Mar 28th, 2010

iconEven though Obama plays favorites when it comes to sports teams, this article isn’t about the United States President lobbying for a particular mobile OS. Although us phandroids would love the added support, this is all about Android owners being able to follow and support the Obama administration.

You may know that Obama has tried to bring an unprecedented amount of information about his office’s happenings to the American public, and this app streams all of it to you in one easy place – your Android device! It promises to include:

  • Live updates from twitter
  • The latest photos from flickr
  • The latest blog posts
  • YouTube videos of the president

obama-android-appAnd I’m sure much more. Even if you don’t like Obama – heck, I know there are plenty of Republicans out there who HATE him – at least you’ll be up to date on the latest reasons to diss him. You’ll just have to disguise yourself by putting the app in a folder called “Limbaugh” or something like that.