Droid 2.1 OTA Update Has Begun!


Our tipster was really a tipster and not an April Fools Day prankster – the Droid 2.1 update has begun rolling out, albeit to a select few! While all the gadget sites have begun reporting the leaked internal Verizon employee E-Mail outlining the update, one member at AndroidForums has already received it:


He included his nick and everything, not to mention the pic was snapped with a co-workers Droid Eris – DOUBLE WIN! I guess that’s karma for you.

Have you gotten the update? Awaiting the update? Cursing the lack of an update appearing on your Droid this very second? Head over to our Motorola Droid Forum and vocalize all that energy!

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RUMOR: Droid Getting Update Today?

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  1. Cool, now wheres the HTC Hero update?!

  2. Cool. Now I semi believe. When it hit’s my Droid I’ll be a total believer.

  3. What about us eris users… when do we get ours??

  4. Ok I am new to the DROID world, I just got my Eris last week. What’s up with the animosity towards Eris?

  5. please let this be true.

  6. no animosity towards Eris. Eris has SenseUI and is not Stock Android. Eris users have to wait for HTC to release 2.1 w/ Sense UI.

  7. Interesting.. we WERE only on ESE53, this is ESE81! VZW was definitely working out some kinks. Coolness. I may un-root to install this.

  8. ok… any idea when that is??

  9. anywhere to grab the rom manually from ?

  10. you guys should of just got the moto droid..and not have been cheap and got the eris.

  11. STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR OTHER PHONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good god if it took a phone already on 2.0.1 THIS LONG just to get 2.1, do you whiners really think that your 1.5 and 1.6 phones should have it instantly too???? USE YOUR DAMN BRAINS

  12. WTF!!! just asking a question…. sorry if it bothers you.. didn’t realize you take it so personally when people ask questions on YOUR message forum… My mistake

  13. krugger,
    i contacted HTC last week, in not so many words they said 2.1 for eris is done, waiting for verizon to release.
    in more words, here’s the body of the email:
    “Verizon Wireless has confirmed that the Verizon Wireless DROID ERIS by HTC will receive the Android 2.1 (Éclair) update. The Update will be available within the first six months of this year, very possibly within the next few weeks. The release date is dependant upon carrier testing and certification.”

  14. Sorry for not backing it up guys. I honestly wasn’t thinking, and assumed everyone was getting it today.

    If it makes you all feel any better, the phone feels much more…”sluggish” since the update. =(

  15. GIMME!!! Wheres my manual download link?

  16. Someone who has gotten the OTA update: Link to the file so everyone else can manually update!

    I have a feeling I’m going to be one of the last people who get it..

  17. @ scott- the Motorola Droid is verizons flagship android device at the moment..you will have to wait for your phones turn. I have been a droid owner since the release day so I am excited to see some improvements. For a $100 more you could have got big Papa instead of little brother lol.

  18. VZW clearly saw my milestone 2.1 comment yesterday and decided they had to update.
    You’re welcome Phandroid Nation.

  19. Proof of life… where’s the newspaper…

  20. Someone needs to talk to the person who took the pic and rip the update.zip off his device and make it avail!

    Get on it people!

  21. I will believe it when it gets to my Droid

  22. @Scott, why didn’t you buy the Droid? It’s only $25 on Amazon and Wirefly

  23. Scott, Well since this article is about the Droid, maybe ,covert, has a point. I thought the same thing actually. I was looking forward to reading what Droid users would say about his not a bunch of whiney babies.

  24. Flash Player???

  25. @ Quixand…. does it have the added homescreens like the Milestone’s 2.1 update?

  26. James, it does not. Not that I can find yet, and I’ve been looking.

    MattP, once the install is complete, the Install file is gone. I wasn’t thinking, and in my haste, I clicked install.

    I’m without a USB cable anyways, by the time I would have been able to download it from the phone, you all would have had it anyways. The install was straight forward, and besides the phone running slowly, there were no hitches. I can’t imagine them NOT continuing with the update as planned. You’ll all have it with 24 hrs.

