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iconEven though Obama plays favorites when it comes to sports teams, this article isn’t about the United States President lobbying for a particular mobile OS. Although us phandroids would love the added support, this is all about Android owners being able to follow and support the Obama administration.

You may know that Obama has tried to bring an unprecedented amount of information about his office’s happenings to the American public, and this app streams all of it to you in one easy place – your Android device! It promises to include:

  • Live updates from twitter
  • The latest photos from flickr
  • The latest blog posts
  • YouTube videos of the president

obama-android-appAnd I’m sure much more. Even if you don’t like Obama – heck, I know there are plenty of Republicans out there who HATE him – at least you’ll be up to date on the latest reasons to diss him. You’ll just have to disguise yourself by putting the app in a folder called “Limbaugh” or something like that.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Do you have a link or QR code to download this app?

  2. Lol @ putting the app under limbaugh

  3. I hope that “Yes we can!” button makes it into the final version of the menu.

  4. This could be useful to some people.

  5. Don’t expect more than a blank screen. Kinda like the live coverage we were promised about socialized health care. Support his administration, sure and Fidel’s, Hugo’s, and Mahmoud’s. No thanks.

  6. But definitely not useful to all people.

  7. Wait… I thought Obama was a die-hard BB fan.

  8. Could phandroid stay out of politics please!

  9. “You may know that Obama has tried to bring an unprecedented amount of information about his office’s happenings to the American public…”

    LOL! Yeah like when he promised on his campaign trail to have health-care debates on CSPAN? Get over it, the guy is useless and just as much of a scumbag as all the other ex-lawyer politicians.

  10. @nemo686 it was news about an app and didn’t endorse a thing. Perhaps Phandroid can show it’s fair & balanced when a tea bagger app comes out.

  11. Or when he said that the public will have 5 days to look at a bill before he signs it.

  12. Oh, no! Not Obama Zombies on Phandroid. Rob, it’s not just Repubs that despise him, but also Libertarians. And the last thing I want to see is Obama on my phone. God know he’s already on every magazine cover, talk show, etc. And the transparency thing is mostly talk and appearances – in reality his admin is very closed.

  13. Matt shut up. They stated there are Obama lovers and Obama haters. No reason to start a political debate on a friggin’ CELL PHONE WEBSITE. Bring it somewhere else.
    I personally would like this app for my personal reasons, so thank you Phandroid for the info (THE PURPOSE OF THIS POST).

  14. It infuriates me when otherwise apolitical blogs, for whatever reason, feel the need to associate with a political persuasion. Your blather really isn’t worth it!

  15. And here come the tea baggers. He didn’t endorse the app folks. It news that there’s an app like this no matter whose president and what party is in power.

  16. Can we not use the term Teabagger? It is extremely disgusting word to use.

  17. This is what tv news is for, why can’t he do this on the tv first?

  18. The droid is a very popular phone lately. I have one. Alot of my friends own one. Just another tool for him to use on the young people to spew his liberal garbage.

  19. We can disagree on politics but can we skip the name calling Phil — ie. tea baggers

  20. Yes, this article could have been written from a more objective POV. No android app is going to make this administration transparent. Start a political blog for this please.

  21. @tristan
    “This is what TV news is for”?
    What exactly do you mean by that?

    Also, if Bush (or Palin) had come out with a android program wouldn’t you want that posted here?

  22. I’d rather have a count down clock app to the next election so we can vote the bum and his buddies out of office!

  23. Phil, it’s not news of the availability of the app, but the plug for Obama that bothers:
    “You may know that Obama has tried to bring an unprecedented amount of information about his office’s happenings to the American public…”

    Rob, love the blog and, for the record, yours is my favorite android blog, but please leave the Obama boosting to the mainstream media – they do this thing in the guise of objective news all the time.

  24. ok i am officially switching tomorrow, Iphone here I come

  25. Excited about this app. I’m sure the “necks,” my bad tea baggers, will download it just to give it 1 star. Btw it wasn’t an endorsement it is first time a president will have an app…sorta newsworthy. Thanks phandroid for staying fair and balanced.

  26. thanks phandroid this article was not at all a “political rant” as some comments are trying to make it seem… Obama is President and if an official app comes out on the Android platform, that’s pretty newsworthy for this website – it shows how legitimate and widespread Android is becoming!

    Get over it you rednecks

  27. I opened up the article just precisely for the entertainment value provided by this comment thread, and I was not disappointed!

