
    we have CES out here every year and a slew of other conventions .come to the Sands expo center or the MGM Grand Garden.there would be plenty for your patrons to get into.

  102. Make it a tour rather than one off and make sure you make a stop at London UK =o)

  103. Grand idea!

    I would only add that hopefully we’d have at least two weeks notice as to when and where.

  104. Chicago

  105. well guys phandroid should think big and the best city to have an event is las vegas nevada you guys are really popular here and i guess you will just kick ass

  106. I would go for Boston or NYC!!!!!

  107. Ahhahahahah whoever said put it across the street of Apple HQ +100000000!!! ahahah but seriously you should, imagine how funny it’ll be!

  108. I have no desire if it’s on the East Coast. It’s obvious that the owner of Phandroid is picking the coast he lives on not where there is biggest base (he lives in Maryland).

  109. Why not Vegas?

  110. DC sounds like a great mid location. The nations capital is a great and safe place for families to visit and they would have plenty to do if the whole crew would not be in attendance. It would draw vendors and specialists alike…Lets do this…How about Phandroid Phanatics Phestival….I will see u all at the PPP2010

  111. I wrote down Tallahassee FL(lol the only way I would be able to go) but if realistically NYC would probably be the best. Who knows I might head back to my hometown(NYC) and attend.

  112. I wrote down Tallahassee FL(lol the only way I would be able to go) but if realistically NYC would probably be the best. Who knows I might head back to my hometown(NYC) and attend.

  113. Auckland, New Zealand!

    Not to far is it?

  114. Lima, ohio would be great…. we make the A1 tank here… thats about it though… lol

  115. Steve Jobs House!! Yeah! At least one of use can call for pizza!

  116. Chicago !!!

  117. I’ve several coworkers here in NYC who’d also go.
    And there’s plenty of good pizza in Manhattan… :D

  118. +Google for Baltimore :)

  119. Would the food be Paleo?

  120. Hello, I think it would be wicked awesome if you guys and your readers joined us in Austin Tx on 10/03/10. We are throwing an android meet up and the more the merrier.

  121. Austin would be a great idea. Great city and makes sense geographically

  122. It would be great to have a two or three events across the US. Its expensive to attend to far away from home. Somewhere East Coast, West Coast and Chicago or KC would be awesome. I would sure would be happy to drive 6 or 8 hours and stay overnight, but flying somewhere would be too much now. I think the idea is GREAT!!!

  123. Philly is the perfect spot like others have said. Right in between Baltimore/DC and NYC. Should be able to get everyone that way. SO many great locations to have it downtown also. Would be awesome!

  124. New York City.

    Hold the event in the city that had two HUGE Android device announcements (Samsung Galaxy and Moto Droid-X). And the venues are great!

  125. Houston Austin San Antonio or even Dallas would all be nice

  126. San Diego, CA. There’s a place for you guys, nice and open..where the comic con is held every year in our city =) (downtown, good place…near the airport and the hotels).

  127. Phandroid Live I think would be a great name. The fact that you guys are planing something I think is great! Wherever it is I’ll be sure to go. But I think Chicago would be a great place to start. Beautiful City great night life great food and even better people. So come to Chicago we’d love to have you guys here!

  128. I think it should come to chicago like seriously nobody has ever herd of any othere cell phone services or events in chicago so we should bring it here nd free stuff is always nice..but we should host it wear the they host the chicago auto show very big place to show off items room for entertainment food everything u need and more!!

  129. I would like to attend it in Baltimore. It’s my hometown so it’ll be close.

  130. Can we make the phandroid event a tour… Hit maybe ten cities???

  131. I’m putting my vote in for Seattle, WA! Great city for tech events.

  132. Well i live in Garden Grove/Anaheim, CA and i would attend in a heartbeat if it came to Los Angeles or even San Diego.

  133. Well I live in Baltimore, so that is a no brainer and anytime during the day so there are people out and we can talk to them and do things and not just sit around in the dark.

    And I only eat crabs and Filet mignon so if you can get me that, I would love it. Other than that, screw you and your Phandroid LIVE. :)

  134. oh and you need to give me a Nexus One.

  135. What about having it out here in Honolulu!?! C’mon, you KNOW you wanna come to Hawaii!!!

  136. seattle, wa or portland,or

  137. Chicago!

  138. Actually Reno as suggested is not a bad place.. Almost any casino here could handle it, and could use the business. Could probably get a deal, the way things have been lately.

  139. I suggest Myrtle Beach, SC.

  140. Fail @ #1 Lebron is coming to Miami Lmfao!!! Sunshine state b!tch

  141. Come to Atlanta and i’ll pay the fees to rent out a room in the world congress center

  142. my vote goes to ATLANTA

  143. I wish you guys would do the event in london, i’d love to come

    kind regards


  144. In all honesty, Philadelphia is probably the best city to have it. It is Centrally located between the other suggestions. Philadelphia is also a better city than DC and NYC to travel to. Its also slightly cheaper for accommodations.