  27. Please give us a lil info on what the update has and doesnt have.

  28. Just talked to the Bitfone manager, only 1000 people are getting it during teh day today and another 2k at midnight, EST. Then it will start a 200k per day roll out starting tomorrow at midnight EST again.

    BTW, Im going to see if he will give me a copy of the update.zip for “personal” reasons

  29. Android 2.1 runs fine on my Nexus One :)
    (I do envy you guys for having a physical keyboard though)

  30. HAHA the poor guy is getting crucified for not saving the update.

  31. Ug, my phone was sort of feeling sluggish already, pre-update. It’s WORSE now?

  32. April Fools day is Google’s Birthday. I wonder what they will do to celebrate :)

  33. Ok, updated DROID 2.1 OTA. Has anyone seen root instructions for Official DROID 2.1?

  34. A quick question…do I need to unroot to do the OTA? Someone at work just said I would have to be 100% stock to be able to get the OTA.

  35. Re: Eris Update

    1. I would have paid more for the Eris than the Droid personally. I’m not sure calling Eris users cheapskates is rational.

    2. The need for an update from 1.5 is arguably greater than the Droid’s need to update from 2.0 – a huge number of apps are not available in the market with 1.5, including Google Maps with Navigation.

    3. I’m not sure why paying more for something gives you such an air of superiority here. Eris users were promised a 2.1 update in the first week of February, then they said Q1, now the end of April. It’s not unreasonable for them to wonder if they’re just blowing smoke, is it?

  36. If You Receive The 2.1 Update, DO THIS FIRST!

    The following instructions will greatly help out the rest of the Droid community who does not want to wait over the next few days for the update to randomly arrive on their device. If you follow them, you will be able to capture the update file and spread the love with the rest of us!
    1. You will first see this message appear on your phone if you are one of the testers:

    -Press “Install Now.”
    2. The update will then download in the background.
    3. The following message will then appear:

    -You may press the home button but DO NOT PRESS “Restart & Install!”
    4. Plug your phone into your computer and mount your SD card. You should now be able to browse the contents of your SD card.
    5. On the root of your SD card, you will see a file called “update.zip”. Copy that file to somewhere on your computer like the desktop. It should be about 15MB in size.
    6. Finally, upload it to a file sharing site and post the link to it on this thread.
    7. Now, you can now continue the update like normal. To get back to the “Restart and Install” menu as seen above, navigate to Setting> About Phone> System Updates.”

  37. Hahaha, the reason you’re getting so much interest from us “thrifty yet tech-savvy” eris users is that we have a Google web alerts to contact us any time the “2.1 update release” and “eris” are mentioned.

    Next time don’t say “eris” in the posting, and we’ll mind our own beeswax. :)

  38. Anyone know if they fixed Bluetooth hands-free dialing?

  39. Which is EXACTLY what they’re doing with the Eris. We’ll soon see if the same applies to the Droid.

  40. Well said, Laura. I’ve got the droid Eris as well and I’m just as anxious for the update for this. There’s no reason anyone can’t ask a question about their Android phone on an android website. Gotta love the pompous J- holes that think theyre phone is better becausethey got it first and they deserve it more.

  41. Galaxy owners still left in the past??

  42. That is not fixed in Nexus One so why would they fix it first in the Droid. It will come from Google first to Google’s phones. Then the rest will get it eventually.

  43. @Laura, the delay could be caused by several factors. Did Moto get 2.1 to Verizon first? Or is it because Droid sells better and has a higher markup than Eris that Verizon released it first? Whatever the reason, it’s Verizon’s call.

    Is one phone superior to the other? Of course it is. The one which best suits your needs is the superior phone, else you wouldn’t have purchased it. Ignore anyone who thinks otherwise. There are different phone models for a reason.

  44. If the update does not add home screens you can install Helixlauncher (in the market, free) which will add home screens and let you set permanent links at the bottom of the screen next to the app drawer.
    I would have to agree that iris (brother has one) needs an update more than the droid. Having a nexus one myself I would love to see something come from google April 1 (Music player Please), of course you guys (and my girlfriend) would be right back to waiting again. That would be kinda funny.

