Mar 26th, 2010

In a Facebook post to help calm the stirring waters of the Droid ocean, Motorola posts a very vague (welcome to PR) announcement telling everyone they know we want 2.1, but the update is taking longer than expected, and they’ll let us know when they have updates.


We know THEY know we want 2.1 (mouthful), and we DEFINITELY know the update is taking longer than expected (duh, that was just rubbing it in), but what makes them think we really care any more when they have “updates”? It’s getting to be a bit like the boy who cried wolf. Or in this case, the Manufacturer who promised 2.1!

We’re all still eagerly awaiting Android 2.1 just  as much as before, and based on this article you MAY think we’re all still hanging on their every word, but personally I’m thinking just the opposite. I’ve chosen to give up hope and pay no attention to the promises, and instead be pleasantly surprised if and when 2.1 comes. That’s an overly pessimistic view, but if it sets me up to go from complacency to happiness how can it hurt?

And for those of you who ARE hanging on MOTO’s every word, don’t worry – I’ll still keep you in the loop! And by the way, while this whole 2.1 thing HAS been kind of a train wreck, I’m sure not all the blame should land in MOTO’s court. They’re trying to err on the side of safety which is a good thing, and we all know about Verizon Wireless’ rigorous testing procedures – probably a good thing too. Even worse would be to get a 2.1 update that adds new features but makes your phone a lot more buggy.

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