  145. Earlier, i suggested NYC but i’ve changed my mind due to the PARKING problem there, so why not a place and building that haven’t been mentioned. THE PRUDENTIAL CENTER IN NEWARK NEW JERSEY.

  146. GOOGLE IT.

  147. I have to agree that Philly would be a central location as far as the east coast goes BUT… I voted for Baltimore. It’s cheaper to eat/sleep/drink in Baltimore. At this point it could be done at Camden Yard. Nobody goes to those games so it should be way cheap. I see NYC is leading the voting but it’s the most expensive place to hold anything. Why not hold 4 small event. Each one announced at the same time.

  148. What about Vegas? Wait, I don’t think the president wants you to spend on Vegas :) Baltimore is the best choice for cost! Think with your pockets!

  149. I would attend if it was in the UK but understandably it wont be

  150. +1 for Chicago

  151. I think you should do it in St. Louis MO. And I would join since i do freelance write for technorati, & I also write for my own site still.

  152. DC all the way

  153. 3 Events please. East Coast, West Coast and Central US. How about Kansas City? Not too far North or South and they are one of the 4G Cities and Sprint’s HQ Campus.

  154. 1-. Salt Lake City, 2-. Las Vegas

  155. bring it here to corpus christi before the oil spill hits here :)

  156. +1 Chicago!

  157. While I work and live near DC, I’d rather the event be at a venue in a suburb of DC to avoid traffic and parking. Tyson’s Corner, Gaylord Convention Center…pick your poison.

  158. Please consider Las Vegas for the Phanddroid live event. There is ample convention space and the city has much to offer beyond the convention itself: casinos, night clubs, fine dining, shopping, golf, outdoor adventures, and more. Las Vegas offers something for every person and every pocket book. Flights are available from all over the country at mostly reasonable prices and hotel rooms run from budget to extravagant. A weekday or weeknight convention would cut down on travel costs.
    Ultimately, I believe the Phandroid live event should be held in several locations (East, West, Central) but the West Coast event should definitely be held in Las Vegas.

  159. Being from Baltimore (Reisterstown/Owings Mills), and seeing Baltimore and DC as top two choices, I got curious. I got the sense that Phandroid is based in Baltimore. After a little digging (no thanks to Phandroid website) it appears that Phandroid is based out of Ellicot city, which is, basically, Baltimore. Nice to know you guys are next door!

  160. A place that’s cheap to fly, Las Vegas!

  161. I’d come if it were on the east coast!

  162. C’mon EVERYBODY wants to come to Los Angeles! The weather is great and the LA area Beaches are awesome places for such an event!

  163. Hey….I voted a couple of times and I think it only counted me once :)

  164. +1 Atlanta

  165. Google might be more interested in giving out free phones to everyone if it’s in Silicon Valley, hopefully the Droid X :-)

  166. Forget about Dallas–I live here but I’d much rather drive down to Austin. From an event destination standpoint, Austin is much better for Android-peeps than Dallas.

  167. That said…I agree with so many other posters here, we don’t need more fragmentation in the Android community right now. I’d really like to see Phandroid and/or other Android sites come together…for this first event, the BBQ in Austin, at least.

  168. Maybe other sites could get involved and make the Oct. 3 BBQ an even longer event…maybe there are official pre parties with informal talks from cool people beforehand, starting at noon or something…

    How about an Android-themed Pecha Kucha before or after the BBQ?

    How about a screening of some suitably geeky film at the Alamo Drafthouse Saturday night or before 3pm on Sunday?

  169. It’s gotta be fair to everyone, so why not the geographic center of the US – Grenola, Kansas! Like Woodstock!!

  170. +1 Philly. I live near it, and it would be a lot of fun for me and some friends to go to. Also, maybe somewhere slightly outside the city so it is cheaper for people who want to stay overnight.

  171. Seattle. oh yes.

  172. Pittsburgh all the way! You have no idea how many android users there are in this town that would love to attend this event, ESPECIALLY Cyanogen himself, lives right on mount washington and theres more people that use his rom than stock android

  173. There’s no better place than the city that never sleeps, NYC!

  174. The first capital of the USA should be the place where the first Phandroid Live is held…Philadelphia of course. Okay, it would be great for me too. Seriously though, I’m a loyal reader and would love to go, anywhere on the east coast!