  45. I’m with Laura. I had a hard time picking between the droid & droid eris back in Nov.. So I’m not sure where the the little brother stuff comes from.
    @Quixand you should either restart your Droid or open a task killer and see what might be running. You’re scarin me with you comments of sluggishness.

  46. I just got off the phone with verizon and they said at noon today 1000 people got the 2.1 update and at 9p.m. 9000 more will get it. Then there will be a 24 hour waiting period for bug reports and on thursday everyone else will start recieving it. THIS IS OFFICAL FROM A VERIZON REP.

  47. Thanks Laura. I am a new Eris owner (just bought it 3/26) and was told this was a great site to get info. Now I’m not so sure. Why do people have to be so rude? I’m just trying to learn the ins and outs of my new phone. And I bought the Eris because I actually like it better than the Moto version. Not because I’m cheap. If I was cheap, I would have bought a $20 phone instead.
    I am pretty sure my question was a valid one that did not deserve such attacks. Get over yourselves.

  48. @Quixand:
    Wait so the 2.1 update made your Droid run SLOWER??? So after all this teasing and delaying we’re getting a crappy update??

  49. Just out of curiosity . . .
    When Verizon gives times that the updates should go out – what time zone are they using?

  50. @FreeMan917, @Quixand:

    On my phone, 2.1 improved performance. Maybe it’s subjective, but it feels like things are a little smoother for me.

    But I’m not running live wallpapers, and I’m intentionally not running a bunch of background tasks. I’ve also turned off all the animations. Transition animations have always annoyed me, and I’m glad they can be disabled (unlike on iPhone.)

  51. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I WANT THE DROID ERIS UPDATE TO COME OUT OR IM RETURNING MY PHONE! its slow and so frustrating to use. I had a DARE before and everything was so much faster. I love texting and texting on this phone blows ive downloaded task killer etc. still slow and battery life is so terrible that it makes me nervious. SOO just between you me and the rest of the world if the update isn’t all it should be I’m about to buy a big, bulky DROID and suck it up. And its not because I’m poor the eris is super cute!

  52. Get a free task killer and kill unused applications. It will greatly help out with performance.

    Be patient, should have the update soon!

  53. ^^^Dare faster than the Eris?? NO way!! I still have my Dare as a backup to my Droids and it is in no way faster. BTW learn how to use your task killer you may be slowing down the phone more killing stuff.

  54. I am a Eris user… my girl friend a motorola Droid user… I play with her phone from time to time and I got to tell all you folks that think you got your extra $100 worth when you bought so called big papa phone… you are sadly mistaken. I’m soooooo glad I choose the Eris… It’s lighter… has way more screens (7 total) for wigdets icons etc (only 3 on big papa phone)… and as for the keyboard… i use the reduced qwerty keyboard so I don’t need both hands to type like my 14 year old on her envy 3. Fold/slide out keyboards are like training wheels on a smart phone. And as for the 2.1 os…. i.ve been running it for about a month now… found via google search the day before i got my phone.

  55. Here is the link to where I got 2.1 for my Eris… yes it works great… install on freinds Eris as well… only for verizon!!!


  56. Hello everyone.

    I chose the Eris because the style of the Motorola Droid just wasn’t what I was looking for. It can do more but I felt that the Eris was a good enough phone upgrade from a long and unfulfilled journey through Windows Mobile on the Touch Pro.

    I gave HTC another shot and this time it was worth it. I’ve had a good experience so far and I’m enjoying Android OS even without the update to 2.1

    Glad I resisted the iPhone bug.

  57. Finally my Droid get’s 2.1

  58. Seems like the people who have received the 2.1 update are complaining about it slowing down the operating system.
    What if you don’t want to except the update because of this????

  59. Sounds to me like people that have received the 2.1 ota are complaining about it slowing down the operating system. What if you don’t want to except the update because of this??????

