Verizon Nexus One Next Week With Cherry On Top?


Ever since the Nexus One was officially announced we knew Verizon would be getting the device, but here we are still waiting. We thought it would launch on March 23rd at CTIA, but it didn’t, and that event was swept away by the HTC EVO 4G announcement. When will Verizon customers finally get their shot at the Nexus? By the end of next week if SoftSailor tipsters are accurate.


Obvious potential for photoshoppery aside, the above screenshot illustrates the obvious – someone claimed to have snagged a screen cap of the Verizon Wireless Nexus One appearing on Google’s phone site before they could take it down. Since this is exactly what happened to the AT&T and Rogers Nexus we wouldn’t be surprised if this repeat were true.

nexus-one-fullWhile SoftSailor maintains that the VZW N1 will be the same as the T-Mobile USA version, jkOnTheRun tipsters are telling a different story, saying we’ll be surprised. Well I like surprises but only if they’re of the good variety. No jumping out of closets in a zombie costume spraying me with “silly string” while I hyperventilate. But extra specs? Ridiculously low price? These are the kind of surprises I’d be happy to endure.

If somehow Verizon were able to keep the most sacred of secrets, I think the ultimate surprise would be a Nexus One Pro that launches with a slideout QWERTY keyboard. Of course I also think this is one of the LEAST likely of scenarios but hey – a brother can dream can’t he? And don’t forget the HTC Incredible is right around the corner, either!

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  1. there is also a video posted in the N1 forums so it is no photoshop but possible video shop lol?!!??! anyhow GL verizon guys

  2. Nexus one for Verizon showing up on the Nexus One web page.

  3. Do we know exactly how close around the corner that HTC Incredible is going to be?

  4. Two improvements that seem all-but-guaranteed for the Verizon version (based on publicly available kernel source code at android.git.kernel.org) are WiFi tethering (SoftAP – phone appears like a WiFi access point), and 18-bit color (which should help with the banding problems some people are seeing on the current 16-bit-color N1s).

  5. A keyboard on the N1 for Verizon would be pointless at they already have the DROID in that form factor. I think the touch screen only N1 is a perfect DROID alternative.

  6. The surprise is Sense UI. I have a source and if you follow my comments over there yrs you willl know that they are always right. So, this is fact not fiction kids watch and learn…Drooooiiid!

  7. you want the thing to come with a slide-out keyboard? why!? just buy the droid if you want the extra bulk and that ‘distracted teenager look’

  8. I gotta be honest… I own a Nexus One, but it’s already old news compared to the HTC Supersonic. If I was a Verizon user, I would now only be interested in an HTC Supersonic-like Android phone for Verizon. The industry is just moving to fast…
    Unless you own an iPhone! AHAHAHAHAH!

  9. I’d hope part of the surprise will be little bug fixes like the hardware limitations on the multitouch. The phone’s been out long enough that they really should be making some incremental hardware tweaks, to improve manufacturing at the very least.

  10. Man, I have a Droid and I now officially hate sliders. Not that the Droid is a bad slider, I just hate sliders in general. Here’s a hope that Motorola doesn’t make another slider that’s their flagship device, and that HTC doesn’t start.

  11. I don’t think it was photoshop, I think it was someone who knows HTML code and how to retrieve the source code for a webpage. I could replicate this in 10 minutes no problem using some simple HTML code and notepad.

  12. The surprise is probably Android 2.2.

  13. @DannyDarko

    So if the surprise is Sense UI, can us T-MO N1 owners get sense UI to, it’s still a Nexus One :-).

    @Techraan – The last line in your comment really made me laugh… so true.

  14. it’s not sense UI, and if you think it is then you better not hope on the desire OR incredible to come to verizon as that would just be fuking retarted to sell the exact same phone

  15. I don’t care what it is, just release this or the Incredible asap so I can get rid of this dreadful Blackberry. Though the specs do seem kinda mediocre already. Maybe they bumped up the specs? SenseUI on the N1 seems foolish. Ahhh, just give me a phone to buy!

  16. You all are imagining things, the nexus for verizon will have the same 2.1 ota as the Droid
    -custom setting (trackball color)

    No sense at all (the dump has no rosie.apk)

    Lots of new stuff!


  17. Interestingly, the Droid ad next to this article is an offer that ends in two days…

  18. HTC Incredible is the “Nexus Red” and will be sold in stores at the same time the Nexus One is sold online by Google.

  19. Man, Verizon is moving s l o w l y .
    What a kludge of a corporation.

    They sniffing glue or what? Why nothing at CITA? Why not start releasing the Incredible already? I’m about to hook up two cans with a string for the summer.

  20. I actually think that the surprise is that the Incredible, is the VZ N1. Specs are way too similar to be 2 different phones. It would be like apple launching the 3G and 3GS a few days apart.

  21. Seriously, why is it taking Google/Verizon so long. Maybe if they’d gotten their sh1t together and released one of these already they wouldn’t have had to compete with all the “new iPhone in the works for VZW” rumor. Just giving people more reason to hold off on buying the N1 or Incredible (if it exists…). Google/Verizon, CAN YOU HEAR MY FRUSTRATION OR DO I NEED TO DELIVER IT IN THE FORM OF A STIFF BACKHAND?!