  175. Please come to San Diego, don’t go to LA. LA has everything already. =P

  176. Chicago!

  177. San Antonio Texas

  178. While many big cities would be OK Las Vegas has the best bang for the buck for hotel rooms and flights. It also has Sprint 4g for the Evo guys. Weather may also be a factor, Vegas can be hot at times, but very nice if you pick the right date. Some places could have snow issues in the winter. What ever site is picked I would like to see cost of hotels and flights, weather, and 4G considered.

  179. bmore all the way ! plenty of space downtown …4 g for evo ppls ..great food …um 1. Bmore 2.D.c 3. philly …ny is out.. way too congested .

  180. Either Kansas City or Wichita, KS would be just fine.

  181. That’s right. Baltimore was the original 4G city, so EVO owners can fit in perfectly.

  182. If you do it in Baltimore you could stay with me and my wife. Lucky for you her sister just broke up with her boyfriend and she is staying with us as-well. She is HOT!!

  183. If the event is going to be after Aug 21, then do it in Baltimore, since I will be in college at the time. Otherwise do it in Philadelphia because I live closer.

    and yes, this event should be based around my schedule

  184. I’ll be staying with ObsceneJesster. ;)

  185. Detroit :D

  186. southern CA

  187. I wouldn’t go to such an event even if they were giving away million dollar cheques. Phandroid is full of drooling fanboys who equally as obnoxious iPhone fan boys but less interesting. I’ll see your phandroid event and raise you a 8 hour church service.

    p.s. Please close your site. Please! Please! Please!

  188. Really? You wouldn’t attend a random conference if they offered you a million dollars? Think about that for a second. A MILLION DOLLARS. I’d go to an iPhail conference for a million dollars.

    Somebody’s bitter about their reception issues.

  189. NYC for people that think NYC is expensive do some research small city with allot of people and allot of choices as far as where to stay party and eat!!!!

  190. Definitely in the Bay Area, makes the most sense. It’s even better if it’s somewhere in the Silicon Valley

  191. Why not just have a virtual event and use cisco android tablets for videoconferencing? :)

  192. Sacramento, CA. It would be central for us NorCalers (I live in Redwood Valley myself, it’s 120 miles northwest of SF near Ukiah), it’d be cheaper and less crowded than San Francisco too. My second choice would be somewhere in the Bay Area.

  193. @Bob Smith “I wouldn’t go to such an event even if they were giving away million dollar cheques. Phandroid is full of drooling fanboys who equally as obnoxious iPhone fan boys but less interesting. I’ll see your phandroid event and raise you a 8 hour church service.p.s. Please close your site. Please! Please! Please!”

    The site is called phandroid…. for slow people like you let me spell it out for you when you put a P and a H together they make an F sound so really it says fandroid… what do you expect this site to be filled with? thats like going to and expecting to find interesting articles about Al Gore. The internet is a big place feel free to read other sites, but I don’t think phandroid is going to close just because you said please.

    the only way we are less interesting is our phones don’t have a truck load of issues. So I guess I can see how you could find reading people talk about a working phone not exciting.

    (in case saying please really works)
    Phandroid please please please please please give me a free EVO / Droid X, and have the event in Salt Lake City.

  194. Do it in philly!

  195. HOUSTON! Seriously tho, do Los Angeles. Most beautiful women in this country (used to live there, trust me on this one, I know what I am talking about).

  196. Austin, Tx ftw! Great atmosphere(6th st afterparty!), good location given the bbq event in October and many fans already located there given the other posts. Name it “The Phantastic Droid Extravaganza”

  197. I’d be so down to go to Austin.

  198. Seattle baby!

  199. I think doing one on the east coast west coast and down south would be good. I can’t see many people driving cross country.

  200. +1 ATL

    great place for any event
    Super Bowl….
    World Series….

    LOTS to do…
    Georgia Dome…
    Phillips Arena…
    Centennial Olympic Park…
    Underground Mall…
    Six Flags…
    Largest Aquarium in the World….
    Zoo Atlanta…
    City of Fountains….

    im not sure about a PHANDROID EVENT though…..unless you think your ready….

  201. +1 to Chicago

    How would you consider funding this event? If I had to vote I’d say max I’d contribute is $30 even (maybe $50 if it was REALLY good). Pump it up enough though and you’d pay for most of the event with advertisers/sponsors. I’m not sure how many other Android related events there are but I think there’s room for one here in the midwest/east, especially those that don’t have the mean or time to make it to things like Google I/O.

    Let me know if need a website made for it *wink*wink* Seriously though, Chicago-area +1

  202. bring it to Asia, especially to indonesia..
    build Android community here

  203. Seattle, again.

  204. Las Vegas

  205. This is very interesting and informative. I’m glad I found this. I liked his approach to the subject. Keep it up! Since when has the world of computer software design been about what people want? This is a simple question of evolution. The day is quickly coming when every knee will bow down to a silicon fist, and you will all beg your binary gods for mercy.

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