  60. I just got the OTA update to 2.1 for my Droid at 1:05 am MDT. Seems pretty sweet so far.

  61. You mean accept. Not except.

  62. I wonder if there will be a second update. The update1 kinda hints it. I don’t know though.

  63. Droid 2.1 MANUAL update has begun!!! No brick, no brick, no brick.

  64. I just manually updated, my phone is not slower at all, if anything its a bit faster.

  65. I wonder if this will have flash 10.1 built in, or if the waiting game isn’t over for droid owners yet. 2.1 doesn’t really interest me, except that some day it will have flash support

  66. @Matt. The hero update begins on April 9nth

  67. I got my 2.1 update last night. So far, the phone seems a lot faster. Live wallpapers are pretty cool. The picture/video Gallery is pretty sweet. I have Open Home for my home page, and it seems to Force Close more often now though. I thought 2.1 was going to have 2 additional home screens on the main home screen, but so far I haven’t figured that one out yet if it’s available. When I go to my task killer, it shows that there is a lot more available memory. There is a cool new weather/news widget. The multi-touch works very smooth. I’ve tried it on the Browser and the gallery without a hiccup. The Maps had pinch zoom on the last maps update i got a few weeks back, and there was no change there. The voice to text works great. No you can dictate to the phone instead of typing. Still no Flash Player though :(

  68. Can anyone tell me if 2.1 has 5 homescreens, or if it still has 3. That would be a shame.

  69. rramsdell i thought this was PHANDROID… not MOTOPHANDROID.. eris and moto are both droids the last time i checked (5 minutes ago). i chose the eris for the sleeker design and looks.. the extra $100 at the time of my purchase was not worth it for a screen that is slightly bigger and that is about the only thing that will not change with the 2.1 update…

  70. MattP wrote on March 30, 2010

    A quick question…do I need to unroot to do the OTA? Someone at work just said I would have to be 100% stock to be able to get the OTA.

    Matt, not sure about this…I have asked at another website and they (alldroid, I believe) said that no, rooted Droids will still receive the OTA.

  71. p.s., I own a Droid but the Eris is a fantastic phone its own right. At least it has native Flash lite.

    If I didn’t have a Droid, I would definitely own the Eris.

    With that said, Droid rocks! :)

  72. Woo updates for everyone :D

  73. Whens the 2.1 coming for Eris. I just checked for the update, and I didnt get anything…grrrr this getting frustrating

  74. Yawn. Still three home screens, same launcher. The live wallpapers are cool for about 5 minutes. All I wanted was 5 home screens. I guess DroidMod spoiled me.

    BTW, you can download it here:

  75. To those asking if one must unroot before manually updating. My Droid, which was rooted, but still using the stock ROM updated just fine.

  76. And to anticipate the next question, yes I lost root when I upgraded.

  77. Manually installed 2.1. All ok for the past 4 hours. Works fine. Pinch zoom is good, Picture gallery is good…Live Wallpaper is the best. Lots of choices in Marketplace.

    Google goggles is pretty crazy when you realize what it does.

    Does not feel sluggish.

    Only downer is that there are still only 3 home screens and the “drawer” is still just the “drawer”…no 3D interface.

  78. I just don’t get the need for 5 home screens. I have enough clutter in both my digital and physical life I don’t need to do that to my phone.

  79. With all these apps coming out with widgets (think Music, FB, Buzz, weather, Calendar, etc.) I could totally use more home screens. I may look into a home replacement after 2.1…

  80. i think android 1.5+6 is the best OS for the g1, my touch, cliq, and devour
    but im VERY anxious to get the update, hopefully sometime tonight! :)

  81. I did a manual install. One weird thing I noticed is that some google apps are showing up under the downloaded applications with their full java package name. Anybody else seeing that?


  82. Ok I have that one image root or whatever for the Eris 2.1 were you leave it zipped ( sorry I’m not really good with this stuff) does anyone know how to unroot it or whatever its called so that when the Eris 2.1 update comes it will work correctly, and help would be highly highly appricated.

  83. Does the manual update have flash player?

  84. Does anyone have a specific date for the Eris update? I understand the update for the Moto Droid has started rolling out today and I am anxious for the Eris update. Any information is helpful.

