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slingmedialogoSling Media was showing off their wares (the soft kind) at an event in Austin, Texas called gdgt Live and what did they see but a few Android phones using the service. Check out the Nexus One, Droid, Behold 2 and G1 streaming music from a Sling Player:

We already knew Sling Media was working on an Android App but its nice to see it is almost ready for the market. For those wondering what Sling is all about, it is a box that connects to your home entertainment devices and allows you to access it from wherever you have a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. You can also control your multimedia center FROM your device.

[Via A&M]

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  1. summer is a long time, god damn it. I want it now

  2. hmm let me think for a minute here, if google truely is making a tv would it phase this poduct and service out?… I mean the hardware would be there all thats left is the software *market* and there you have it!

  3. @G1toN1
    Dish owns sling, they are coming out with a sling hd/dvr unit that allows you to stream content from one box, which is nice for dish subsribers.
    you can also buy a standalone sling box that will do about the same.

  4. Wow he is demonstrating it on a behold 2 @ 1:37 WOohoo can’t wait.

  5. maybe this should be tagged local news.

  6. The race is on for Flash 10.1 or SlingPlayer. Which will come first?
    Because if we get Flash first, I’ll just use that to watch tv on

    Same difference I think.

  7. This is the first app for the iPhone:

    and this is the Android version:

    I am not sure if waiting for the official Android release worths as the iPhone version is already available.

    Professional Streaming Consultant

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