  28. To deny that Obama has used technology as a means of communication more than other presidents isn’t exactly a “reach”. I don’t make any politically charged statements and to be perfectly honest – I’m an independent who – actually you’re right I’ll leave the politics out of it.


  29. Huh Huh Huh …. I said teabagger. I said a naughty word …. teabagger. Ain’ I cute.

    Join the adult discussions when you grow up.

    And agreed, regardless of any political affiliations, posting ANY political items just brings on (and out of the woodwork) what we have already seen posted. Why possibley stir up half your followers.

  30. For those of you that posted anything anti-Obama, looks like Phandroid is banning us. I had to post this under a different email address. My second comment was to say that it’s the Obama boosterism that’s problematic, not the news of the app.

  31. I personally thought your comments Rob were very fair & honest. I just hate how the anti-Obama crowd gets riled up over nothing. Thank you for keeping things honest. If we had true communism, they wouldn’t have the choices that American enjoy right now. Thanks Phandroid for being a reasonable voice of reason. If Sarah Palin or other politician have apps coming along, it’s perfectly legit news & should be covered. I may disagree with their politics, but they have the right & freedom to make apps if they so choose. I really dislike it when Americans say they love America, but hate when citizens exercise their God given & constitutional rights. It’s funny how citizens who have no experience with real socialism & communism are complaining like their experts on the subject. I hope Phandroid will continue it’s true objective coverage of all things Android in the near future. Thanks.

  32. @Gert.B.Frobe
    You just prove a point. Calling people names doesn’t make it an adult conversation. Being able to keep words that are appropriate for a good conversation is adult. Calling people names is more what kids does.

    I like the article. I don’t like President Obama, but I agree it is worthy to have news about apps coming out, even if it was sponsored by the every growing federal government.

  33. @brian1972

    You do know that Al Gore sits on the Apple board of directors. I mean I am not an Obama fan, but he is infinitely better then Gore.

  34. @Jeff…so anyone who doesn’t agree with Obama’s politics is a redneck or a “teabagger”? Since you seem to agree with his politics, then you must be a Communist and a supporter of terrorism. See how it works? I doubt you are either, but simply lumping people into a category because they don’t see things the way you do is juvenile.

  35. @CJ: Disagreeing with Obama’s politics does not make you a redneck or teabagger. Equating him with “Fidel, Hugo, and Mahmoud” does. It also shows a profound level of ignorance.

  36. @joey: ..huh? Banning you? Most comments need moderations, and I just clicked approve on about 30. Could your previous comment had fallen under that?

    @many others: lol, wow guys. It’s just an article about an app. Relax!

  37. Goodbye…

  38. Rob –

    Internet Blogs + Politics = pages filled w/ hate-filled tripe.

    Please keep my beloved Phandroid free of politics.


  39. I’m so proud that everyone figured out what tea bagging is… a year after the fact. Maybe the world wouldn’t call you tea baggers mockingly if you didn’t call yourselves tea baggers to begin with. It isn’t like a tea party is a better name either. So get over yourselves. Next time you want to follow some sort of movement, you may want to ensure it a) has leadership; and, b) has leadership with an average IQ over 50.

  40. I was debating with myself about which of the Android blogs to quit following. Thank you for making the choice clear.

  41. @Sam “You may know that Obama has tried to bring an unprecedented amount of information about his office’s happenings to the American public…”….Whether Obama has come through on all of his promises, he has brought unprecedented amount of informaiton about his office’s happenings: Twitter, White House blog, Facebook, and now this. This is an objective post.

  42. I installed it just so I could uninstall it.

  43. It’s not surprising, but still sort of amazing, to see what a huge chip on the shoulder some people have. Mention a plain fact, that the Obama admin has been far more transparent than past ones (regardless of whether they’ve yet done everything they could or said they would, regardless of whether you think his other policies are good or bad), and people literally offended by reality threaten to stop reading a cell phone site. That’s just insane. I heard a tea party woman on the radio interviewed on why she opposed #hcr, and her beliefs about what the bill is or does were entirely divorced from reality (in some cases, completely backwards from what the bill does). Many tea party people think that taxes are twice as high as they already are, and that Obama has already raised taxes significantly, when his one major move was just the opposite.

    How can we have sensible policy debates when one side’s picture of reality is distorted, and they are utterly resentful of anyone mentioning anything that flies in the face of these delusions?

  44. “How can we have sensible policy debates when one side’s picture of reality is distorted, and they are utterly resentful of anyone mentioning anything that flies in the face of these delusions?”