  85. Hello Verizon,

    I spoke with another customer today who said that after placing a phone call to HTC customer support, he was informed that the 2.1 update will not be available for the Eris until Q2 of 2010. Is there anyone who else, VZW employee or forum user, that can confirm that the wait will continue into the second quarter?



  86. “Verizon Wireless has confirmed that the Verizon Wireless DROID ERIS by HTC will receive the Android 2.1 (Éclair) update. The Update will be available within the first six months of this year, very possibly within the next few weeks. The release date is dependant upon carrier testing and certification.”

    Fuck you HTC, you said the Eris would be updated within the 1st quarter of ’10, now you’re doubling that and pushing the window to 6 months???? Promises not kept just lost you a future customer

  87. Got the update and I’m really not that impressed. It still isn’t able to get flash player and no extra home screens sucks, but thank goodness for something as useless as live wall papers.

  88. The update is true, but this Guy doesn’t have it yet. The way I know is because wen u get the update the ESN changes from ESE81 to ESE53. He just has the forced update. Which u can find at most of the Droid forums and download it. It is similar to u rooting ur phone, but the apparently drawer doesn’t change and u don’t get the 5 screens, u still have only 3. But if u go to verzionwireless.com/droidsupport, it shows that the update is true and not just a rumor.

  89. Great can’t wait for the email attachment fix.

  90. So, I did the manual update and still have the 3 home screens and nothing else new except the Live wallpaper and 3D gallery. So the question is, since I did the manual update will I still be able to receive the real update and get all of the new features?

  91. I just want navigation and the ability to download the tricorder app as it is the coolest thing ever created for android. UPS lost my xbox and HTC can’t seem to figure out when the download is to be released. Ugh…

  92. I’m really glad that I choose the eris cause I gotta say its a hell of a lot better than my sucky ass storm was. More durable too. Still anxious for the update but that’s only because I’m so excited for the live wallpapers. And to other eris users just let the droid users woop it up its no big deal. We’ve still got 7 screens, flash lite which is better than no flash at all, and a multi-touch native browser. And eventually the update will become accessible. My theory is that VZW wants to get the droid updates out first since they set up the droid to be their poster child smart phone so it shouldn’t be too long now.

  93. I got it and I love it. This really pop

  94. Still no update on my Droid… What’s taking so long?

  95. ho-hum. Still no updates from Verizon for our Eris’ here at UC Irvine. We’re just in the middle of the most networked place on earth…other than maybe Seoul. But nothing…still slogging along on version 1.5. yawn…where’s the Verizon love?

  96. @Steve (#60 & #67) and anyone else who got the 2.1 OTA, what’s your area code and what city were you in when you got the push? I wonder if there’s a method to VZW’s method that it has supposedly been rolling out in tranches of 200k since wed 31 march 2359. I have a 646 area code (nyc) but am stationed in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. 646 is VZW’s home turf and the biggest market. Do you remember if you had wifi on or 3G?

  97. My phone prompted me this morning to update my operating system, however i do not have all the features that are said to be included in the update. Still 3 screens, no real difference, just pinch to zoom in the native browser. What gives?

  98. Should add moto Droid.

  99. Started the 2.1 download over an hour ago, still have the Motorola logo on screen, no other activity. Is it supposed to take this long?

  100. ok everyone with eris… the “little brother” ha. i just did the 2.1 update that was posted in this forum and so far it worked!!!! how did everyone miss this? or did no one want to try? so thanks “jay” i’m gonna repost his post…55. Jay wrote on March 30, 2010

    Here is the link to where I got 2.1 for my Eris… yes it works great… install on freinds Eris as well… only for verizon!!!
    it was the last one on march 30th…… 2.1 FIRMWARE VERSION! so f-in awesome it was easy too

  101. For those who have had their Motorola Droids go from the Droid eye screen to the spelling Droid out screen and back repeatedly, you must factory/hard reset your phone. You will lose all information on your phone, everything not backed up on your sd card. You can reclaim contacts if your phone was synced with gmail and all the apps you downloaded from the marketplace will be there when you use the Market app afterwards.

