Rogers Pre-Order For Xperia X10 Begins Today!


If you’re a Rogers customer eager to snap up the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 then your time has almost arrived. And when it DOES arrive you can be sure you’re one of the first kids on the block to benefit by pre-ordering the X10. Rogers has just begun their pre-order and you can access it here: Rogers.com/X10preorder


It’ll cost you $150 on a 3-year plan and is available in white or black. If you’re interested in the device I recommend clicking that little “Guided Tour” list that does a nice job overveiwing the device and going through the features. By the way, our contact also left us with this little tidbit:

With every preorder with a three year voice and data plan, customers also get a free Bluetooth headset and a chance to win two tickets to the FIFA World Cup. More info on the X10 launch will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

Let us know if you become a pre-orderer and if so, hit up the X10 Forums to digitally meet up with your Android kinfolk!

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  1. There site is so confusing for existing customers. It says that they should go into the store between april 15th – 30th to purchase the phone with a hardware upgrade inorder to get the headphones, however the headphones promotion ends april 14th if im not mistaken or is april 14th for the tickets?

  2. the x10 has been out for allmost two weeks here in denmark

  3. zzzzzzzzzzz………..

  4. Wow. Does only the U.S. have unlimited data plans?

  5. Price, good. Reviews, not so impressive. Android 1.6 is long in the tooth. If Sony updates it to 2.1 and removes the interface lag, then I might be interested, but if I can source a GSM Desire, then forget about it!

  6. Warning: 500GB is a very small data plan. Better to wait for the 6GB plan to come back or go to Wind Mobile’s unlimited plan. Paying an extra 5$ to move to 1GB is just an extra kick while you are down.

  7. I cannot believe the U.S. doesn’t even get mention of a release date on this phone. I’ve heard “rumors” that we may get it some time in April, May or June. I mean come on already!!! I’ve already got the money set aside for the Xperia X10 to come out in the U.S. I’m slowly starting to think about getting something else but I really want this phone.

  8. Jacky:
    If you buy the phone between the 15’th & 30’th, you have to fill out & print the coupon and then mail it in with a copy of the receipt for the phone. I believe you have to do it before April 30’th.

  9. @applebook I agree. I have seen numerous videos of the device being reviewed and in all of the videos the device’s interface lagged. I am sure not ALL of the videos (specially the latest ones) are from X10 prototypes or running old builds. I don’t know why manufacturers like Sony Ericsson and Nokia start showing off new smartphones and making us all wait for it waaaaaaaaaaaay before they finish it. It would even give the device a bad start and a bad first impression seeing how much the device lags and locks up.

  10. So you can’t pre-order just the phone with no contract?

  11. john – maybe Canada can’t lie about their plans being unlimted when they really arent like the wireless carriers here.

  12. I wonder if you can pre-order it in the UK.

  13. Where can I print the coupon for the free Bluetooth headset?

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