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Sit back, relax, and stuff your face with the food you just easily ordered with SnapFinger- an application recently launched on the Android Market. By partnering with a fairly large number of national food chains and tapping into their Point-Of-Sale system, they’re not only able to show users local restaurants based on their GPS location but also the menu and pricing. Add an option to buy and have your food delivered/picked up and you’ve got a pretty handy app!


Here is a quick demo that IntoMobile got at CTIA:

Right before starting the demo the SnapFinger rep says: “Since my Android Phone just died, I’ll take you to the iPhone, which is a little bit slower than the Android. But you’ll get the idea.” Those are words I like to hear, and as far as battery drain, he was using both all day and the iPhone battery was low too.

But back to the app – it was already available on the iPhone, Palm Pre and other platforms and just made its way to Android. The company obviously wanted to sprawl themselves out as wide as possible so going with chains as an initial strategy was a smart idea. Some of the restaurants included are:

  • Applebees
  • Baha Fresh
  • Boston Market
  • Bulldog Deli
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Moe’s
  • Subway
  • Tony Roma’s

I think mobile phone food orders represents a huge opportunity, but obviously, the more participating restaurants you have the more likely you’ll succeed and larger barrier to entry you’ll create for  your competitors. The time to gain that advantage is now, and it looks like SnapFinger has a great start.

Ordering food on your phone – have you done it or not?

[Via Press Release (PDF)]

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  1. how about ordering prostitutes? it seems like an untapped market. as far as barrier to “entry” I don’t know..

  2. cool..just another way to become even more lazier and fatter.

    I am unsure if you want a prostitute app, your andriod may get a virus.

  3. Now if we could just get SeamlessWeb to make an app!

  4. Good idea, I’ll check out this app.

    @jo I’d hardly call the prostitute market “untapped”.

  5. Sick, UK version please!

  6. @jo Try one of the Craigslist apps.

  7. Tried it, unfortunately no restaurants in Peoria, IL using it. So as usual for the corn fields of IL, back to using smoke signals.

  8. Shame it’s not available in Europe. I love Subway… :)

  9. nice one, andy.

  10. I love this. For a home body like myself, this is an awesome app that will allow me put on some weight..lmao

  11. One for the UK would be good :D

  12. downloaded it.. not worth it. Location/GPS doesn’t work properly. It shows restaurants 20 miles away but none locally that I know you can pick up from (or deliver). The reason is they only have a very small percentage of chains they work with.

  13. It’s not an application. It’s just a web view that loads their webpage. Don’t waste your time.

  14. This is very useful tool. It works great in So Cal. I am sure that they will keep adding restaurants in other locations. I am going to tell some of my favorites about it so that when I get my orders to bring home dinner, its a click away. We should all do the same. Very easy to use adn both CPK and Outback worked very well for me and now I have our orders saved, its quick.

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