  102. Just updated my droid like 10 minutes ago.. definitely cool. LOVE voice to text.. been waiting for it! New apps.. live wallpapers, pinch zoom, new gallery and music player.. who knows what else ill find :)

  103. I got this update and I was suprised that no one else with a droid I knew got it

  104. Just got the update. Has pinch to zoom on Maps but not on PDFs. PDFs load faster. Kept all my Outloook contacts, appts and email. No idea if they fixed the ability to reply to Outlook meeting invites yet, that is an important fix. No change to using my Btooth headset, so continued unsafe operating there.

  105. Installed my 2.1 OTA update on Saturday. Immediately it fixed an issue with my bluetooth jabra headset where I was getting static on call connects.

    I have not seen any of the slowdown posted by others. Actually response is much faster.

  106. Ok, ive gone to at least 10 different websites all telling me different stories and release dates for the new android os 2.0.1 update, does ANYONE have a reliable source where i can get this information from, because its driving me up the wall waiting, and im frankly pissed off at HTC for setting a deadline then changing it…again. Help.

  107. I bought my droid Eris on 12/22/2009 btw.

  108. Kevin… if you have read all the post… you would have noticed that I have posted a link where you can update your verizon eris to 2.1 … so here it is again…
    And Sean_t you’re welcome… just sharing the eris love!
    [Side note: all but live wallpapers work with this verion of 2.1]

  109. …even the Google Navigation with “voice” prompts with the 2.1 link above.

  110. I just downloaded my 2.1 update and its april 6th and its 12:43am, what is the update and is mine late?

  111. I just got my update over the air!

  112. Got the 2.1 for the Motorola Droid just like 2 HR ago.

  113. Anyone know how long this update takes? Mine started almost an hour ago and my screen appears to be “frozen” with the motorola logo and the phone is hot as hell. Comments?

  114. I just got the 2.1 update1 on my motodroid I woke up to find it asking me if I wanted to in stall it.

  115. Well, this is really underwhelming. I really was hoping for 5 screens. The live wallpapers are cool, but they slow down my phone and I can’t even switch it off because my new gallery force closes over and over in a continuous loop. This is awful.

  116. For those of you hoping for more then 3 screens on your Motorola Droid… Download HelixLauncher via the Andoid Market… and all your dreams of having as many screens as us Eris owners will come true.

  117. Spoke to VZW and HTC yesterday… no one knows when the 2.1 update is coming for the ERIS.. Amazing how the manufacturer and the seller have no idea what there product is doing doing

  118. Yawn…still sleepy time here for Eris owners at UC Irvine. No info about the update from Verizon…yawn. Clearly they are not interested in customer relations until our contracts run out. I guess we’ll all just need to switch when that time comes. No big deal…just move to someone who does it better. Guess the iPhone will be the direction we go.

  119. Well….where’s mine? Phooey, hot dang, and hurry! And JayHo,

  120. This is bullcrap.. The Motorola Droid updated to 2.1 and us Droid Eris users are stuck on Firmware 1.5.. They are both android devices. Where’s our live wallpapers? Where’s our update??

    My friken YouTube app hasn’t worked since I got my phone! I’m only going to wait so much longer.. I love the Eris, but the last update I got was back in December or January. The Motorola Droid’s Youtube app has worked all along.. Update the phone with the problems first PLEASE.

  121. @none: I agree 100%! the Eris is far more in need of an update than the (ugly) droid. Get busy & update the Eris already! I won’t buy another HTC after this either. From what I’ve read the whole reason for the delay in the first place is HTC trying to get senseUI to work with 2.0 without crashing.

  122. yeah..i mean how dare they make sure all the bugs are worked out of a update before they send it out..come on people, HTC makes a great product and would hate for 500,000+ people to get an update early and it crash all their phones. Then they lose your business and Verizons. give it time, it will come.