    You can’t. With all the methods of getting messages to people now it is very easy to distract and confuse the ones who don’t do their own research. Example: alot of the people “mad” about the health bill couldn’t tell you why.

  45. screw obama nuff said

  46. I see this as an easy way to follow what our President is doing. I expect apps like this will continue to evolve and include areas like local government.

    I don’t understand why this became an Obama debate and calling out Phandroid/Rob. This is an incredibly valuable app! It gives you updates direct from the horse’s mouth, not filtered by biased news organizations.

    I’m happy that I won’t have to sift through both the right wing and left wing media to get the whole story!

  47. This is hilarious.
    This particular article/post is in no way an endorsement of the President’s policies, deeds, or views; it is simply an announcement of an upcoming application release for the Android OS (which is clearly relevant to this website). By condemning this post so vehemently, you right-wingers are clearly showing your true colors.
    Virtually every post regarding a new app is written in a manner that promotes the application’s FUNCTIONALITY; i.e. “You may know that Obama has tried to bring an unprecedented amount of information about his office’s happenings to the American public, and this app streams all of it to you in one easy place – your Android device!” There’s no endorsement or favoritism there, just a positive representation of what the app is reported to provide to any who make the decision to download it; there’s no “indoctrination” (reference the idiotic disdain surrounding the President’s address to school children last fall), no “leftist agenda” being pushed by the author, no alterior motive. Get a grip on yourselves and either go to MSNBC/CNN/FOXnews’ website to discuss your political differences or STFU about them. This is neither the appropriate time nor place.
    All the unnecessary and unwarrented Obama-bashing, along with the condemnation and reports of unfollowing this blog because of this post, should REALLY give readers/viewers some insight into exactly the kind of persons SOME of you happen to be; the unfortunate side-effect of that is, you’re succeeding in (falsely? maybe…) stereotyping your entire so-called “movement” as ignorant right-wingnuts. Congratulations and good show, good ol’ boys.

  48. I’m sure phandroid and their editors meant well but next time, please leave the politics in the gutter. It just incites flame wars.

  49. Guys! Internet 101 here, don’t feed the trolls!

    Oh wait… everyone posting comments on this thread IS a troll! ARGHHHH! An infinite troll loop!

  50. I’ll eat crow on the banning accusation – a refresh of the android browser showed my post. Sorry, Rob. The reaction you see here is understandable in light of the pervasive Obama boosterism and bias in the mainstream media. It wears on you, unless you are on the left or are so used to the bias that you can no longer see it. The phone blogs are a refuge from that.

  51. I’m a fan of Obama
    I’ll use this app

  52. @Drew
    +1 Well said. It amazes me how blind people let themselves become. It’s funny how politics parallels sports in this regard. If your favorite sports team loses a close game, it’s often viewed as the fault of the refs and umps: blown calls, missed calls, etc. Never is it the fault of your team: going for it on 4th and 1 and failing, getting thrown out at home when you shouldn’t have sent that runner, or your forwards biffing absolutely every shot on goal. Sometimes the other side wins. That’s the nature of the game (sports or politics). You can take it in stride, or cry about it. The choice is yours.

    @the topic
    Seems like an interesting app, or at least an interesting idea. I don’t know what’s discouraging more political figures or newsheads to do something similar.

  53. @joey Your total paranoia proves every point made by those of us who can think for themselves. If you’re not smart enough to hit the refresh button a couple times before you start accusing Rob of removing remarks he doesn’t like then I suggest you keep your rants to hand made signs to hold up at your little hate rallies. Rob I apologize to you. I know you don’t need anyone to defend you but this is getting really stupid.

    @Drew keep up the good work. I wish I could articulate my thoughts as well as you articulate your own.

  54. how about an APP that tracks Obama’s Deficit.. Well, that would probably consume too much battery life… OH SNAP!!!

  55. Even though Phandroid doesn’t endorse any politician I’d rather there wasn’t any mention of an app that follows or updates any politician no matter who, Democrat or Republican, the person is. My reason is all the crap that was posted before me. I know I can’t tell Rob what to put on his site but I’d rather the people who want to talk about politics to not do so on an Android tech site but on a political web site. I still like the site but please next time around leave that crap out.

  56. Good job Will! Thank you for posting a nonbiased informational article Rob. I am not an obama lover, but do like to know what’s going on in our country. You haters here need to get some professional help. Find something better to take your anger out on.

