Mar 29th, 2010

Ever since the Nexus One was officially announced we knew Verizon would be getting the device, but here we are still waiting. We thought it would launch on March 23rd at CTIA, but it didn’t, and that event was swept away by the HTC EVO 4G announcement. When will Verizon customers finally get their shot at the Nexus? By the end of next week if SoftSailor tipsters are accurate.


Obvious potential for photoshoppery aside, the above screenshot illustrates the obvious – someone claimed to have snagged a screen cap of the Verizon Wireless Nexus One appearing on Google’s phone site before they could take it down. Since this is exactly what happened to the AT&T and Rogers Nexus we wouldn’t be surprised if this repeat were true.

nexus-one-fullWhile SoftSailor maintains that the VZW N1 will be the same as the T-Mobile USA version, jkOnTheRun tipsters are telling a different story, saying we’ll be surprised. Well I like surprises but only if they’re of the good variety. No jumping out of closets in a zombie costume spraying me with “silly string” while I hyperventilate. But extra specs? Ridiculously low price? These are the kind of surprises I’d be happy to endure.

If somehow Verizon were able to keep the most sacred of secrets, I think the ultimate surprise would be a Nexus One Pro that launches with a slideout QWERTY keyboard. Of course I also think this is one of the LEAST likely of scenarios but hey – a brother can dream can’t he? And don’t forget the HTC Incredible is right around the corner, either!

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