  22. Well Verizon you lost me with your silence.
    Sprint unlimited talk, text, and web for 70.00 and the evo.

    you suck verizon!

  23. Maybe the surprise will be the phone being released on the Verizon network before the phone becomes obselete

  24. I’ve been patiently waiting for this phone. My current LG Voyager is dying a slow death, and I can get a new phone with the new every two now. But will the Nexus One be worth the wait? Or go with HTC Incredible? To any N1 owners, can you mess around with a phone at the T-Mobile store? Or just buy it online from Google’s site and that’s it?

  25. 2.2 would be a good surprise :D

  26. How about 1) native tethering, or/and 2) handsfree via BT?

  27. i’m fixin to cancel verizon… i’m sooooo sick of being envious of even TMOBILE and their phones… seriously??? this is getting unbelievable! Biggest baddest best network in the u.s. but I gotta deal with this POS Blackberry or the klunky outdated Droid! Fuck VZW!!! Sprint might have an inferior network but atleast they learned from ATT’s business model. I’m actually considering the EVO when it comes out this summer…

  28. oh ya!!! and when everyone else is running there android 5.0 update verizon will finally get that 2.1 release going….

  29. Surprise=Apps on SD Card!!!

  30. i just looked at the google.com/phone site and there is no verizon nexus

  31. Slide out keyboard on the N1???!!!???
    Please God Noooooooo!!!!!!!

  32. 2.2 would be a nice surprise… and would also fit in to the unexplained Droid 2.1 delays, opting for a 2.2 upgrade instead on that device. Sense UI wouldn’t be a cherry on top, it’d be nasty a$$ coconut topping. Some people love it, but most hate it.

  33. So just so we are clear. That softsailor link claimed that the verizon nexus one would launch at the end of next week. But the article was written last week. Meaning that it will launch at the end of this week. Or April 1st or 2nd.

  34. I sure hope it looks different. .cause though the TMobile one looks really cool it would be kind of a let down if it looked the same

  35. If I had to guess, I would say the N1 will come out either tomorrow or next Tuesday. Both releases of the N1 (T-Mobile & AT&T) were released on Tuesdays. I dunno…like I said, just my guess!

  36. My guess is the surprise will be Skype or Swype.

  37. A. If you want Sense on your N1, root it. The N1 is insanely easy to root.
    B. Android 2.2 will never be released. If we’re lucky, this thing comes with 2.5, but the Android releases are numbered x.0, x.1, x.5, x.6, y.0, etc.

  38. @Anonymous The version numberings might be as random as iPhone. There was never iPhone 2.1.4

  39. BULL next week, oh no next week, VZ folks have been waiting for months, lets face reality, no android product will never outsell iphone. VZ is getting the iphone xmass this year, this is not speculation, its fact. Im making the switch now, because VZ has failed to hear us now!!

  40. Nexus One Pro with a slideout keyboard? BARF!!! Has the person who wrote this even handled a N1? I own one and I rarely even type on the on-screen keyboard. I have no problem using Voice-to-text for the vast majority of my data input. Keyboards are dead. The only time I use the on-screen keyboard is when I’m in a noisy area.

  41. I hope the talk about end of the week isn’t setting everyone up for an April 1 prank.

  42. Watch April 1st Verizon is gonna drop it like its hot….

  43. Android is doing what Palm should have done with it’s WebOS devices, made too many too fast, and then they might have survived. Kind of funny that the Nexus One is old news only two months from its launch. But then the Nexus One got so much over hype publicity before it was even official I guess its time came and wend faster than most handsets. Still I do think that its a good thing to have it on Verizon, but the Incredible will outshine it most likely (unless they pull an Xperia X10 and ship it with Android 1.5 or 1.6 :(). And the Evo has already outspecs the Nexus One (and every other phone for that matter) and will likely be seen as the King of the Androids pretty soon when it launches in the summer; unless someone can one up the Evo of course, but come on, 4G? HD? 1GHZ? 4.3″? HDMI? 8 MP cam? front facing cam? Kickstand?!? yeah no one will touch that one for a while. Long live King of the Androids!

  44. VERION has NOTHING to do with the date of the Nexus One! It’s entirely sold by Google, and is only COMPATIBLE with the Verizon Network.

  45. It looks like i can get rid of my blackberry now.

  46. There have been contests in the past to cross platform hardware, I don’t think a story like this (yeah, April 1st and all) is too much of a stretch.

    I’d be willing to bet that there is a crafty dev out there that is working on an image to dual boot the iPhone.

    All it takes is imagination…

  47. There will NOT be a VZW N1. There WILL be a VZW HTC Incredible instead. Them’s the facts. Mid-April is the drop time dudes.

  48. 16 gb of internal storage that apps will be installed to, plus micro sd slot. This key feature will inable better quality apps and will truely take on apple’s iPhone.

  49. I too begin to to believe that there will be NO NEXUS ONE for VERIZON. Soon there will be a bad news on it, I hope I am wrong.

  50. Well now I hope they up the specs on whatever they drop or it will look like an old phone soon with the EVO dropping lol. They did get their own version of the Hero so maybe thats the holdup. A nice surprise would be an EVO but the Incredible would do.

  51. Really good article, it thought me alot, thank you!

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