  123. My phone seems to have received it. I had to reboot last night, and I noticed an immediate change. Is it me, or does the screen no longer readjust when I flip the phone? It only adjusts when I open the keyboard now. I rather annoys me, as there were sites I frequented on my Droid that needed to flip back and forth to get to different buttons, etc. I wish there was a way to remove this update, as I liked the prior functionality better…

  124. I take my previous comment back. The phone just crashed, so I had to restart it again, and now rotation is back…

  125. I come straight from Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless currently has no plans to update the HTC Eris to 2.1 software. Although, it it is very possible for you to do it yourself. I have successfully rooted and updated my little brother’s Eris to 2.1 and it runs very well. There are a multitude of websites and forums that can help you do this. With a little patience, and some quiet time on your computer, you can have your Eris running 2.1 in a matter of minutes.

    It is quite possible that the reason why we aren’t updating Eris is due to the launch of the HTC DROID Incredible which will render the Eris obsolete. It most certainly makes me think twice about my Motorola DROID.

    Android OS operates the same on any device and I’ve heard rumors of successful 2.1 upgrades even on the G1.

    On the deeper end, rumor has it that Apple recently made a large order from Qualcomm. Qualcomm, as some of you may know is the only supplier of CDMA chips for Verizon Wireless phones. This could mean either Apple has ordered chips for an iPad that supports CDMA mobile broadband, or the wait is finally over and the iPhone 4G will run on our network. It could also mean both are true. Either way, it is only a matter of time before Verizon crushes AT&T and wipes that stupid smirk off Luke Wilson’s face.

  126. Also, if anyone wants 4 – 5 screens, i would suggest downloading dxtop home from the market place. It does NOT require root access. It’s only 4 bucks and it allows you to have custom screens and screen transitions. i have Center, Left, Right, Top, and Bottom screens.

  127. I will definatley agree with the person that said the Dare is much faster than the HTC Eris. I got the Eris after my Dare broke, and the Eris is by far the slowest, most frustrating phone to text on. As much as i hate how huge and ugly the Droid is, im switching to it ASAP.

  128. I followed the instructions above and was able to get the updated loaded onto my Eris without bricking my phone. Running very smooth with no issues. Based upon my limited time with this phone, in my opinion its running faster with the upgrade. I’m no tech genius, and was able to get onto the sd card with only two tries. :)

  129. No offense legions but I have physically seen the email In-store stating that the eris is receiving the update. Why would they update the g1 and not the eris? I have friends with both the droid as well as the eris and they have received the ota update. I have not although I am from a different area code. Verizon has come out and clearly stated that eris will receive 2.1. As far as the manual update, I confirmed from an HTC rep today that it will interfere with the regular update. You will have to reset to get the ota. I will be patient and update when it is guaranteed to work. There are still minor bugs with manual update. They are tiny bugs but I’m not going to rub any risks. I can wait.

  130. Sean – At the risk of sounding like a complete moron, let’s just say for argument’s sake that I have manually installed the update. And, let’s also assume that Verizon will in fact push the update to Eris handsets. How would one remove the manually installed update? Please, no flaming, I just want to know if its possible, that’s all. Thanks!

  131. I’m on the line deciding to aait for the ota or just do the root download im just not sure, because today i talked to a sales representative on verizon and she said the update was out for the eris and to call customer care for help if i didnt get propted to update (which i did not) so i caled and it was all automated so it didn’t help at all.

  132. I was just wondering has anyone done an apples to apples comparison of the Official Verizon 2.1 Release, and the Leaked 2.1 release that came out about 1 month ago?

    I’d be curious to know if Verizon had added or changed anyo of the functions that make the Official 2.1 release different than the leaked release?

    Also does ANYONE have any idea when they will finally fix the Hand Free BT dialing issue?

  133. I stand corrected. At the time, there were no official plans to update the eris to 2.1. As we all are aware, the updates started to push to handsets about 2 weeks ago. I still like the hacked 2.1 over the Verizon branded update because of the wifi tethering app. Plus overclocking the processor to 900 mhz makes the phone 10 times better.

    The HTC Incredible is the Android phone to own right now though. I’m sure many of you have played around with it or even own it. I can’t wait to get one.

  134. Addendum: Incredible is FLAWLESS.

  135. have already been following ur blog for a few days. really enjoy your posts. btw i’m conducting a report concerning this area. do you happen to know any great websites or perhaps forums where I might find out more? thanks a lot.

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