Beat This: Swype & Samsung Set Guiness World Record For Texting


I haven’t been the biggest proponent of the new soft keyboard called Swype that allows you to input text into your mobile phone with a much different approach than any previous approach. For some reason it just doesn’t seem that effective to me, but others swear by the service and its now being prepackaged into a bunch of Android Phones. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an Android Phone that was used in the effort that broke the Guinness World Record for texting… it was the Samsung Omnia 2:

Here is the message that had to be composed:

The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human

The message was typed in what looks like about 35 seconds and the narrator claims that beats the old record by 5 seconds. Thirty-five seconds to type all of this out with a 3rd party keyboard? What are the rules for this competition? I think we should create an application called “Guinness Keyboard” that, in addition to the full QWERTY keyboard, features a button that allows you to input the entire above required sentences with one press.

Done in 1-second, beats the record by 34 seconds, bingo bango Android.

But in reality, anyone think they can beat this? Do it up, record it up, and link us in the comments. That’d be an awesome sight to see!

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  1. Predicting text functionality is not allowed at these records. It says “without the benefit of any predictive text utilities” on various sites on previously broken records.

    That makes this record BS.

  2. he didn’t use predictive text, he exchanged one word for another at the end

  3. Well, replacing the word “Stamps” for “Serrasalmus” sounds like predicting words to me.

    Otherwise let me make a text input program that replaces the letter ‘s’ with the entire text and I will kick this records ass. Kind of what was said in the article, but then something that is apparently legal as I don’t have text prediciton, I just replace a letter.

  4. I dont see the point in this record.

  5. I bet that Android’s speech to text would be faster :)

  6. Still amazed how much quicker SlideIT is then Swype.
    After using it more and more I’m finding myself getting quite confortable with SlideIT. Defnitely feels a lot “lighter” than swype.

  7. I don’t see a point in a lot of records, but they exist.

  8. I don’t see how dragging your index finger from letter to letter can be faster than using two thumbs on a landscaped keyboard. But then, I haven`t tried it.

  9. If predictive text is not allowed then Swype would not be allowed because that’s exactly what it is.

    Furthermore several of these words aren’t in the default Swype dictionary so he would have had to add them. I imagine he went through several run-throughs of this same phrase until it remembered all the words.

    Also, is there nobody in the world who would have been able to type that for 34 seconds on a Blackberry or Moto Cliq?

    And finally, does it count as texting if you just log in to Google Voice and do it there from your computer? ;)

  10. athir, it’s actually a lot faster. i’ve been using the swype beta for awhile now and texting goes by tons faster now. i don’t even have to be that accurate and it puts the correct word.

  11. Swype is amazing…best part is you only need one hand to text.

  12. I guess the contest doesn’t include time spent waiting for a Swype beta invite that never comes after the demo version you were running craps out unexpectedly???

  13. They didn’t claim to have earned a new Guinness World Record — they only say that they’ve broken it, predictive or not.

  14. Honestly I just tried this on my Blackberry 9000, and I was within 2-3 seconds of the “record” on my first try. I don’t know, I just don’t know that it was so much more efficient than a full QWERTY keyboard.

    I don’t consider myself to be all that quick a typist on my BB, though I do type about 100wpm on a full size desktop keyboard. I would have to believe someone else can do a lot better, or I could even improve myself with a few attempts. I made several errors in which I had to backspace to correct. I was able to read the script off my monitor and type, and tell when I made errors without looking, so that’s helpful.

    Actually in retrospect I’m pretty impressed with myself for correcting all my typos just by keyboard feel. Even the Latin or whatever was correct.

  15. did it on a bb curve 8900 in 34 seconds.. had to have the words right in front of me though….. still not impressed w the commercial

  16. I have not recorded it..but I beat the alleged record after several tries on my blackberry pearl by about a second..don’t know by how much, I used my microwave as a timer..and I can’t pause the count down..I set it so it would count down from 35, and I finished my text right before I heard it go off. So if I got this recorded..with an actual stop watch to get my exact time..would that make me a world record holder? a full text on my phone is 160 characters by the way.

  17. I typed it for just 3 times on my N97 Mini for the first time using the QWERTY I think I got it for 1min and 30secs. So gonna practice well.

  18. done on iPhone keyboard (with the auto-completion features turned off) in 34.75. hence… the iPhone is superior?

  19. Why is this a “private video”? Is someone afraid that the general public is going to call shenanigans on this?

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