  57. All this worship of a second rate president is sickening.

  58. I guess “Obama boosterism” means uttering the name of “he who cannot be tolerated.” Tea baggers are those who have the balls to get in my face with wild rumors and innuendos at the mere mention of his name. As for the mainstream media; after 8 years of bending over backwards to apoligize for the Bush administration they have their heads so far up their assets that right looks like left to them. Love this thread.

  59. I know David, right?… Why they love Reagan so much is sickening.

  60. Good god, haters. It’s a PHONE web site. Jesus fucking christ. I’m an independent and the more I see the bile from Republicans and Libertarians commenters (on any site) the more I realize they are nutcases. Almost makes me want to blindly throw my support to the Democrats just out of spite.

  61. So, in keeping that this is a phone OS site and not a political site, and being someone who likes to be in the know with what my president is doing (whether you voted for him or not, he is still your president and ignoring what he’s doing won’t change anything), I went and downloaded the app. My message is…DON’T BOTHER. This app sucks. When you click on the news button, it literally just does a google search for Obama news. If you do that search yourself often, maybe this app will save you some time, but other than that, it’s a waste of space. Here’s hoping someone else makes a better app!

  62. @MonkeyCheese why should this article be left out? It has nothing at all to do with politics, and everything to do with a new ANDROID APP. he didn’t say, “go obama” he said, obama’s decided to release an android app. Simple and plain. Almost every app is about something other than android. Should you post music app news on mtv forums instead? photo apps on deviantart forums? come on.

  63. @snupples – they aren’t Libertarians… not even close.

  64. this app is just for the stupid house wifes and brainwashed morons who voted for this corrupt fucking puppet. get this shit off of this site. government has the worst approval rating in history right now. and guess what, this pile of shit is PART OF GOVERNMENT!!!

    and fuck mccain too. they are the same person with the same policies i dare anyone to try and argue other wise with me! i smash you damn zombies who know NOTHING of politics!!!

  65. @TF Sorry, I shouldn’t generalize like that. There are sensible people on every side of the issue. Just seems like the nuts are more obvious on the tubes (both tv and internet).

    @fupadroid. Shut the fuck up and move to Venezuela then.

  66. I’m embarassed at the conservative community posting to this article.

    Can’t you express your opinions and disagreement without all the vehemence and violent rhetoric?

    I remember when I was expressing my outrage for the war and torture during the Bush years and my conservative friends said “respect the office” even if I disagreed. Which I tried to do.

    Now look at you.

  67. @James I think you’re taking what I said the wrong way. If people were actually able to talk about the app itself and how it could be useful/useless then that’s fine. But the majority of the people are up in arms either for or against Obama, making snarky comments, calling people “tea baggers” or saying “screw Obama”.
    If Rob were to post an article about a new ANDROID APP that sends you music news updates well you’d see a whole different bunch of comments.

  68. My dad can beat up your dad. The two party political system is a joke. In reality there is less than a 2% difference in their ideologies.

  69. wow! I’m speechless.

    I voted for Obama. I gave him a chance because I didn’t think we had better options back then. I don’t completely agree with everything he does but what morons like you don’t understand is that at the end of the day, we’re all one team.

    We are all trying to make our country better. Mistakes will be made but at least we are trying new things and see if they pay off.

    Everybody relax! There’s only 1 president and he rolled out an app for the citizens of his country. He happens to be Obama now and if you don’t like it, just don’t download it. Simple.

    Thank You Phandroid for sharing the news.


  70. btw, it would be nice if you guys start adding the QR codes to these app articles as others mentioned before.

  71. Heh, these comments were worth the read. Thanks. And to Phandroid, it’s much appreciated to find out about new apps coming out, regardless of the people who will always insert their own agendas into the purpose of your posts. You stay classy Phandroid, I’ll keep reading.

  72. Keep your garbage politics off this site!

  73. I think people are getting the idea of the persuasion in the statement of “You’ll just have to disguise yourself by putting the app in a folder called “Limbaugh” or something like that.”. That is a line someone always throws at anyone who opposes Obama or his administration – “Go back to listening to Limbaugh/Beck/etc”. Otherwise, the posting was quite neutral.

  74. The President’s office does have all the information online. For example you can read the entire health bill if you desire. But this is great news that I can have everything come to my android.
    Watch out Blackberry and Iphone!!!

  75. lol wowa…good to see andriod pumping out alll kinds of apps-also funny to see how many people dont like Obama-I dont know enough about the guy to say to much-only that anyone who agrees on killing babys can not be to cool-can not be

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